Updated: 2019, Jun 12

Top 5 Walking Tips For Those That HATE Exercise

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Walking Tips

Are you one of those people who, like it or not, just can’t stand exercise? Is it one of your most un-favorite things to do? Well, do I have some awesome ideas for you to get walking and exercise in without noticing one bit? You’re going to love this!

Try these fun or creative activities when you get a chance:

#1 Tip – Go Shopping or Window Shop!

Shopping or Window Shop!

Schedule in 45 minutes a few times a week to walk through the stores or malls (remember to keep walking). Check out all the inspiring and gorgeous things as you are burning those calories. Aren’t they lovely? Makes you want to shop some more, doesn’t it? Window shopping is a blast! It gives you tons of ideas for your home and wardrobe.

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#2 Tip – Engage with Nature

Engage with nature

Whether it is cold or warm outside, dress appropriately and breathes in that fresh air. Go to a nature center and walk the trails. Visit a park and walk it. Climb a mountain. OK, maybe that’s a bit much, right? One can dream. You better get some practice in before you take that challenge on. The point here is people experience nature in all kinds of ways. Enjoy a day of hiking. How about taking a quiet peaceful stroll on the beach? Put your toes in the sand and walk. It strengthens the calves, don’t you know? Go for it! You pick what type of nature you want to walk around in. Just be sure to go out there and do it.

Put some comfortable walking shoes on and hit an amusement park or visit a museum. Now, that’s a way to get some walking in and see some great stuff at the same time. Get the whole family or your friends together and have some fun while getting that exercise in you want or should we say, don’t want. Either way, it gets the job done.

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#3 Tip – Climb Some Extra Stairs

Mimic the Nike ad where the girl climbs the steps of the pyramid all the way to the top. You got this. In all reality, just take a few extra trips down the hallway corridors if you work a job in a big building. You can also park farther away in parking lots so you have farther to go and more time to focus on positive thoughts as you walk into work.

#4 Tip – If that doesn’t Work for You, Just Dance!

Just Dance

Turn on your favorite music and shake those hips. Work up a sweat. Sing out loud along with the music. Not a dancer? Walk the dog! Spend some quality time with that furbaby of yours. Either way, you are getting those extra steps in that are needed.

#5 Tip – Get Creative with how you can get those Extra steps in

You can get some walking in if you think creatively enough. It’s not as hard or as strenuous as you might think. Go rock the outdoors like you are an Olympic champion in your own way. Inspire yourself. Dream yourself into physical activity. You got this. It just takes a little motivation mentally to get going. You can do it your way; nobody else’s. Make it happen and get those extra walking steps in.

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