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Feeling Feminine Beauty – 5 Ways To Feel More Sexy & Beautiful

On the surface ‘many women especially’ only feel beauty once they dress up to apply their make-up and put on their high heel shoes.

Feeling Feminine Beauty – 5 Ways To Feel More Sexy & Beautiful
The image shows the girl feeling her inner beauty. Shutterstock Images.

How does a woman feel sensual and sexy in their own skin no matter what she may be wearing or what her physical body may look like?

Sadly self-criticism is extremely common for most women these days and more and more men are also showing low self-esteem and lacking confidence purely because they are not happy with their own body image.

Our imprinting started from a very young age from even way before we even received that first Barbie doll for Christmas.

Television and Media are one of our major influences and brainwash, even if we have overheard something and it’s being secretly programmed unconsciously into our thought patterns daily.

From a young child, we are conditioned to look thin and beautiful like Barbie dolls, Superstars, Models, Actors, and so on.

These conditions and messages that we receive as young children set us up to view the world through these images as an Adult.

It can become so embedded into our personality and wellbeing that it puts us inside our own prison of being self-critics, give’s low self-esteem and body image shame.

Path of Healing

Image shows girl doing yoga. Shutterstock Images

Once you become aware of your own self-sabotage, you can then choose to walk down your path of healing the old wounds and changing the patterns that you have unconsciously created over the years.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

This path of self-development, growth, and new learning is where you have no choice but to take a good look at yourself while peeling off all those layers one by one that you have accumulated over the years.

The sad part is while you are young, free, and beautiful that you actually didn’t feel this beauty.

Speaking from experience when I look back at my younger self and see how I didn’t appreciate and embrace my own beauty until after I turned 40yrs.

Please don’t get me wrong here, I am not saying it has everything to do with the physical age if you’re an old soul you will most likely access this much earlier.

I have met some of the most beautiful young women that are so dynamic and really rock this world with their amazing confidence, beauty, and power, it really is just where you are with yourself right now no matter what your age is.

All I can say is it took me and many other women I know well into their 40s to feel their own beauty.

Inner Beauty

Image shows beautiful younger women enjoying her inner piece. Shutterstock Images

To all you beautiful younger women out there, my message to you is to embrace your inner beauty today and be thankful for the amazing body that you have without judgment or criticism.

Loving you for who you are today NOT who you want to look like tomorrow.

Five ways you can connect with feeling into your inner beauty:

1. Forget about Looking Good for a man or Anyone Else!

Do it for yourself! If you feel too thin or have those extra kgs on that keep you from loving your body, I suggest to you explore every part of your skin by being gentle and kind to yourself and giving those parts of your body that you have been overly critical about lots of love.

2. Come out of your mind and into your body and just feel!

I find meditation music is a great start. It may be meditation music or sensual music that makes you feel good.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Personally, I love putting on Kenny G as I find his music sexy and sensual and really get my imagination in the arousal zone.

3. Breath-work helps you Re-connect so you can feel even more Deeply!


Image Shows Beautiful young girl taking deep breath. Shutterstock Images.

Breathe deep down into your pussy, feel the connection between your pussy your heart, and your mind ‘being in a mindless state’.

Slowing all your thoughts down and just being in the moment.

4. Sensual Touch that Stimulates your Orgasmic Skin!

Close your eyes for a moment and just start caressing your skin with your fingertips, be aware of all the parts of your body as you touch yourself, identify what parts are warm or cooler, notice any hairs, moles, or what you would call perfect imperfections just notice then without thinking about them.

This is when you are in your receptive inner space of self-love, giving yourself the nurture and love that you deserve.

5. Pleasure your Heart!

Place your right hand on your heart and your left hand on your womb ‘just below the belly button.

Inhale breath from your pussy breathing it up from the first chakra to the second chakra while focused on your energy and intent.

Imagine the energy expanding into your body filling it up with the breath of LOVE. Continue to focus the breath up each chakra filling and expanding the breath.

Once you get to the heart chakra focus on all your energy moving into the heart and circulating the energy moving from the first chakra to the fourth chakra at this point you may start feeling orgasm, just relax before you feel you are going over the edge.

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