Shaving The Private Parts: What Is Your Opinion?

Written by Michael Wight
shaving the private parts

Studies have shown that there is no medical reason that is indicated for removing pubic hair or leaving it. Leaving the pubic hair down there does not make one dirty and the ladies who shave are not cleaner. The bottom line is that it depends on the personal choice of an individual.

To Shave Or To Leave It

Shaving or not to shave is a personal choice as well as how much hair should be removed. The method that should be used to remove the hair will also depend on the personal preference. Some people will prefer to use shaving kits while others will prefer waxing.

Hair removal inflames and irritates the hair follicles that are left behind creating open wounds that are microscopic. The people who prefer to stay smooth at all times, have to shave frequently and this cause’s regular irritation to the area. Shaving can increase the chances of getting an infection especially in cases where the skin is left open. Open wounds that are irritated together with the warm and moist environment that is found in the genitals, provide a good place for bacteria to grow.

The common pathogens that are likely to grow in the genitals include methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureous, and group A streptococcus. When the genitals are freshly shaved, there are also at an increased risk of getting herpes infection because the wounds are exposed to the virus that may be present in the genitals or the mouth of the man.

Studies have shown that there is an increase in abscesses and boils in the areas that have been shaved. Most of them require incision and draining as a mode of treatment and this leads to scarring that is significant to the individual. The area can also have pustules and papules that develop after shaving. Some clinicians have also reported that they have dealt with cases where women develop cellulitis of the genitals to include parts like labia. Cellulitis is where the tissue becomes infected but does not form an abscess and this may be caused by spread of infection from a partner who is infected.

Waxing is also another method for removing the hair and this can be done in a beauty spa by a technician. It is important to find a clean reputable place for waxing because this is a delicate part of the body and it should not be handled by anyone. It is advisable to visit the salon or spa before the big day to be able to know how the procedure is done and the cleanliness of the area.

One should talk to the technician on the style that should be used and how much hair should be removed. The procedure involves putting hot wax on the pubic hair and placing small strips of cloth on top. The strips are pulled quickly when the wax sets in and this is done on one strip at a time. The unwanted hair is removed or ripped away together with the strip of clothes.

Role Of Pubic Hair

Pubic hair plays an important role in the genital area by cushioning it against friction that is likely to cause injury and skin abrasion. This protects the area against infections from unwanted pathogens to include bacteria. Pubic hair should also be viewed as a positive thing because it occurs as a result of hormonal changes after one has reached adolescent. Therefore, it should not be anything to be embarrassed or ashamed about. Consequently, the war that has been declared on pubic hair should be stopped allowing it to stay.

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Shaving And Intimacy

Shaving And Intimacy

Shaving can also be done to increase intimacy in a relationship where both partners agree to it. Research has shown that there are men though who prefer women who are bare down there and others prefer hair to be left. Therefore, depending on the partner that one has, shaving can be done as a way of pleasing the other partner.

The Bottom Line

When one prefers to go bare on the genitals, it is important to take precaution. It is important to go to a profession or a reputable place where the hair can be removed. The women who prefer to shave at home are encouraged to maintain hygiene to reduce the chances of getting an infection. It is advisable to avoid having sexual intercourse for a day or two after shaving to allow the tiny nicks to heal.


To leave the genitals bare or with hair is a personal choice. There are women who prefer to stay with the hair and this does not mean that they are dirty. Pubic hair helps in cushioning the area against friction as these increases the risk of getting an infection. The women who prefer to shave are encouraged to look for a salon or a spa that is reputable and where high standards of hygiene are maintained.


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