Simple Ways to Lose* Weight

Most of us have attempted to lose* weight at some point in time. Considering our hectic schedules, fitness and nutrition plans frequently get overlooked. Follow these simple weight loss* tips of Phenocal, along with the basic rules (eat healthier and increase* physical activity), and watch the numbers on the scale fall.

  • Keep your goals realistic. It’s possible to drop one or two pounds a week. Anything more than that, and you’re far more likely to put the weight back on. Slow and steady wins the race. Anything else is a fad diet.
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  • Swap plates. Regardless of hunger level, the less food on your plate, the less you’ll eat. Use your dinner plate for your salad and your salad plate for your main course. You’ll eat more of the greens and less of the other stuff.
  • Water, water, water. Hunger is often mistaken for thirst. Before you give in to your next snack attack, have a glass of water first. You’ll feel fuller, thus making it easier to say no to cravings.
  • Track your consumption. Keep a food journal with you at all times and note everything you eat and drink. Even water. Those who maintain food journals eat less than those that don’t.
  • Get spicy. Use hot sauce, salsa or your favorite spicy condiment to spike up the flavor of your foods without the fat. Proven to help you eat less.
  • Now and then, indulge moderately. Those who staunchly deny themselves any pleasure are far more likely to binge eat. So go ahead and indulge in a few bites of that red devil cake. That way, you’re less likely to gorge on several slices when nobody’s looking.
  • Exercise for 45 minutes. Studies suggest that those who exercise beyond the recommended daily 30 minutes goes beyond prevention of weight gain, but also results in losing weight. You’ll burn extra calories in those extra 15 minutes, and thus won’t have to diet quite as stringently. Definitely worth it.
  • Donate your “fat” jeans. If you don’t have them in your closet anymore, you’ll be less likely to rely on them. Same goes for the rest of your wardrobe. Splurge on new, skinny attire, and donate your backup trousseau to charity. Don’t outgrow the new togs.
  • Eat five or six small meals a day. Studies have repeatedly shown that those who eat several small meals consume far fewer calories than those who eat three large meals.
  • Eat breakfast every day. This keeps your blood sugar steady from the get-go. Skip breakfast, and you risk eating more throughout the rest of the day.
  • Wait 10 minutes. The average craving only last about 10 minutes. When the urge strikes, set a timer and focus on something else. By the time the buzzer goes off, your brain will likely be over the craving.
  • Keep almonds at the ready. Almonds are a healthy, protein-packed way to snack healthy and stay fuller longer. Keep them in a bag nearby at all times.

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