What are 13 Healthy Ways For Trying Flat Tummy Workouts At Home?

Try Flat Tummy Workouts At Home

Being fit and healthy does not guarantee you will have the body you want. For instance, many people find that even after losing weight or working out regularly, they still don’t have that nice, sculpted, flat belly. Abdominal muscles take extra focus and intention to flatten out and tighten up.

Luckily, you can get that flat tummy by performing workouts at home- no gym needed. There are many ways to target your abdominal muscles. Check out these 13 for example:

#1 Build It Into Your Routine

If you already have a workout routine, this option is probably really easy for you. Simply add a little more time and a few specific exercises to your usual home workout routine. Add in more:

  • Mountain Climber Move
  • Side Hip Drop
  • Side Stretch Squats
  • Arrow Arm Crunch
  • V-Pose
  • Boat Pose

By adding a few of these into your regular home workout, you incorporate ab-specific exercise into your routine. It’s that easy.

#2 Go Equipment Free

Many fitness groups offer equipment designed to help strengthen the abs, but for financial, spatial, and other reasons that may not be possible for you. Learn about equipment-free abdominal exercises, like the many types of crunches that can be performed. There are also many variations on planks, squats, and yoga to target the abs and lose* belly fat.

#3 Use Resistance Bands

Use Resistance Bands

For faster toning, resistance (like that offered through resistance bands) can make exercises more challenging for your body as a whole. You can use the challenge to ramp up your workout overall. This, in turn, forces all of your muscles to work harder. Since your abdominal muscles will be included, they’ll get toned too.

#4 Make It Whole Body

Although your abs don’t stand out quite as much as muscles in the legs or arms, they are essential to your whole body’s wellness and level of fitness. Anytime you increase* the intensity of your whole body workout, your abs work harder too. Sometimes toning your abs is as simple as upgrading your workout for your whole body.

To work out your whole body in a way that benefits your abs, consider cross training. That means you alternate between cardio and strength training. You also engage in different forms of whole body exercise, like swimming, cycling, and dance. The variety and activity of whole body exercise are exciting for many people.

#5 Try TRX


A fun form of exercise, TRX training involves suspension while exercising. This allows you to more specifically tone and target muscles (since some muscles you might otherwise use for support are suspended.) Crunches take on a whole new power when performed using TRX training methods, as do planks, squats, and much more. You might even feel like an acrobat by the time your tummy is flat, so that’s a fun bonus.

#6 Find a Video Guide

Many workouts specific to flattening tummies have been created over the years. Offered through yoga, pilates, Zumba, kickboxing, and much more, you can easily find a video program that walks you through a workout for tightening the abs. Video guides are convenient because they tend to be affordable, they tell you what to do so you don’t have to create anything, and you get to do them when convenient.

#7 Join an Online Class

Join an Online Class

For more accountability and modernized moves, check out online exercise classes. Daily Burn is just one of many examples of classes held online to help people exercise more effectively and regularly at home. Just select a class that focuses on the abs to get started.

#8 Gather your Own Class

Working out with friends can make getting a flat tummy more fun. Invite a few friends over to complete an online class, video guide, or routine you have created for working the abs. Get together regularly in your home. Having the accountability of friends can boost* your workout on its own.

#9 Combine Styles

There is no one workout known to make abs flat and tight instantly or easily. Instead of sticking to just one type of ab exercise, you might enjoy covering the bases by combining two or a few. Pi-lo, for example, is yoga and pilates combined. Piboxing is, you guessed it, pilates and kickboxing combined together. These fun combinations often target your muscles in multiple ways, making them highly effective and engaging.

#10 Design Workout Stations

Design Workout Stations

Sometimes working out in front of your TV is the same spot every day gets old and feels discouraging. Why not get creative and set up tummy-flattening stations around the house. Take a tour as you work out.

Start with chair crunches in the kitchen, move to stretching exercises in the living room. Next use the stairs for a little cardio. Keep resistance bands or TRX tools in the bedroom (you can use your bed for safe landing as you get used to these types of exercise.)

You don’t have to do this all at once. Build your ab workout into your whole day. Every time you enter a new room in your house, take a minute or two to perform the ab exercise assigned to that space.

#11 Keep It Natural

A great way to boost* the ab-toning effects of your regular workout is to make ab-strengthening part of your everyday life. Get into the habit of using your ab muscles as much as possible. For instance, don’t use your hands for support when you get up out of a chair. Just let your abs do the work.

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#12 Purchase At Home Ab Equipment

Gadgets can be motivating. Look into the various types of equipment available for at home ab toning and training. It is likely there is some form of equipment affordable and convenient for you.

#13 Make a Commitment

One of the most helpful methods you can employ when trying to get a flat tummy or choose a flat tummy workout is to make a commitment. It is easy to get sidetracked from goals like tightening your abs. By making a commitment to your cause, you are much more likely to actually reach your goal.

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