Why Brown Rice Is a Healthy Choice for Your Diet?

Brown Rice Is a Healthy

You have probably heard about health experts recommending people to switch from white rice to brown rice. The reason is simply because brown rice is better for your body. There are many reasons for this but unfortunately most people still prefer white rice over brown rice. Study after study has found various health benefits of consuming brown rice. In fact, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found through a study that brown rice is the best choice not just for nutritional reasons but also because of other health benefits.

Why Brown Rice?

Brown rice is actually the unrefined version of white rice still having the side hull and bran. This makes it easier to cook but is also the reason it is easier to digest and somewhat is lighter in the stomach. The brans and side hulls in brown rice gives its natural wholeness which means it is rich in protein, calcium, fiber, magnesium and potassium. For people who have diabetes or those who want ways to lose* weight, brown rice is an excellent choice because it has a low glycemic rating which prevents insulin spikes.

White rice loses its vitamins, iron, magnesium, zinc and other nutrients when it undergoes the refining process. For this reason, manufacturers tend to “enrich” white rice adding synthetic vitamins and other nutrients in order to be able to be labelled as a nutritious food. However, even when white rice is fortified, it is still deficient when it comes to the minimal nutrition requirements specified by the FDA for a serving of food.

Health Benefits of Brown Rice

Brown Rice Is High In Fiber
Brown rice contains a high amount of fiber which helps improve* digestion while also cleaning up the colon. Some studies have found that there is a link between fiber intake and risk of colon cancer. It is actually one of the few foods naturally high in fiber which attaches to potentially harmful matter like toxins that are eliminated with bowel movements.
It Promotes* Weight Loss
Brown rice fills you up quickly and leaves you full for a longer time period. This is beneficial for those who are trying to find some way to lose* weight. It also helps improve* bowel function and overall digestion which are also helpful for weight loss*.

Brown Rice Is Rich in Selenium
Selenium deficiency has been connected to an increased risk of heart disease, arthritis and cancer. You can achieve your daily recommended intake of selenium simply by switching from white rice to brown rice. Some studies also indicate that getting enough selenium helps slow down the aging process and prevent premature development of signs of skin aging like wrinkles.

Brown Rice Is Rich in Manganese
Just one cup of brown rice can give you about 80% of your required manganese intake for a day. Manganese is important for fat synthesis which further aids in weight loss*. Manganese also helps improve* reproductive and nervous system health.

It is Rich in Natural Oils
Brown rice contains naturally-occurring healthy oils which are beneficial for the body since they help normalize cholesterol levels.

It Is Considered Whole Grain
Again, brown rice has not undergone the refinement process so it is still considered whole grain which is one of the healthiest food choices available. Whole grains help reduce* arterial plaque build-ups while decreasing* risk of heart disease.

Brown Rice Helps Stabilize Blood Sugar Level
It contains slow-releasing sugars that helps stabilize blood sugar level which is the reason it is the best choice over white rice especially for diabetics. Studies have found that people who consume a half cup of brown rice daily can reduce* risk of diabetes by around 60%. On the other hand, people who consume white rice regularly increase* risk of diabetes considerably.

It Is Rich in Antioxidants
Most people are unaware that brown rice is also rich in antioxidants that fight free radicals. Aside from slowing down the aging process, this also helps prevent illnesses. Aside from antioxidant rich foods like blueberries and vegetables, you can also utilize brown rice to get your daily dose of antioxidants.

Ideal Baby Food
Brown rice is one of the best food choices for babies because of its high fiber and nutrient content. It is a lot better than ready-to-eat baby food made with refined white rice and cereals that are usually high in sugar content. The many nutrients in brown rice promote rapid growth cycles in babies and toddlers.

Helps With Candida Yeast Infections
For people undergoing candida yeast infection treatment, brown rice is an ideal food choice because it helps with the treatment. During treatment, sugary or starchy foods are not recommended since it can negatively affect treatment. The easy digestibility and high fiber content of brown rice helps the digestive system with its natural healing process from candida organism infections.

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