Top 10 Benefits Of Squat You Never knew

10 Benefits of Squat

A squat is a strength training exercise where the individual moves in an up-and-down motion from a standing to a crouching posture with knees bent and heels close to the buttocks. Most fitness trainers recommend it because it is vital in strengthening the muscles around the legs and buttocks.

For a first timer, squats can be relatively difficult during early workout but as you get used to it, you should be able to do it anytime, anywhere. Squatting is good for people who want to tone their legs and strengthen their backside. More importantly, different variations of squats can benefit other parts of the body like your abs and your digestive system.

Here are 10 different benefits you can rip out of squats.

1. It improves* Your Blood Circulation

Improves* Your Blood Circulation

As your muscles stretch as a result of the squat, more blood gets bumped throughout both your upper and lower body. This is very important in maintaining good health and for those who want to get rid of cellulite; this can be a game changer. By making sure that blood flows to even the most “remote” cells in your body, you can be assured that it won’t take long before cellulites becomes a matter of the past.

2. It Improves* Digestion

Improves* Digestion

Have you ever felt like you needed to visit the WC after a few sessions of squats? Indeed that is the power of squatting. It moves waste that is trapped inside your digestive system. The stretching of the muscles around your waist and thigh causes bowel movement and it usually doesn’t take long for the need to go to toilet arise.

If you feel constipated, squat can help ease the problem.

3. It Helps You Build Muscles

Build Muscles

Many people already know the value of squatting regularly especially when it comes to strengthening the thighs, buttocks and legs. But the fact is certain trainees are missing out on the fact that the same workout also helps build muscles through the entire body.

Because squatting can be so intense, it triggers an anabolic reaction through the entire body. This is followed by the release of hormones like testosterone that support lean tissue growth all over the body, even the upper part.

4. It Helps You Burn More Fat

Burn More Fat

As you build more muscles, you can start burning more fat and this possible if you squat regularly. Did you know that with 1 pound of additional muscle tissue, you could burn 70 more calories on daily basis? What if you were able to grow 10 more pounds of muscle tissue? That would be 700 calories burnt on daily basis.

With squat exercises, you should be able to burn even more fat than before.

5. Squats Boost* Performance

Squats Boost* Performance

As you build bigger and stronger muscles through regular squatting, your performance will also improve*. This implies that you will be able to jump higher and run faster. For competitive athletes this can be critical when taking part in a sport event. The strength of your legs can determine whether you are going to win or lose*. Squats are good for any person involved in the type of sports that requires balance and mobility.

6. It Can Be Done Anywhere

Squats Anywhere

Doing squats does not require any special equipment. You don’t even need to go to the gym. You can choose to do it in your room or even in your office. If you prefer to join a group out in a park to do it, it is up to you. The options are endless. You don’t even need that much space to squat. It is an exercise anybody can do.

7. Squats Strengthen Your Core

Squats Strengthen Your Core

The up-and-down movement of squats also strengthens your core. You can feel the effect it has on your entire body, especially your abs. The muscle contractions you obtain from the workout are much more intense than the traditional crunch. There is no way you can get stronger, lighter abs without including squats to your daily workouts.

8. Squats Prevent Injuries

Squats Prevent Injuries

As you strengthen the ancillary muscles of the lower body, hip and lumbar areas, you put yourself in a situation where you are less likely to be injured. This is because the coordination between the different muscles is improved* and that way your body is much more stable. It is much more difficult to make you fall out of balance when getting involved contact sport. Chances of you getting injured are very slim.

9. Squats Strengthen Joints

Squats Strengthen Joints

For beginners, during the early days of squatting, your joints may slightly tear as you stretch them out but if you combine that with proper feeding habits, you will rebuild* much stronger joints around your knee, hip and ankle. Your muscle fibers will grow bigger and become much more resistant to stress.

10. Squats Give You A Round Butt

Squats Give You A Round Butt

or a woman that wants to look attractive, you also want to rely on squat to shape your buttocks and make them look firm and round at the same time. With just a few squats on regular basis, you will see how nice your butt will tone into.

There are many other benefits resulting from squatting but for now, we will stick to these ten.

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