Top 5 Tips For Every First Timers 10k Runner

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Published: Oct 16, 2014 | Last Updated: Mar 20, 2019

10k First Timers

It is advisable to try new things when it comes to physical fitness. This helps to kills boredom when one is exercising and it keeps the body guessing so that one is able to see the results that come from their hard work. This can be done by signing up for a 10K race that one has never taken part in. When one takes part in a new thing, there are many questions that will be asked to ensure that one is ready to take part in the activity.

The common questions that are commonly asked before a 10k race

Taking a Carb Before The Race

Taking a Carb

Taking more carbs the days that precede the marathon is advised but this is not usually the case when it comes to a 10k race. It is advisable to make sure that one is eating smart especially the week before the race begins. The most important days are when the race is scheduled to take place and it is very important to avoid trying anything new. One is advised to try different foods while training and this will help one to know what works best for them. This depends from one runner to another but there are certain foods that work well with most runners. This includes banana, peanut butter, oatmeal, and yoghurt mixed with honey. It is important to take foods that provide the body with carbs and proteins before the race begins and should be given to one to digest.

The Gear that Should be Worn

The Gear

It is important to invest in a good pair of sports shoes. When one takes an old pair of shoes that have been kept in the closet for a long time it can be a recipe for sport injuries. Going to the local running shop that has a treadmill is advised as this offers run analysis. An associate will help to note the miles that are taken when one logs in while training before the 10k. The associate will help to note any pronate i. e where the foot rolls inwards when one is landing on the ground and the arch height of the foot so that one can give a recommendation. Another key factor is wearing the appropriate clothing like a fabric that is sweat wicking and this should be done even in the cold seasons. It is important to wear it before the race begins to avoid wardrobe chafing and malfunctions.

GPS Watch

GPS Watch

This is helpful in ensuring one is on track with the set goals. This helps one to time themselves for example in cases where one has planned to run a 10k within a period of an hour. However, if one does not need to time themselves for the race it is not recommended to have it. This is because maintain the watch can have a negative effect where the runner becomes obsessed with maintaining a certain pace. The experts advice athletes to train using a time check and perceived effort rather than using pace and mileage. Therefore, one can opt to leave the watch at home when gong for the race or when going for the regular training runs.

The Logistical Things that One Should Know About the Race

It is wise to check out the course of the race before the race begins. This can typically be found in the map that can be located in the website of the event. One should note the major hills, rivers, bathrooms, curves and turns and where the water stops. It is also important to find out the time one can pick up their bib and whether the runners start in waves or together. In cases where they start in waves, one should find out the wave that they belong in and this is usually based on the speed where new people are positioned in the last wave. This means that the official time that one starts the race will be affected and this affects the time when one should eat and visit the toilet.

Calming Pre-race Jitters

The race day should be made to be as stress free as possible. This can be done by arriving early at the venue and laying out the clothes in readiness, pinning the bib and attaching the time chip the night before. In cases where one still gets the butterflies before the race begins, it is advisable to try out a visualization exercise that is used by the pro athletes and the sports psychologists. This is done by closing the eyes and visualizing that one is winning the race. This helps to calm the nerves and it has also been shown to be helpful in winning the race.


There are several things that should be done before taking part in a 10k race. This includes ensuring that one has the right gear for the race, calming the pre-race jitters that cause anxiety and stress, checking the course of the race, taking carbs and proteins before the race.

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