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Published: Sep 15, 2017 | Last Updated: Oct 4, 2018

Workout Routine

Starting a training routine on a regular basis can sometimes feel like an arduous task. Deciding where, how, who to train with, ascertaining the costs of a training session/ gym membership including the costs of attire and equipment are usually part and parcel before starting or returning to a training routine.

In the current climate everyone without entertaining any thought will always choose the most cost effective approach.

From past experience in which I had from one time to time paid for one to one sessions with a Personal Trainer combined with a monthly gym membership had burned a hole in my wallet in a short period of time. This article entails at showing a more cost effective approach in making the above goals feasible.

Choosing Or Choice Of Training Equipment

Training Equipment

Deciding on type of equipment to invest in (if you don’t have any to begin with) can sometimes leave you in a dilemma.

If your aim is to start solo and you’re strapped for cash starting with the basics such as general calisthenics and running to complement the former will always be the best approach at little or no costs as it (i.e. Calisthenics) can be performed indoors (at home) during the winter months or in your local park during the spring and summer months along with running to supplement your work out.

This can be boosted with the inclusion of a friend or a group of (like minded) people wanting to get fit or return to full fitness following a long layoff as a result of injury or personal or work commitments.

Forming a group consisting of friends can be both motivating as well as a social one as a way of keeping in regular contact. Once a group has been established training together as a pair or as a group on a regular basis will benefit everyone involved in achieving their goals sooner as well as creating harmony and cohesion within the group or as a pair.

Should you, your training partner or any of the group members have equipment such as Dumbbells, Kettlebells, TRX or even a bicycle including them in the group sessions will assist in keeping down costs in purchasing new equipment leaving time and more emphasis on training to achieve your goals.

Therefore Less financial overheads will guarantee you a greater peace of mind in both the short and long term.

Should you wish to purchase equipment for use in the home or outdoors choosing Kettlebells, Dumbbells (depending on the weight), adjustable weights including the TRX would be ideal for storage purposes as well as being a great space saver. For instance kettlebells and Dumbbells can be kept under a desk or in a vacant part of a designated room. The TRX can also be kept in or outside of a wardrobe if need be or on a door hook (in a bag for neatness).

When making the decision to purchase it’s always to best to start with a pair of light weights and as your confidence and strength grows over time you can buy a heavier set provided you have enough storage space to avoid any trip hazards.

Having comfortable gym attire is a must especially during the summer months in which climate cool tops and shorts would be ideal. Sports Direct, a UK based Sports retail company sells sportswear at a reasonable price.

Choosing the right footwear is just as equally important. Depending on the type of training involved wearing running shoes (trainers) is generally the standard requirement. What is a paramount with the footwear before commencing training is to ensure that it has sufficient grip (if it isn’t new) and not significantly worn down at the sides which can lead to a potential injury during training.

During the advancement of your training over time you can consider if your budget permits investing in more specialists clothing and footwear to meet the needs and performance of your training

Desired Or Chosen Venue

Chosen Venue

Once the above has been established finding a cost free venue to train shouldn’t be hard at all. Whether you’re training alone or as a group you automatically have the luxury in using your bedroom, living room (space permitting), a garden (if you’re a house owner), a recreation area if you’re living in an apartment complex or your local park should your preference be in an open space especially if you’re training as a group.

The advantage of the latter is that many parks these days have outdoor gym consisting of pull-up bars and other static equipment/exercise machines and other apparatus. This would be ideal for a group session as the equipment will be in close proximity bringing your group sessions closer as a collective.

Training Itself

Whatever chosen training methods you as an individual, or as a group it is always imperative to follow a warm up and stretching routine before commencing training as well as cooling down and once again stretch after completing your training session. From a personal perspective I’ve researched and used (unashamedly) stretching methods ranging from those employed by Martial Artists (Black Belt Secrets on YouTube), some Yoga stretching methods learnt during Yoga sessions in the past including those taught to me by my Physiotherapists.

The absence of a Personal Trainer has inspired me to search for training programmes on Social Media (mainly YouTube) where I’ve discovered numerous Personal Trainers with both similar techniques and unique ones.

Training Programmes

I found Fitness Blender (a Boyfriend and Girlfriend team) that specializes in Free Weights and Kettlebells training, Ballistic Strength Nanaimo (also a Kettlebell specialist), Athleanx and various others to be a great help no end.

I subscribed to their channel and followed their and other Personal Trainers programmes on my mobile phone as part of my training routines whether indoors or otherwise.

Commencing with a 20-minute workout would be the perfect start as it’s a great motivator for the next workout. As you progress over time you’ll start to see changes in your body on condition you’re following a good diet you’ll also feel confident in adding more to your workout both in duration and intensity.

This would include doing two 20 minutes sessions leading to 6 sessions in a week should you choose to train 3 times a week. Sipping on some water in-between workouts will keep your body hydrated. Don’t just stick with one Personal Trainer try others as you’ll learn quickly avoiding complacency. This approach will give your body a sense of unpredictability helping it maintain both muscle mass and tone as well as bringing an element of stimulation to your workout.

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Once you’ve completed your session the videos usually end with a cool down and stretch session which is compulsory to avoid any potential injuries as well as to reduce muscle soreness the following day. Follow this up by having an electrolyte and protein based shake such as SIS to rehydrate the body replacing fluids and nutrients lost during exercise.

Having a healthy meal consisting of steamed vegetables (e.g. Broccoli and carrots high in anti-oxidants ) and fish or chicken as they have protein and other needed nutrients. Supplement your workouts with muscles growth supplement such as Xtreme NO.

I hope this article has been informative for you?

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