Top Benefits of Weightlifting for Women

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Published: Jan 21, 2015 | Last Updated: Apr 11, 2018

Benefits of Weightlifting for Women

Most people particularly women believe that the only way to a great physique is lifting the weight. However, weight lifting has more to offer than a bulky body and strong muscles. Surprisingly, it has more to offer. Other than improving your confidence, lifting weights boosts your self-esteem while improving your figure at the same time. Although there are several myths that surround the possible effects that weightlifting can cause in women, let’s us first have a look at the benefits it comes with.

What are the Benefits of Weightlifting for Women?

  • Improved Metabolism and Muscular Development: It is certain that regardless of your gender or age, weightlifting comes with a host of benefits with respect to increased metabolism and fat loss. Women who have lots of muscles tend to burn more fat when resting. This implies that muscles accelerate your metabolism and in turn enables you to lose more fat.
  • Improves Bone Health: According to several researches, weightlifting has a direct impact on the health of your bones. Studies have shown it increases bone density along with lean muscle mass. This is a call for women in midlife to start lifting weights to help curb bone wasting which occurs after menopause.
  • Improves confidence: If you happen to be strong, you are more likely to exhibit self-confidence than a girl who is just but frail. This will be mostly noticeable when you hit the gym and perform some impressive feats leaving everyone in awe. This can be scary to some men too. However, you shouldn’t take your masculinity to demean your spouse/partner in case of misunderstandings.
  • Sovereignty: If you are physically strong, the rest comes easily. There will be no need to seek assistance when carrying out some physical activities at home or work such as moving furniture or loading bags of groceries into your car. This can save you time as well since it will be no donkey’s work to offload large sacks of shopping from your rack into your kitchen as there won’t be need of making unnecessary trips.
  • With the benefits clearly stated, let us now have a look at the myth that surround weightlifting in making women bulky.

Benefits of Weightlifting for Women

Why Weightlifting Won’t Make Women Bulky?

This is a common misconception that makes women crave for slimmer bodies. They are for the idea that weightlifting can create bulky muscles and end up spoiling their sexy looks. Majority of women don’t have testosterone hormone levels like men that give the bulky physique. If there is such a woman, she is probably supplementing the hormones. Even though certain genes determine our physical look, you can’t get a bulky look not unless you train for it. If in doubt, ask any trainer and you will be shocked to learn that gaining muscles is not a walk in the park. You must work on it for a long duration.

What are the Top Training Moulds for Women?

Several factors play a significant role in determining your next figure and shape. Whereas this doesn’t happen overnight, some of the major factors that dictate your image later include genes, diet, lifestyle and workouts. Acquiring a bulky figure is not a cheap course as most people might think, and nearly every trainer works hard enough to ensure that their training programs will maximize their muscular formation within the shortest time possible.

Diversify Training

Diversify Training

It is difficult to find women complaining to their trainers that workouts are making them bulky. This happens especially if you commit to training a minimum of three to five sessions every week. If you would like to reap better results from workouts, combine various exercises along with full body free-weight training. Incorporate some squats, push-ups, lunges, rope-jumping, rows and presses among others. Don’t forget interval training as well.

All you are supposed to do to avoid getting bulky with weightlifting is to combine many full-body movements which help in the formation of lean mass while preventing the storage of fat, rather than focusing on exercises that target increasing the size of specific muscle groups.

Check Your Diet

Whatever you eat determines the shape and size of your body. If you go for bulking a diet, you don’t stand a better chance of getting the extra body fats like a woman sticking to a healthy fat-loss program.


Your workouts and diet have a significant role in determining your physical look. If you want to stay in an effective full-body personal training program, ensure your food is rich in protein, healthy fats, veggies and fruits.

There is nothing wrong with lifting weights for women. In fact, it is a great way to personal improvement on both the physical and healthy aspect of life. After all, there is no woman who would hate to be strong but not bulky. It’s the right time you should start working on turning a few of your extra pounds in strengthening your muscles by lifting weights combined with other forms of exercises.

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