These Are the Best Post-Workout Supplements in 2018

Written by Michael Wight
Best Post-Workout Supplements
Everything you do prior to and after workout matters and it can either help you get the most out of the training regimen or slow your progress.

It’s not just about doing your best in the gym or wherever you exercise, but also about creating a healthy routine that supports your gains.

In order to get the maximum out of every workout, active men and women opt for post-workout supplements. If you’re considering trying a new product or purchasing the very first item of this kind, you came to the right place. This post features best products you can easily find and buy this year.

What is the Purpose of Post-Workout Supplements?

Just a few years back, bodybuilders and other active men and women had to consume carefully selected meals after their workouts in order to get better results. While there’s nothing wrong with a well-balanced post-workout meal, some people don’t find it practical.

After all, a hectic lifestyle doesn’t allow us to spend too much time preparing meals we’re going to eat after a workout. That’s where post-workout supplements step in.

These products supply the body with much-needed nutrients that support the effort you made in the gym and allow you to achieve your body goals faster than ever.

Supplement formulations are precise just like their dosage and timing. Taking the right supplements[1] before and after a daily workout is the best window of opportunity for making both short- and long-term gains.

What do post-workout supplements do exactly? These products help the body recover and repair after a grueling training session. Regular intake of these supplements aids the reduction of muscle fatigue and soreness.

At the same time, you get to replenish muscle glycogen or stored energy that was used in the workout. Post-workout supplements enhance muscle protein synthesis and reduce muscle protein breakdown caused by exercise.

Post-Workout Supplement

How to Buy the Right Post-Workout Supplement?

Post-workout supplements have become incredibly popular lately. Both men and women use them to enhance results and gains from their workout. Parallel to the rise in their popularity, there is also the increased number of brands and products.

Much like with other types of supplements, many post-workout products promise the same things. They claim users will achieve unbelievable results, too good to be true effects, within a few days only.

Not all products are equal. While some post-workout supplements can truly benefit your daily workouts, others aren’t effective at all. Before we go through the list of the best products to consider in 2018, it’s important to discuss how to find the perfect match.

Most popular post-workout supplements include[2] creatine, protein, amino acids, and fast digesting carbohydrates or at least some combination of these. Ideally, the product should not contain harsh chemicals and ingredients whose efficacy is not proven.

In order to find the right product, you need to take into consideration your training goals and the diet. That way, you can look for a supplement that delivers nutrients your diet doesn’t provide in recommended amounts. Finding a product with a combination of citrulline, vitamins, and the above-mentioned ingredients is the best way to achieve results you want.

Other things to consider:

  • Money back guarantee
  • Realistic claims and promises
  • Reasonable price
  • Reliable manufacturer, you don’t really want to buy a product made by a brand that users find unreliable
  • User experiences, if a product doesn’t work for most people chances are it won’t work for you either. It’s always better to buy a supplement with positive user reviews

Now that you know what to look for, let’s discuss products that are going to dominate in 2018.


Bio-Engineered Supplements and Nutrition Inc. (BSN) was founded back in 2001. It didn’t take long for this brand to become a global leader in the sports nutrition marketplace due to revolutionary products and constant research. The Amino X is a perfect example of the brand’s dedication toward making every active individual’s life better.

What is Amino X? it is a potent instantized recovery supplement. What’s more, it is the first instantized effervescent amino acid supplement available. One serving contains 10g anabolic amino acid interfusion consisting of valine, leucine, isoleucine, citrulline, alanine, and taurine. Regular intake of this product promotes repair after a workout, increases endurance, supports muscle protein synthesis and improves overall performance.

2. Evolution Nutrition Recover Mode

Evolution Nutrition is a well-known brand with multiple workout-related products under its belt. The main goal of this brand is to be the most trusted nutritional partner of every customer in order to help you achieve all your fitness goals easily.

The company is built on a passion for proper nutrition, health, and sport and it is committed to constantly evolving the products to ensure they are most innovative supplements available.

Makers of Recover Mode want you to know that getting the maximum out of your workout requires a healthy lifestyle, in general. In order to achieve your goals, you need to eat a well-balanced diet, exercise regularly, and use supplements as a complementary tool. On the other hand, many brands claim all you need is their product to achieve any goal you set out for yourself.

Recover Mode is a post-workout supplement created specifically to make you feel relaxed and strong after your training session. Regular intake of this product prevents fatigue and promotes quick recovery of muscles that are damaged during your workout. Thanks to the powerful formula, Recover Mode stimulates faster growth of muscles. The formula contains BCAAs, glutamine, electrolytes, and vitamins.

3. Nutra Performance Postworkout Recovery Ultra

Nutra Performance adheres to GMP (good manufacturing practices) when developing their supplements. Customer satisfaction is this brand’s primary objective and in order to make it happen, they carry out multiple rounds of testing before releasing a new flavor. Not only do Nutra Performance supplements taste divine, but they are effective too.

The Postworkout Recovery Ultra is a supplement that works to help muscles and the entire body to relax and recover after a grueling training session. Regular intake of this supplement produces effective results within a very short time.

