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Top 10 Couple Workouts You Must Try

Many couples have excuses as to why they have not yet started working out together, and part of the issue is the lack of ideas they could pursue together to create a schedule that can help them.

Top 10 Couple Workouts You Must Try

Getting the right information and planning as required demands that a couple works together to knit up a plan that is comfortable for each person, and this is often the biggest challenge couples face when they are looking for couple-friendly workouts.

Dale Parducci has been helping such people overcome their problems through both in-person and online training sessions, and his support for those looking to embrace fitness programs has gone as far as deliver intelligent work out solutions.

Dale Parducci helps couples choose the perfect workouts to embrace, and here he offers some insights that could help you get a workout plan that will help you and your partner.

1. Circuit Workout

Circuit Workout

If going to the gym is not your thing, you and your partner will find the circuit workout a perfect choice. This does not require any weights as you only need body weight to execute it effectively.

To start off, you need a kitchen timer so you can set it at intervals of several minutes, say 5.

Within the timing, you could decide to rotate between push-ups, squats and planks depending on what your partner finds comfortable.

To make it a bit fun to do, you could decide to allow each person to go at whatever pace is ideal and try to make it like a competition of who does more within the set time.

2. A Run Is Also Perfect Choice

One of the reasons running could work well is that it allows you to engage each other in a conversation, and you could make it more fun if you can introduce a competition factor to see who can endure longer than the other without stopping.

It also gives you a chance to enjoy beautiful views, and this is why it’s advisable to choose a route that has interesting views so you can enhance the motivation.

3. Throw In Some Hiking

Some Hiking

If you don’t find running a perfect choice for both of you, hiking could come as a great idea as this is more like exploring nature, and most likely both of you will love it.

The best thing with hiking is that it favors couples whose fitness levels differ and if one of you feels the hiking alone is not sufficient for a workout, you could add some weighted vest to make the challenge tougher.

4. Side Pass

For the side pass workout, you need to stand side-by-side, probably separated from each other 5 feet, and your knees should be bent delicately and abs contracted.

Your partner then holds a medicine ball at the hip and he/she tosses it to you enabling the ball to come out of the hip before hurling it horizontally back to your partner.

You need to repeat the process for several turns to achieve the intended effect and after at least 10 reps, you could pause for few seconds before repeating the process.

5. Spice It Up With Salsa

Salsa Steps

Traditional exercise options mentioned above are not the only way you could get your heart rate up.

As a couple, you could get creative in a manner that will incorporate romance, and salsa offers you the ideal workout solution that caters for your needs in this case.

Salsa incorporates both physical activity and some romance, and apart from this being a good way of shedding those calories off, it could come as a vital moment for both of you to connect with each other emotionally.

6. What About A Quick Bike Ride?

Biking might sound obvious, but when done with the motivation of your partner, you will realize that you can ride over a long duration.

There are many types of terrain you could choose for this, and one of the most advisable choices is landscapes that are hilly as this helps to heighten the challenge.

Additionally, you could explore different places and make it a way to create a connection with nature.

Biking provides you as a couple the fun and connection you desire and helps you to burn calories because it is more like an aerobic exercise.

7. Consider Spending Time At The Weight Room

Weight Room

If you both prefer intense workout procedures and are not interested in moving far from your home, you could do perfectly well with some weights.

You don’t need to go different ways at the gym as you will need each other in the process of lifting weights and performing other intense exercises.

Your partner can help you by ensuring that you don’t put too much weight and this could be a source of encouragement especially when you are feeling tired.

8. Partner Yoga

Apart from strengthening both of you, partner yoga also helps reinforce your relationship.

In this, you can choose poses that can be performed together, but most of these poses require that you trust each other as you will need to lift your partner most of the time to a position that could prove risky if one of you is not careful.

A good choice includes the double downward-facing dog, which allows both of you to engage in intense strength while also getting you to connect emotionally.

9. Band Sprints

Band Sprints

The goal here is to make it as engaging and fun-filled as possible. The band sprints exercise involves placing a resistance band around your waist and letting your partner pull you back as you try to spring forward.

This is a strength training program that gives both of you an equal chance to workout and it could get interesting if you would like to make it like a competition between you and your partner to see who appears to have the perfect chance at moving forward or holding the other back.

Switch positions and repeat the procedure several times until both of you get tired. This way, you will burn a good amount of calories and it could be more ideal if you make it regular, say after every one day.

10. Squat Jump

The squat jump workout will require that you use two resistance bands and for the setup to be complete you should stand to confront each other.

Each partner should hold one end of the resistance band and arms must be stretched straight out. Additionally, the band should have tension in it, and while using it make sure to keep the position of your arms up while squatting so your hips remain back.

This might seem so intense at first but with time you will find it fitting to your workout needs. It sure offers you a challenge and performing it successfully will deliver the results both of you need.


While working out with your partner, the focus should be on making the whole process engaging and interesting for both of you.

It should capture both the physical aspect of the activity as well as the emotional side of your life.

Remember you don’t need any heavy equipment to achieve a perfect workout schedule with your partner; seek for some all-natural bodybuilding stacks for couples like Max Gains which will make sure that you meet the desired effects without causing any harm to your body. And go for the above suggestions could work well to help you achieve your goals seamlessly.

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