Top 20 Reasons Why People Ditched Their Weight Loss Resolution 2017


It’s a tradition to start the New Year with a resolution and in most cases, people want to lose weight. That’s why gyms are crowded first few weeks of January, and then most people who wanted to lose weight simply give up. In fact, only 8% people achieve the goal they set out for themselves before the New Years. By the moment you opened this article and start reading it, a great majority of people who wanted to lose weight this year has already given up. Are you one of them? Or maybe you also want to shed a few pounds and still didn’t give up? This article lists 20 common reasons why people ditch their resolution. It can help you identify the excuse you made or prevent you from making them and continue with your goal. Let’s start!

1. They Didn’t Set Goal Properly

The most common reason why people give up is because they don’t set the goal properly. It’s not enough to say you won’t lose weight; you have to be more specific. Ideally, your goals should be precise and on point e.g. losing a certain (realistic) amount of pounds in a given time like six months. That way, you are more likely to stick to it.

2. Not Getting Informed

In order to achieve something, it is always useful to get informed about, basically, anything related to that goal. Weight loss isn’t the exception from this rule. Unfortunately, most people overlook the getting informed part and think they already know everything there is about weight loss – exercise and ditch unhealthy foods. That’s a humongous mistake that can lead to giving up. After all, the more you know about weight loss and its aspects, the less likely you are to give up.

3. Unrealistic Expectations

In an ideal world, people would lose weight after one gym session, but that’s not how it works in the reality. A major problem that makes people ditch their weight loss resolution is because they set out unrealistic expectations and expect miraculous progress after just a few trips to the gym. When that doesn’t happen, they feel disappointed and think “what’s the point?” Being realistic about the entire weight loss endeavor is the key towards success.

Unrealistic Expectations

4. Thinking There’s Plenty Of Time To Catch Up

During first few days or weeks after the New Year’s Eve, gyms are crowded and a vast majority of those gym goers account for people who decided to lose weight in 2017. But, if you go to the gym now, you’ll see its half-empty. As you can see, people ditch their resolution due to numerous factors including thinking there’s plenty of time to catch up. What does this mean? It’s not uncommon for a person to decide that he/she doesn’t, really, have to go to the gym that often because the year is long and they have enough time to lose weight by the end of the year. Toning down the approach to weight loss makes people exercise less and less while eating more junk food. The result is obvious – no weight loss, no resolution.

5. No Time To Exercise

This is, probably, the most common excuse that people use when they want to justify why they gave up of weight loss. After all, it’s easy to say there’s no time to exercise and don’t feel bad about it, because of many obligations that have to be completed. That said, good organizing skills and discipline allow everyone to find time to exercise, work, and have some rest during the day.

6. I Work Out, So I Can Eat This

The truth is; a vast majority of people have an unhealthy relationship with food which is why there are numerous myths circling around. That could explain why you’ll often hear someone saying its okay for them to eat something unhealthy and fattening because they exercise. Our bodies don’t work like that. Opting to eat what you want believing it’s safe because you’re physically active only prevents weight loss. Once a person sees that his/her workouts routines aren’t quite successful and they’re not losing weight, they just give up.

I Work Out, So I Can Eat This

7. If I Eat Healthy Food, I Don’t Have To Work Out Much

This is quite similar to the reason mentioned above. Here, a person is convinced that making some diet tweaks is enough to lose weight and doesn’t strive to be more active. The formula for successful weight loss is spending more calories than consuming. So, if you still have a sedentary lifestyle and you aren’t quite active, then you’ll consume more calories than spending. So, when that person notices he/she isn’t losing weight even after diet modifications, they get frustrated and just ditch the resolution. Physical activity + well-balanced diet = weight loss!

8. Not Believing In Yourself

Low self-esteem and confidence issues can also contribute to one’s decision to ditch the weight loss resolution. The reason is simple; when a person doesn’t believe that he/she can accomplish a goal of losing weight in a certain timeframe, then they won’t do their best. The best way to believe in yourself is to, truly, appreciate the person you are and give yourself some credit.

9. Hating Gyms

Weight loss is closely associated with regular trips to the gym primarily because they’re convenient, allow people to perform different kinds of exercises, and provide an opportunity to exercise with fitness trainers. However, some people don’t like going to the gym and go by the rule it’s impossible for them to lose weight because they can’t force themselves to go to the gym. This is terrible, but so common reason why people ditch their weight loss resolution. That said, there are many ways to reach daily physical activity recommendations without making a trip to the gym.

