Weight Loss Workouts- Top Workout Plans To Trim Down Body Fat

Written by Evan Jensen

Weight Loss Workouts

There are various benefits in losing weight; shedding 10 per cent of your current body weight can make you feel differently. One of the major benefits of working out is that it enhances the fitness level of an individual thereby ensuring that one lives a healthier life. Workouts are critically important as they increase the general body activity rate making it less sedate, capable of performing various kinds of activities and other health-related functions.

As such, there are various types of workouts which are very important in the sense that they assist the body to expel toxins from the body through sweating. Examples of these include weight lifting; jogging, walking and aerobics just to mention a few. Through these exercises, your body can easily expel harmful toxins. This eventually makes your skin healthy and glowing all through.

For instance, if you lose weight, you will benefit in a number of ways including:

Top Workout Plans for Weight Loss
  • Increasing your energy level
  • Lowering your cholesterol levels
  • Reduction in blood pressure
  • Enhanced breathing
  • Reduction in pain and aches
  • Improving your mobility
  • Enhanced sleep and restful when awake
  • Prevention of chest pain, angina which result from low levels of oxygen flowing to the heart
  • Reduction of death risk as a result of stroke or heart disease
  • Enhanced levels of blood sugar
  • Prevents you from developing Type 2 diabetes

Workouts in weight loss play a very critical role. Generally, doing the right exercises in a bid to lose weight is very important. Unlike dieting, workouts enhance the speed at which your body loses weight. The good thing with exercising is that once you get started, it becomes a routine for your body.
For a healthy living, your body requires sufficient amount of mobility and exercise. In this case, exposing it to various types of workouts can be a wise idea. The following are some of the essential workouts when it comes to weight loss:

  • Stretches
  • Cardio-vascular exercises
  • Yoga
  • Weight lifting
  • Aerobics

The list is long but these are the most common workouts you can incorporate in your weight loss workout plan to enable you maintain your body weight and live healthy. It is also important to note that different workout programs consist of various kinds of exercises. Although a healthy body requires a particular amount of each of these exercises, it may not be an easy task for many people to acquire a fitness level that is perfect.

The Top 10 Workouts for Weight Loss


Running has been recognized as one of the most effective way of calorie burning. It is estimated that for every mile covered while running, the body burns 100 calories. Thus the more you run the more calories you burn. This is very important when it comes to losing weight and maintaining a healthy body weight; hence, healthy living.

Elliptical Trainer

This works better for those who can’t run. It is a combination of resistant cardio running and its low impact level. It helps one to burn calories just as running would provide and most importantly, it is easier with elliptical trainer than running itself. It is a great workout for weight loss.

Cross-country Skiing

If you are looking for the most effective endurance sport, then this is it. It is basically a combination of resistance and the cardio exercise.


One of the most effective calorie burning exercises is rowing as it combines both cardio and resistance training that can last for 20 to 40 minutes. This is very ideal for interval training. To achieve better results, ensure that the stroke driving power emanates from the thigh muscles and not the upper part of the body.

Step Aerobics

This targets mostly the hips, legs and glutes. In most cases, calories burnt during this intensive calorie burning workout entirely depend on the speed and height of the steps.


Whichever you choose – outdoors or stationary – this exercise targets mostly the calf muscles and thighs. Its effectiveness in weight loss depends mostly on the resistance and speed. Women who are pear-shaped must take into account that high resistance causes an increase in the thigh muscles and may worsen their problem area.


This is a wonderful type of exercise since it involves the entire body. Since water offers the body with support, it does not exert more pressure on the joints as it has a low impact. If you have any sort of injury, this is the most ideal workout for you.

Jumping Rope

Though simple, it is an effective exercise for weight loss. Skipping or jumping rope for ten minutes roughly helps the body to burn as many calories it burns when one runs an eight-minute mile. It helps to improves cardiovascular endurance, agility and co-ordination.

Squash /Racquetball

Known for its high intensity, racquetball is an effective exercise for weight loss.

Rock Climbing

This weight loss exercise combines cardiovascular with resistance training exercise. If you are looking for a workout to help you burn more calories, then try rock climbing.

After looking at the benefits of losing weight and the various types of workouts, it is important that you do your best in order to achieve better results. Time is precious and once you decide to invest it in workouts in a bid to lose weight, it is good to pay more attention to what you are doing and eventually, the end results.


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