Christmas Holiday Foods: Top 10 Foods You Should Avoid During Holidays

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Published: Dec 18, 2013 | Last Updated: Dec 14, 2018

Top 10 Holidays Foods You Should Avoid

When it comes the holiday season, foods become very tempting for everybody – including those who think they have extraordinary willpower. Sticking onto the weight loss program is scary; foods like eggnogs seem to beckon temptingly and you may feel like you could suspend your program temporarily until the New Year. However, it is obvious that if you give in and gain extra pounds, they will not simply disappear along with the decorations. Definitely you wouldn’t want to usher in the New Year with extra ugly pounds.

There are certain foods that you should try as much as you can to keep off during the forthcoming winter holidays.

#1 Fast Food Muffins

It is prudent to know what you are about to consume. A quick look at several fast-food muffins’ nutritional values will reveal the huge differences between the healthiest and least healthy choices. Whereas some of them can be good for breakfast, others are laden with the nearly 50% of your day’s saturated fat ration but offer insignificant nutritional value.

#2 Eggnog


By all means avoid eggnog. Smart partygoers understand that being laden with eggs, sugar, whipping cream and bourbon, eggnog is a nutritional bullet. One cup contains 343 calories, 21 grams of sugar which is nearly a day’s recommended limit and 150 milligrams of cholesterol – half of the daily limit suggested by USDA.

#3 Stuffed Potatoes

Baked potatoes are packed with vitamin C fiber; however, most of their health benefits are annulled when cheese, sour cream and butter, are added to them. A medium size stuffed potato contains 316 calories and 8.25 grams of saturated fat which is nearly half of your recommended daily maximum limit of saturated fat.

#4 Fruitcakes

That name should not mislead you; indeed fruitcakes contain fruit but they can also have a lot of sugar, butter and corn syrup in large quantities. One slice contains as much as 410 calories and 13 grams of fat.
A slice of pumpkin pie is more preferable since it contains about 250 calories per slice and also beta-carotene.

#5 Sausage Stuffing

Sausage Stuffing

Sausage stuffing is a menacing combination which you should think twice (about the consequences) before stuffing yourself with it. It is likely to contain unhealthy foods inside it. For instance, there is a recipe whose ingredients include one pound of sweet Italian sausage, a cup of toasted pecans, a stick of butter and maple syrup. Its generic equivalent has 345 calories, out of which 235 is fat.

#6 Mayo-Based Salads

According to US law, commercial mayonnaise should contain at least 65% oil by weight, although fat-free and reduced fat mayonnaise are exempted from this regulation. Regular Hellmann’s comprises of water, egg yolks, soybean oil, calcium disodium EDTA, vinegar, salt, sugar, lemon juice, whole eggs and natural flavors.
Since it has a high fat content, mayonnaise cannot therefore be considered as low calorie food. One tablespoon of Hellmann’s mayonnaise, which is one serving, has 90 calories while Hellmann’s light mayo contains 40 calories. A 14g packet in delis and fast foods joints contain about 100 calories and 14g of fat.

#7 Baked Beans

Baked beans could be fattening if you eat them in large quantities. Each serving size is half-cup and if you do not measure your serving size carefully, you can easily eat many servings.

Also, other foods you consume with baked beans determine whether or not the beans are fattening. For instance, a meal consisting of baked beans, coleslaw, hot dogs, and potato chips contain higher amounts calories than baked beans with a green salad.

#8 Sugar Cookies

Sugar Cookies

Your health may be jeopardised if you feed yourself on too many sugar cookies during the upcoming holidays. While the standard recipe is quite simple, the quantities of ingredients used – all-purpose flour, butter and egg – are not necessary. An ordinary cookie can have a 200 calorie-plus content and 14 grams of sugar.

#9 Cream-Based Soups

Although soup is good for your health, it is important to be selective when choosing the types of soups that are good for weight loss. This is because some soups have plenty of calories and fats which may not be healthy. The fact that holidays are associated with feastings and soup is one of the most preferred meals, ensure to dwell on only the recommended soups and avoid the cream-based soups such as clam chowder and potato soup.

In most cases, these two types of soups contain high levels of calories with clam chowder containing the highest number of calories – 230 for just one serving in addition to the 13gms of fat and 890mgs of sodium. On the other hand, potato soups that are cream-based are highly discouraged. Just like the clam chowder, they can contain high levels of saturated fat and calories making them unhealthy. However, if you must take soup, then mushroom and barley, creamy carrot and tomato, chicken, zucchini and potato, Lumber Jackie and home-made tomato soups are recommended.


Swedish meatballs are quite tempting and may appear harmless. Each ball may contain not less than 400 calories of white bread, heavy cream, butter and beef soup that contains a lot of sodium. If you are really craving for this diet risk, then go for some lighter version that contains nearly a quarter of the fat and half of the calories and sodium.

Having fun during holidays and maintaining your healthy habits is a possibility. You can indulge and yet be sure when finally the New Year come, you will wake up feeling the same if not better in terms of body weight. Take charge of your health!

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