Why You Should Listen to Music When You Workout?

Songs play an important role in helping people to workout in the gym. It is a great way to workout with entertainment and to get motivated when making those strenuous moves. Regardless of where your gym is located, whether in a 5-star hotel, high-end department store or local restaurant, getting music right is crucial for exercising. You will find that nearly all gyms have playlists where gym-goers can select their favorite tunes as they engage in workouts.

What is Importance of Songs in Gym?

1. Songs Provide Necessary Distraction
You don’t have to be self-conscious when working out in a gym. Honestly speaking, being self-conscious when working out can give a negative feeling whereby it may appear as if you are punishing your body. Songs in the gyms, however, keeps you relaxed and improve* your focus on the tasks at hand all the time. With the right kind of songs, you will get in a personal zone where you are less concerned about what others are doing, while the others are least concerned about you.

2. Exercise and Music Work Hand In Hand

Exercise and Music Work Hand In Hand

Music has many benefits if you exercise on a regular basis. It helps to distract your attention from physical efforts and reduce* feelings of fatigue, enabling to train harder and longer. If you listen to high-tempo music, it increases* your heart rate in readiness for exercises, while the rhythm facilitates your motor coordination to reduce* the risk of injury. On top of all, songs make exercises more enjoyable.

3. No Wires, No Disturbances
Majority of people listen to songs using mp3 players or smart phones when working out if the music being played is unsuitable. But these can be distractions in some gyms, like when on a treadmill as an example. Or perhaps when you are on the bench working with weights, the last thing you would want to get concerned about is trapping your headphone wire under you or pulling out the headphones from your ears. Plus some people keep changing their songs, spending too much time in the gym affecting the flow. Luckily, most gyms are fitted with music players where customers can select their favorite tunes and get entertained as they exercise.

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4 .Songs Create Motivational Environment

Songs Create Motivational Environment

If you can get the right music in a gym, you will find some motivational qualities to help you throughout your exercises. This is crucial for a gym as it creates an appealing and motivating environment once you are inside and also ensures that you will be more likely to make another visit. In reference to a 2012 study involving 2,000 gym goers, it was found out that more than half of the respondents would fail to revisit a gym if it didn’t play music. Failure to visit frequently due to lack of music was also associated with membership withdrawal.

Radio Not a Solution

Some gym managers and owners could be tempted to play the radio in the gyms. Unfortunately, radio music is definitely not the answer. You have no control over the music that is being played and customers won’t get a chance to listen to their favorite tunes. In addition, the presenters and advertisements also keep distracting customers. The main reason why people attend the gym is to get better and this should be clearly reflected by the music being played.

Best workout Songs in the Gym?

High-tempo music with 120 to 140 beats per minute is ideal to be played in a gym. Typically, dance music fits into this range as it is easy to listen to with the main focus being on beats and rhythms, without getting sidetracked by lyrics or emotion. Other kind of music can also work for some people including rock, pop and hip hop. A few examples of music to try in the gym include:

  • Override In – Chris Lawhorn
  • Beautiful Life – Ace of Base
  • Girl on fire – Alicia Keys
  • Respect – Aretha Franklin
  • Staying alive – Bee Gees
  • Run the World – Beyonce
  • I Gotta Feeling – Black Eyed Peas
  • Stronger – Britney Spears
  • Fighter – Christina Aguilera
  • One More Time – Daft Punk
  • Independent Women – Destiny’s Child


Every person has different tastes when it comes to exercise music. Some people prefer running on instrumental music while others enjoy working out listening to hardcore gangster rap. As long as music is catchy with a good beat, it can help to improve* your performance and keep you motivated from getting off your couch, move an extra mile, or lift a heavier weight. Whenever you feel the need, don’t hesitate to look for inspirational exercise songs. Songs that have fast beats, motivational messages and lyrics are worth listening when you are in quest of an extra push.

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