Achieve Fitness Goals with the Best 20-Minute Workout

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Published: Feb 3, 2015 | Last Updated: Apr 11, 2018

The Best 20-Minute Workout

Many people keep on wondering what the best 20-minute workout programs they should get involved in to achieve and maintain their physical fitness goals. Regardless of the equipment’s at your disposal, there are certain exercises that can help in building your muscles, shed extra fat and give that gorgeous body you have always craved for. You don’t need high-tech gyms to achieve this. You can use a pair of mismatched dumbbells, home equipment’s or simply your body and still get to your dreams when it comes to physical fitness.

All you should aim is to incorporate both cardio and strength-training exercises towards achieving a well-rounded fitness where you are not only strong but conditioned.

What to Do to achieve fitness goals in 20 minutes?

To achieve your fitness goals, you won’t have to spend all your time in the gym. You are only required to spend a little of your time in order make big gains. This is somewhat fitting workout into your routine. What matters the most is the pace and sequencing. You must alternate between brisk pace and slow movements. Additionally, you need to move from smaller to a larger group of muscles to enhance their endurance and development.

How Does 20 minutes exercise work?

The workout should be split into six categories. Although they may sound many, you are not supposed to spend more than 20 minutes in the gym. You should systematically do all the six circuits, repeating where indicated. You may have to rest in between the exercises, but it should be limited to transitions between moves. For maximum gains, repeat these exercises a minimum of four times in a week on nonconsecutive days.

Circuit A

  • Treadmill Run/Walk
    Treadmill Run/Walk

    Hit on a treadmill and walk for a minute before sprinting for another one.

  • Dumbbell Flye
    Grab a pair of the dumbbell on each hand and lie on a bench. Ensure that your elbows are slightly bending and spreads your arms wide apart, ensuring that you lower the weights such that they are in line with your chest. Flex your muscles for a while before lifting the weights back to the starting position. Repeat this process for a minimum of 8 times.
  • Pushups
    With your hands placed on the floor at your shoulder width, lower your body until your chest is slightly above the ground. Ensure that your abs muscles are braced and your body is in a straight line and your shoulder blades clinched together. Push your body up and repeat this process for a maximum of 15 times.
  • Planks

    While in a pushup position, lower your forearms to the floor while bracing your abs. Hold this position for about 30 seconds before switching to the next move.

Circuit B

  • Pull-up

    With your arms facing away from the direction of your shoulders, hang from a pull-up bar. Pull your body up until your chin is somewhere above the bars. Repeat as many times as you can.

  • Dumbbell Lateral Raise
    While holding a dumbbell in each hand, stand with your palms facing your facelift the weights until there is a 90-degree on your elbow while the rest of your arms are in a parallel position to the floor. Straighten back your arms and carry out this process for 12 to 15 repetitions.
  • Side-To-Side Hop
    Put an object or something else on the floor to act as a hurdle. Jump over it from side to side while ensuring that you minimize your contact with the floor. Carry on with the exercise for a maximum of 30 seconds.
  • Lying Dumbbell Crusher
    Lying Dumbbell Crusher

    Lie down on your back on a flat bench. Grab dumbbell on each hand and let your elbows rest on your chest with palms facing each other. Lower the weights by bending your elbows towards the sides of your head. Make 10 to 12 repetitions.

Circuit C

  • Dumbbell Lunges
    Dumbbell Lunges

    While standing with your feet at hip width, hold a dumbbell in each hand and step forward with one leg. Lower your rear feet until your knee is an inch above the floor while your front thigh is parallel to the floor. Return to the standing position and make 20 repetitions for each leg.

  • Burpee
    While standing with your feet at shoulder width, bend down and let your hands hold to the floor. Next, toss your legs behind at once such that you will end up in a pushup position. Jerk your legs back to land between your hands and stand up at once. Repeat 10 times.
  • Circuit D

    • Dumbbell Pullover
      Dumbbell Pullover

      Hold a dumbbell over your face with your hand as you lie on a bench. Lower the dumbbell behind your face to the point of experiencing a stretch in your lats before pulling the weight back over to your face. Make 10 repetitions for each hand.

    • Hop Onto Bench
      Place a box or a bench in front of you and hop onto it. Step back immediately and then repeat it 20 times

    Circuit E

    • Dumbbell Curl
      Dumbbell Curl

      Grab a dumbbell in each hand and curl the weights for 15 times while ensuring that your upper arms are kept in one place.

    • Lateral Band Walk
      Using an elastic band tied to your ankles, step sideways for 20 feet and then return to the starting point while ensuring that tension is maintained in your legs throughout the exercise.

    Circuit F

    • Step Up
      Step Up

      Place one of your foot on a bench or box. Make a step forward using the other leg but ensure that it doesn’t rest on the bench or the box. Alternate your legs for every repetition and continue for a maximum of 30 seconds.

    • Leg Lift
      Lie on a flat surface and grab a heavy object with your hand. You can use the legs of a heavy chair for support. Straighten your legs and raise them to a vertical position before lowering them down, but stop when they are just about to hit the floor. Raise them up again and repeat as many times as you can.
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