Why Should Women Do Weight Training? 11 Reason You Must Know

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Published: Oct 6, 2015 | Last Updated: Aug 12, 2018

11 Reasons Why Women Must Do Weight Training

We’re women, we must lose weight, we must be healthy and vibrant and toned and ready for the bikini at the drop of a seasonal change. So, why must we also focus on weight training in our workouts?

Here’s 11 Reasons why women MUST do weight training –

1. Lose More Fat – Sure, walking, jogging and other forms of cardio burn lots of calories, and henceforth, fat, but adding weight training to your workout routine could aid in a loss of up to 40 percent more. Research shows that lifting weights shreds up to 75 percent fat and only 25 percent muscle. Remember that burning fat is the most important part of a diet/workout routine because otherwise as soon as you end your program, the flab is going to come right back.

Diet will Inevitably Improve

2. Clothes Fit Better – did you know that 1 pound of fat takes up 18 percent more space than one pound of muscle? That’s kind of a lot when you’re trying to slide into your favorite jeans. Worse yet, research shows that between the ages of 30 and 50, women lose up to ten percent of overall muscle mass, meaning that mass turns to fat. Find weight training exercises that strengthen your core and buttocks… the rest of the weight loss will likely follow.

3. Burn More Calories – This is a simple statement really, and should be quite obvious. The more energy you’re exerting, the more calories you’re burning. Lifting weights also aids in getting your metabolism moving, which of course burns more calories. Consider too that you’re getting a bonus workout when you lift because after you’re done, your muscles still need time to repair and heal, which burns more calories. Need I say more?

4. Handle Stress Better – Staying fit helps you stay less stressed too. Researchers have determined that healthy, fit people exhibited lower levels of stress hormones than those who were out of shape. Other studies indicate that blood pressure levels are more likely to return to normal faster than the levels of those with less muscle mass.

5. Be Happier – speaking of being less stressed, consider the technique of yoga. Lots of yogis boast good health and serenity within this type of exercise program. But the thing is, you can get this same kind of ‘high’ from lifting weights too. Scientists have researched significant improvements in scores of overall anger and mood after weight workouts.

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6. Build Stronger Bones – Research shows that strength training can help prevent bone loss – and may even help build new bone. Be reminded that as we age, bone mass density decreases, increasing the likelihood of fracture. Keep your muscles in shape and they’ll take care of your bones.

Build Stronger Bones

7. Get in Shape Quicker – Remember all those extra calories you’re burning – yeah, it’s doing something. You’re going to notice results far quicker with a weight lifting routine than with standard aerobic exercise or cardio.

8. Healthier Heart – Again, those calories are burning and it could lower your blood pressure, reducing the risk of stroke and heart attack. Remember that your heart is actually a muscle itself. Working out with weights strengthens all aspects of your muscle functioning systems.

9. More Productivity – More calories burning, quicker metabolism… all these combinations, put together with weight lifting is going to give you more energy, thus giving your more time to be more productive. Researchers have indicated that workers are fifteen percent more productive on days that they exercised in comparison with the days they did not work out at all.

10. Live Longer! – Stronger muscles, stronger bones, and stronger heart – I think you get the picture.

Women Weightlifting Info

11. Be Smarter! – Muscles strengthen the body which enhances the strength of your mind. A Brazilian research panel found that six months of resistance training enhanced lifters’ cognitive function, also resulting in better short and long term memory, longer attention span and improved verbal reasoning. This could be because of improved sleep patterns that you will also experience when lifting weights on a regular basis.

Talk to your doctor about the right plan for you. It’s important to incorporate a good diet plan into your workout routine in order to ensure you’re consuming a healthy intake of calories and fat (to burn). Do your research and pick a weight lifting plan that’s right for you.

Work those muscles girl!

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