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The Weight Loss Trap: Why You’re Not Losing Weight

How many times have you asked yourself this question?

The Weight Loss Trap: Why You’re Not Losing Weight

“Why is it so hard to lose any weight?” “Why can’t I lose just a few pounds?”

“Is that next diet going to be your miracle solution to all the struggles and problems with trying to get that scale to budge?”

Working with thousands of clients over the years it doesn’t seem to be a lack of desire that is causing people to not lose weight.

It has to do more with education and understanding of how their body works.

We are an instant gratification society, and we want instant results. Well, the sad truth is your excess fat didn’t show up overnight or instantly. So why do we expect it to disappear overnight? There isn’t a way for fat to disappear overnight, but if you feel you have tried everything there are other options besides diet and exercise. The Bariatric and Metabolic Center of Colorado offers bariatric surgery that can help you lose weight faster and keep it off.

We jump from diet to diet trying to find that solution where we wake up the next morning and all that ugly fat is gone.

Once you understand that there are 6 fat-burning hormones and 1 organ that essentially control the effectiveness of those hormones you now have knowledge that allows you to fuel your body in the way that it needs.

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Then as you continue with the education of your body and how it responds to different foods, you will be able to ensure that certain endocrine glands are as healthy as they can be.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

When this happens, your hormones are more efficient, and you can then burn fat. Many people are running their bodies primarily from sugar.

Instead, you should be using more fat to run your body, and you have all the hormones and enzymes already within your body to do this, you just have to improve the function of these glands and organs so that the proper hormones can be triggered to elicit fat burning.

You most likely don’t know this, but your hormone has been working against you and as a result, has shaped your body through inefficiency and limited functionality.

By narrowing down which hormones and glands are causing you all this trouble, we will be able to start the repair process that gets you to fire the hormones that are responsible for fat loss.

Society tends to look at food as something we eat multiple times a day and it tastes good, or it tastes bad.

We tend not to notice that food is eaten to sustain life, provide energy and provide fuel to grow and repair our body.

We have to consume essential nutrients such as amino acids and fats that we cannot make ourselves, and we have to consume them through food.

Amino acids are the building blocks that make up our hair, nails, muscles, and joints.

Essential fatty acids make up the outer and inner structures of our cells. They also contribute to our brain, nerves, and hormones.

When we become deficient in certain nutrients, our bodies start breaking down.

Our liver doesn’t work as well; our gut doesn’t process and digest food as it should, and our hormones stop functioning as well as they could.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

We may end up with digestive problems, weight gain, loss of hair, skin conditions and a host of other health issues.

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Digestive Problems Raises
So, the question now becomes “Where do we go from here?”

By understanding and then applying what we understand of the nutrients different foods provide we can then create a slim, healthy body inside and out.

Many individuals who struggle with losing weight have an inefficient liver.

When your liver is not functioning properly, it triggers many unfortunate side effects, and lack of weight loss is just one of them.

When your liver is inefficient fluid, and systemic inflammation starts to build into the sac around your abdomen. This creates fat storage, fluid, and inflammation that give you a potbelly.

The liver is your body’s detoxifier or filtration system. All your hormones, any bacteria, chemical, or parasite, are filtered through your liver.

Its primary job is to break down the chemicals you consume through food, breath in, or touch and convert them to harmless elements.

When your liver becomes damaged or inefficient the toxins that your liver normally neutralizes start to re-circulate within your body and your sensitive glands, tissues, and organs become exposed to these toxins.

When your liver is not functioning properly, it can cause what many call a beer gut or potbelly.

This protrudement is not always fat, though. It can consist of fluid that is being leaked due to the impaired liver. There is a sac inside the abdomen area that fills up with fluid when the impaired liver is leaking fluid.

The best way to solve this is by consuming lots of vegetables and a low to moderate amount of high-quality proteins. This allows your liver to be able to reduce the stress load on itself and start the repair process.

The vegetables are the main component since they act as a detoxifier and anti-inflammatory nutrient source.

Some symptoms you may experience from this are that you may feel tired after a meal.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

It is more comfortable to lie on your right side and lying on your left side at night feels uncomfortable due to the inflammation of your liver which can push onto your diaphragm.

Nutrient Source

It may be a struggle to get up in the morning because your liver is unable to store an adequate amount of blood sugars so you end up with low blood sugars.

This creates irritability, moodiness, lethargy. Some people may experience joint stiffness and soreness, particularly in the morning.

This is due to the liver’s inability to process gluten and other grains. This can cause inflammation in the joints that result in stiffness and soreness.

Digestion problems can also be a common side effect of poor liver function.

Bloating, constipation and even acid reflux are common symptoms. This may also be caused by the cravings that are common with this body type such as fatty foods and salty foods.

A major contributor to poor liver function and what may be preventing the Liver’s ability to heal itself is Sugar.

Sugar breaks down very fast within your body, and this can be a shock to your liver. It can put undue stress on it.

Your liver is the first step in the digestion process of sugar so sending it loads of sugar is not good when trying to repair and improve the health of your liver.

This is why vegetables and especially cruciferous vegetables are a major player in healing your liver. This takes the stress off the liver by filtering and lowering the sugar rush.

