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Six tips on how to lose weight, from a Registered Dietitian

When lifestyle wasn’t as busy as it is nowadays, people bought food almost every day. They went to the market almost every day and bought their protein, vegetables, and fruits for the next couple of days.

Six tips on how to lose weight, from a Registered Dietitian

Nowadays, we move a lot less – many of us have desk jobs and drive to and from work, school, stores, etc. – and we buy food and store it in the house, so we don’t have to make several trips per week to the grocery store.

The issue with this is: the more food it is available in the environment, the higher the calorie intake, especially because many foods sold nowadays are very high in calories. People usually do not know the correct portions sizes for some foods, and they tend to overeat most foods.

Another issue is that many people tend to eat while watching TV, or in the car, doing homework, or while working. This is what many experts call mindless eating, or eating without paying full attention to the food being consumed. This mindless eating leads to consumption of extra calories.

Re-read the first few paragraphs. How many possible reasons of why there is more overweight and obese people nowadays are you able to point out from just a few short paragraphs?

Let’s see: more food in the environment, people move less and therefore spend less calories than they used to, mindless eating, people do not consume the correct portions of many foods.

There are possible reasons: people eat out more often, and restaurants and other food places offer really large portions.

The stress of busy lives leads to anxiety and emotional eating. There you go, I gave you a few more possible reasons, and many of the patients I see that are overweight or obese have many of these issues happening in their lives.

Keep on reading and discover interesting information on the best diet to lose weight. Remember that the best weight loss program is the one that helps you lose weight in a healthy manner. The fat loss program of your choice should encourage healthy eating and physical activity, so that you will also feel better overall. The fitness programs for weight loss are a must, especially if you want to maintain your metabolism in an active state.

Mindless Eating

How Then, Can People Eat To Lose Weight?


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

1. Eat Healthy: Healthy eating starts with the trip to the market or grocery store. Go to the grocery store prepared with a list. Have a healthy list and buy only the items you need to follow a healthy diet. If you didn’t buy that unhealthy snack – or even that healthy snack you can’t stop eating – you can’t eat it. Or you have to go in the car, drive to the store, and buy the item at 10 pm. Since the lack of convenience will probably convince you that the 10pm-trip to the grocery store isn’t a good idea, you won’t eat that snack that you didn’t previously buy.

2. Plan Healthy Menu: Plan a healthy menu for the next day(s). Be proactive. Wash and cut those vegetables you bought so that they’re ready for when you get home from work starving, and all you need to do is sauté them, and broil a filet of salmon, or served them with a piece of grilled chicken breast.

3. Eat Without Stress: Make time to eat without TV, computer, phone or any other distractions around you. Your digestion will be better too, as you eat without anxiety.

4. Eat Slowly: Take at least 20 minutes to eat your meal and savor it. It takes 20 minutes for you to realize that your stomach is full. If you eat too fast, you’re overeating.

Eat Healthy Food

5. Measure Your Portions: One cup of lettuce is the recommended amount for lettuce. However, 1 cup of peanut butter will provide you with more than 500 calories. There is a reason why there are different recommendations for portion sizes for different foods. Understand that both lettuce and natural peanut butter are nutritious, however, as mentioned; the number of calories between 1 cup of each is very different. The actual serving size for peanut butter is 2 tablespoons, and you can even tweak it so that you eat only 1 tablespoon with the half of a small fruit like apple or banana, or on a slice of rice cake.

6. Calculate Food Calories: Keep a physical food diary or an app, and log in the amount of each food you eat, the time you’re eating it, and how hungry you are on a scale of 1 – very hungry to 10- very full when you eat it. This food diary will help you determine snacks you’re having when you’re not that hungry and/or when you’re eating just because you’re stressed or anxious. People may also overeat when depressed, so evaluate your emotions and try to take your mind away from food when you feel like you’re eating because of a specific emotion.

Ultimately, weight loss depends on a calorie deficit or eating fewer calories than you spend in a day. By following your eating patterns with a food diary, you’ll be able to pinpoint the meals and snacks you may need to change to eat healthier and fewer calories.

The other tips provided will help you create a habit of buying only healthy foods and having specific times and calm places where you can eat. Our gastrointestinal tract is very connected to our emotions, so creating a calm environment to eat is going to provide the optimal experience for you to eat slowly and calmly, and savor the food.

Apart from these tips, there is also a way of consuming supplements; find a Zuccarin Review, which can help you out. There is a need to perform research on supplements to get the best results.

The habit of measuring portions will provide you with control over calories of foods you love. You don’t need to give up favorite nutritious foods that also have lots of calories, such as nuts, nut butter or olive oil. However, you need to control the portions of these foods so that you receive the specific health benefit from each of them while eating only the necessary calories you need per day.

Plan Healthy Menu

Planning a healthy menu, shopping for the ingredients and prepping foods will give you the confidence you need to eat healthy the next day without having to rush to get meals and snacks prepared. You already planned them in advance, so at meal or snack times, all you have to do is to put the ingredients together and make the healthy recipe or choose that healthy snack that you already purchased in advance.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

I hope these tips help you on your weight loss journey. One of my greatest pleasures in life is to help people reach their health goals, and I hope this info will help you reach your health goals.

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How is the diet effective?

A diet is effective in the moment it is based on the concept of healthy eating. You are recommended to consume fresh produce, as these are highly beneficial for the weight loss process, as well as lean meat, nuts and seeds etc. Planning your meals contributes to the efficiency of the diet, as you will be less tempted to choose fast food, junk food and other unhealthy choices.

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What not to eat if you want to lose weight?

If you want to lose weight, you should give up all the foods that are bad for you. This includes refined and extensively processed foods, fast food, and junk food. Avoid the foods that are rich in hydrogenated oils, sugar and artificial preservatives, as these favor blood sugar crashes and increase the risk of cravings. The same goes for sugary drinks, as these are the worst.

In conclusion, the best diet to lose weight is the one that encourages you to choose healthy meals. Always keep in mind that the best weight loss program will help you lose the desired weight, while allowing you to maintain an excellent state of health. A fat loss program should have a goal, so that you are motivated and less tempted to eat unhealthy. As for fitness programs for weight loss, these complete the process and enhance the motivation.

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