10. Fear Of Failure

Fear of failure, often, goes hand in hand with low self-esteem. This isn’t something shocking, almost everyone is scared of failure to some extent, but while some people overcome it, others let it consume them. Being scared of failing prevents you from even trying properly and your New Year’s resolution to lose weight suffers big time. The only way to beat the fear of failure is to believe in yourself, which brings us back to point 9 and the importance of appreciating yourself.

Fear Of Failure

11. I Can’t Afford Gym Membership

The financial burden is a major obstacle for one’s goals, including weight loss. Some gyms have expensive memberships that people can’t afford. When they’re faced with a disappointment when they just start with their resolution, it seems easier to give up and get it over with because “it’s not meant to be”. However, gyms keep popping up nowadays and some of them have quite affordable prices.

12. Too Much Thinking, Not Enough Doing

Getting informed about weight loss is important, as already established, but some take it too far and get loads of self-help and weight loss books, read every weight loss article, and so on. Of course, getting educated is always great, but it’s vital to start doing, being more active, and working towards weight loss instead of reading about it only. Finding a perfect balance is the key; try out different things one at a time, instead of different approaches to weight loss at once.

13. Not Enjoying The Ride

Constituent parts of successful weight loss; exercise and well-balanced diet, should also be inseparable factors of a healthy lifestyle. However, to some people eating healthy food and exercising regularly become chores that they want to avoid. This prevents a person to enjoy the process and increases stress as well as the likelihood of giving up. To avoid this, it’s important to enjoy your endeavor, opt for the type of physical activity you like, make delicious yet healthy foods, and so on.

Enjoying The Ride

14. Trying Too Hard

Successful weight loss and keeping the resolution is all about moderation, control, and discipline. That’s why depriving yourself of certain pleasures from time to time make people experience nasty cravings. Of course, these cravings are difficult to resist and, eventually, a person gives up. As long as you’re making positive and healthy choices 90% of the time, you can afford an occasional indulgence.

15. Not Keeping Track Of The Progress

Considering that writing down stuff isn’t necessary usually turns out to be a big mistake. Keeping track of the progress allows people to have a detailed insight into how well they’re doing, their strengths, and weaknesses. This is also a great way to stay motivated and work on self-esteem. When a person doesn’t track the progress, it’s easy to lose control. Without control, insight into weight loss endeavor, the entire experience is in jeopardy.

16. Doing It Yourself

Friends and family are always there to show their support, but we sometimes neglect that fact. One of the most common reasons why people fail is because they believe they can do it on their own, without anyone’s support and encouragement. Working to lose weight has ups and downs, which is why without the proper support, a person feels it would be easier to ditch everything rather than going through it again. Support from loved ones is always important, but with the popularity of social media websites, even Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook can help too.

Doing It Yourself

17. Wrong Perspective

While people only have the best of intentions with their resolutions, it is not uncommon for them to put an unnecessary pressure on themselves. If unresolved, the pressure accumulates and making the entire weight loss endeavor overwhelming. Then, giving up is bound to happen. Why does this happen? It’s because of the wrong perspective; people associate New Year with resolutions and assume they should lose weight because it’s the goal they haven’t accomplished the year before. New Year’s resolutions should focus on changes one wants to make in the future.

18. Lack of Honesty

Lack of honesty to oneself is a major reason why people ditch their resolution. Let’s face it; most of us don’t take some time to think whether we are committed to the goal and everything that comes with it. In some cases, people know they won’t be able to commit but aren’t honest with themselves. This lack of honesty is bound to ruin the entire weight loss effort. Besides committing to everything that weight loss endeavor brings, it’s also important, to be honest about reasons to lose weight. Do you want to lose weight because you want to be healthy? Or you want to lose weight to please someone? The choice of the answer here also plays a role in the likelihood of sticking with the resolution or ditching it.

19. Why Bother? I’m Going To Gain It All Back Anyway!

We’ve all been there at one point or another; you start thinking whether this weight loss “thing” has any purpose since you’ll gain all those pounds eventually. Negative mindset is like a tiny voice persuading someone to give up. But, the lost weight doesn’t have to come back. Weight management with regular physical activity and healthy diet are enough to keep excess weight off.

Going To Gain It All Back Anyway

20. It’s Not Easy

Weight loss in real life is far from movies or celebrities’ Instagram posts. It has good and bad times, and of course, it’s not always easy. The problem occurs when a person believes that it’s always going to be difficult and they’ll have to “suffer”. Being realistic and accepting that weight loss has easy and difficult moments, but that every effort pays off, in the end, is the best way to overcome this excuse.


People give up of weight loss resolution due to a number of reasons ranging from poor goal setting to unhealthy relationship with food. Taking it one step at a time and admitting that hard work pays off every time is going to keep you motivated to stick to your resolution.



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