Combine that with consuming lower amounts of sugar and your liver is going to able to start the repair process and function more efficiently.

Since all your fat-burning hormones work in the liver having a healthy liver is the first step to you successfully losing weight.

The best foods for a healthy liver are cruciferous vegetables, lean proteins such as nuts and fish. As the liver continues to heal you can add more proteins such as chicken and beef.

Beef is the hardest breakdown for your liver so limit beef intake until you have been on the program for a while and your liver can become healthier. Eggs are also a good protein source that you can eat with this program.

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Quiz Question for You:

“To lose weight you have to eat fewer calories than you burn.”

Is that true?

Can you lose weight this way?

The answer is yes, but only if your hormones are working properly.

This is why you can watch a skinny person eat piles of food and never gain a pound and then an overweight person eats like a rabbit and still gains weight.

How is that possible if they were eating fewer calories than they burned? Shouldn’t they be losing weight? The real problem is your hormones and your fat cells.

Calories Info

When you become overweight or have insulin resistance, your fat cells become sick.

One of the struggles many people encounter is that they have tried diet after diet or they restrict their calories and can’t budge a pound from the scale.

This is because their fat cells have become sick and unhealthy. This ruins any chance of actually burning off that stored fat and losing weight.

Let me explain to you what is happening with your fat cells at the moment and the best way to fix them.

Enlarged fat cells have a diminished capacity to store fat.

They are resistant to antilipolytic effects of insulin which leads to all-day elevated free fatty acid levels. Essentially you end up with more fat floating around in your bloodstream.

This is not a good thing.

Chronically increased free fatty acid levels stimulate something called gluconeogenesis and hepatic + muscle insulin resistance.

This reduces insulin secretion meaning you have more blood sugars constantly floating around in your veins.

So, if you were to have a blood test, your blood sugar levels would result in higher and unhealthy levels. This can eventually lead to Type II Diabetes.

When your fat storage capacity is exceeded, the fat overflows into your muscles and liver.

It may also overflow into the beta-cells of the pancreas which makes insulin resistance worse and further impairs insulin secretion.

With dysfunctional or sick fat cells, you produce excessive amounts of insulin resistance, inflammatory and heart disease provoking cytokines. This overtime can lead to higher blood pressure.

A domino effect with “sick” fat cells is how these enlarged fat cells affect free fatty acids. Normally your body uses free fatty acids for energy, and that is a good thing.

If this concentration of free fatty acids becomes too high, your body is unable to recruit healthy fat cells.

So, the remaining healthy fat cells become enlarged and therefore “sick” or “dysfunctional” as well.

These levels can increase to toxic levels which are detrimental to tissue such as your liver, muscle, and pancreas. This leads to a variety of pathological metabolic conditions.

heart disease

Isn’t Fat Tissue Just Useless Stuff That Takes Up Space That We Carry Around?

Fat tissue is an active body organ that is involved in many processes that are critical to your overall health.

Some of these include…

  • Promotion of blood vessel formation
  • Storage and release of fat
  • Growth factor production
  • Glucose metabolism
  • Production of factors that affect blood pressure
  • Cholesterol metabolism
  • Enzyme production
  • Hormone production
  • Immune system response.

When your fat cells are healthy, all of these functions continue to happen without any issues. When your fat cells become enlarged and sick, these important functions become disrupted and can lead to a variety of metabolic diseases.

When you have excessive weight gain that leads to sick fat cells, it indicates a hormone or endocrine disease.

I mentioned that “sick” fat cells affect your immune system and one of the major side effects of this is an increase in total body inflammation.

This is a major cause of metabolic disease and why so many struggle to lose weight. Healthy fat cells release anti-inflammatory factors, but if the fat cells become “sick”, then they release pro-inflammatory factors.

By first repairing your liver function you will start optimizing your fat-burning hormones and start repairing your sick fat cells.

Repair your sick fat cells, and you start burning fat for energy instead of trying to store your calories as fat.

When you become healthy on the inside is when you will start to lose fat. Your body won’t release fat until you are at a certain level of health. We are not treating the symptom here.

Your excess body fat is the symptom. Not the cause. We are going to fix the cause which they will fix the symptom i.e. body fat.

If your Adrenal glands are stressed and not working properly, your fat-burning growth hormone will be suppressed.

This is an example of fixing the cause. We fix the Adrenal Gland, and your fat-burning growth hormone will be at normal levels, and you will then burn fat.

Level of Health

Did You Know That Liver Performs Specific Functions Relating to Thyroid Hormone Transport and Metabolism?

When your liver is not functioning properly, it may cause your thyroid to not function properly which then deposits fat throughout your body.

Have you seen a common theme so far?

We have to fix our hormones and glands to lose fat, and more importantly to KEEP the weight off.

What tends to happen when people diet is, they lose weight, and then the weight comes back because they never healed their hormones or glands.

During the healing phase, you are going to experience increased energy, feel stronger, have fewer cravings, the better quality of sleep, and improved mood.

Final Verdict

Implement these nutritional changes today and give it 30 days. You’ll look better, feel better, and most importantly improve the overall health of your body while reducing your risk for diseases such as Type II diabetes and heart disease.

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