Successful muscle repair and general body recovery are achieved through a balance of ingredients such as protein, l-glutamine, blue raspberry powder. Protein is easily absorbed and fuels the repair of muscles while l-glutamine is well-known for its ability to enhance the muscle mass.

Unlike many brands that don’t offer refund options with their post-workout supplements, this product and other items made by Nutra Performance come with 30-day money back guarantee.

4. Rich Piana 5% Nutrition ALLDAYYOUMAY

Rich Piana was an American bodybuilder and businessman who tragically passed away on August 25, 2017. Piana has been an avid bodybuilder since he was a 15-year-old teenager who spent a lot of time in the gym where his mother worked out.

Not only was he a role model for many generations of bodybuilders, but he was also entrepreneurial. He created a line of apparel, meal plans, supplements, and basically everything else that active men and women need to achieve their body goals.

His 5% Nutrition ALLDAYYOUMAY is a post-workout supplement designed specifically to aid the recovery process. Most people don’t pay too much attention to recovery, but it’s crucial for muscle growth, weight loss, injury prevention, you name it.

The supplement delivers an ideal combination of carnitine, beta-alanine, leucine, and it also contains coconut water concentrate.
The product is formulated to aid muscle building and recovery efforts while supplying the body with electrolytes, providing joint support, and so much more. Advantages of this product include reasonable price, multiple flavor options, and dynamic formula.

5. Universal Nutrition Torrent

Universal is one of the most popular brand names in the bodybuilding world. This is a family-owned and operated business that strives to build a community, not just to sell products. After all, the company was founded back in 1977 which is considered the Golden Age of Bodybuilding. The brand teaches its community that bodybuilding isn’t just about lifting, it’s a way of life.

Also, they have a number of products and apparel items that make every bodybuilder’s life easier. Torrent is one of those products; it’s a post-workout muscle mass activator specifically formulated to maximize the “anabolic window of opportunity” following a hard weightlifting session.

Regular intake of the supplement repairs muscles enhances muscle anabolism and speeds up the recovery process. The product contains fast-acting carbs, a hefty dose of leucine, advanced creatines, and easily assimilated proteins. Let’s not forget about delicious taste and multiple flavor options.

6. Optimum Nutrition Essential Amin.O. Energy

Optimum Tradition, a brand founded back in 1986, takes a hands-on approach to maintaining the highest standards of quality. Their products are found throughout the United States in almost 10,000 specialty retail stores, gyms, fitness centers, grocery chains, and drugstore. This is very useful if you bear in mind that most brands focus on selling their products on the internet only.

The Essential Amin.O. Energy is a powerful and effective post-workout supplement that combines amino acids with green tea extract, beta-alanine, and other potent ingredients in a single product.

Probably the greatest advantage of this product is that users can take different doses to meet certain needs. For example, two-scoop serving is an ideal afternoon pick-me-up when energy levels start to gradually decline while four-scoop serving is perfect as a pre-workout energy boost.

The supplement is available in different flavors and comes at an affordable price. Regular intake of Essential Amin.O. Energy boosts energy levels, intensifies focus, and aids muscle recovery after workouts.

7. Blackwolf Eliminate

Blackwolf has been in the post-workout supplement business for more than a decade and it speaks a lot about this brand. This is an ever-changing market as new brands emerges with their own products. Competition is tough and only the best ones survive this long. The brand also produces pre-workout and intra-workout supplements for an optimal support to your training regimen.

Black Wolf Eliminate is a post-workout supplement with a much-needed balance of carbohydrates and protein. The product is created with a purpose to supply your body with the exact amount of nutrients it needs to support your gains. Faster recovery and lean muscle growth are two main goals that this supplement helps users achieve.

When taking 30 minutes after a workout, Eliminate maximizes user’s gains and starts the recovery process faster. As a result, you are fresher and stronger for the next training session. What makes this product unique is that it allows you to obtain several nutrients in a single serving rather than consuming them separately.

The supplement contains a potent blend of ingredients such as whey protein isolate to encourage muscle repair and growth, BCAAs, valine, leucine, and isoleucine. All these “strange names” are actually building blocks of muscle protein.

Eliminate is created to address glycogen and blood glucose levels which tend to low after a workout. It supplies the body with adequate amount of carbs, vitamins, and minerals. It’s also important to mention that Eliminate contains vitamin C, a micronutrient with antioxidant potential. Vitamin C protects proteins and lipids from oxidative damage.

Reasons why this is the number one product are numerous including:

  • Positive user experiences
  • Faster recovery
  • Results noticeable within 2-3 weeks
  • Protection against free radicals
  • Reduced muscle soreness
  • Supplements give Muscle glycogen recovery support; must view the Muscle Advance Creatine Monohydrate Review regarding glycogen recovery.
  • 100% active ingredients
  • 14-day money back guarantee (for unopened items)

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Regardless of the goal you want to achieve in the gym or the type of training you do, post-workout supplements are crucial. They support recovery and repair of muscles while alleviating fatigue and building your endurance for the next workout session.

This post featured seven supplements that will dominate in 2018. The choice is yours! Choose a product that fits your needs and preferences the most. Remember, to achieve the maximum results from your workouts, you need to make healthy lifestyle changes that include well-balanced diet, getting enough sleep, stress management, and others.

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