Daily Paleo Recipes – Healthy Secret Paleo Diet Food Recipes

Daily Paleo Recipes

So you are tired of counting calories and perfectly partitioned portions? I too don’t like keeping track of how many grams of a particular nutrient that I have taken or how much I have eaten.

Besides you need to understand that calories are not the real enemy here; not all calories are created equal, for instance 500 calories of processed foods do not have the same effect as the same amount of calories from high-quality protein and vegetables!

This is exactly what Paleo diet is all about- eating the right foods regardless of the calorie content.

This diet, also known as the caveman diet comprises of any food you can hunt or gather way back in the day including meats, nuts, fish, seeds, leafy greens and regional veggies. That means such foods like cereals, pasta and candy among others have to go.

Everything You Need To Know About The New, Old Diet

Other names used to describe this type of diet include the Stone Age diet, primal diet, hunter-gatherer diet or the caveman diet. It is a type of diet that was embraced back in the day by our ancestors which has become quite popular these days.

If you want to know what this diet is all about, simply ask yourself what a caveman would eat. In simple terms this diet runs on the same foods our ancestors supposedly ate including fruits, vegetables, seafood, nuts and meats which are known to influence health and well being in a positive manner.

According to health and exercise scientists, Paleo diet is effective in lessening the body’s glycemic load[1], increases* nutrient and vitamin consumption, and contains an optimal balance of fats, carbohydrates and proteins as well as containing a healthy ratio of saturated to unsaturated fatty acids.

The Paleo diet is quite effective as a result of pairing best ancient principles with modern research guaranteeing the best approach to nutrition and for this reason has been labeled as the best healthy living diet plan in modern days.

Thousands of e-Books have been written about Paleo diet recipes and lifestyle to a point you must be wondering why!

Paleo Diet3 Info

Benefits Of The Paleo Diet For Health, Energy And Weight Loss*

Primal eating may seem like an ancient way that needs to be eradicated completely, but the benefits of the Paleo diet are amazing.

Different people opt for this diet for different reasons and experience different changes in terms of energy, figures and mood but generally, many of the people confess the type of diet made them feel better.

1. Foods And Recipes Involved Are Unprocessed And Real – The modern generation is faced with a variety of health problems due to consumption of processed foods.

With Paleo recipes, the foods are real whole. The foods are usually natural and free from additives, hidden sugars, artificial coloring, flavorings, sodium or preservatives.

Most of these compounds are toxins which are ingested into our bodies. With Paleo therefore, your body will be able to absorb more of the necessary nutrients for health and weight loss*.

2. Paleo Diet Foods Are Highly Rich In Nutrients – As mentioned earlier, the problem is not taking protein or fats; the problem is not eating the right foods.

The Paleo diet has no fillers as it comprises of mainly green vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruits and healthy fats among others. The foods are highly rich in vitamins and minerals that are crucial for the well being of the body.

3.Sustains Weight Loss* – Paleo diet has been associated with long term weight loss*[2] and muscle gain provided one keeps an active lifestyle together with this type of diet.

With this nutrient-rich diet, you get sufficient amounts of omega-3 and 6 fatty acids[3] and Vitamin D[4] which are crucial in getting rid of extra calories in the body.

Other Benefits Of The Paleo Diet Plans Include

Quality of sleep
  • Reducing* bloat/gas in the stomach
  • Reducing* inflammation
  • Improving* quality of sleep
  • Increasing* energy levels
  • Reducing* hunger and irritation.

Components Of Healthy Paleo Diet Food Recipes

When building a daily Paleo diet, the following components should be included;

Lean Proteins

These are crucial in supporting strong muscles, optimal immune function as well as healthy bones. Besides, proteins make you to feel full and satisfied between meals.

Health Fats

Health Fats

These can be obtained from seeds, avocados, nuts, fish oil, olive oil and grass-fed meat among other known sources. Research studies[5] have indicated that diets rich in omega 3/6 fatty acids play a crucial role in reducing* cases of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular problems and cancers among other health conditions. Saturated fats in most instances have been linked to various health issues hence the reason they are not recommended by health professionals and scientific research experts. Research experts studying more about saturated fats comprehensively looked into the amount and types of fats found in grass fed and wild meat, fish and fowl. They noted that wild meat was remarkably lean with lower amounts of saturated fats as compared to free range meat. Conclusively, the researchers pointed out that free-range meat is healthier than conventional meat!

Fresh Fruits And Vegetables

Apart from lean proteins and healthy fats, Paleo diet recipes should also comprise of fresh fruits and vegetables. Just like our ancestral gatherers who gathered wild fruits and vegetable, in the Paleo diet, you must include foods coming straight from the earth. According to a research study[6], most of the Paleolithic people obtained about 35% of their calories from fats, 35% from carbohydrates and 30% from proteins.

Some dieticians have also recommended the weight loss* pills to achieve weight loss* targets. There are few Ultra Omega Burn Reviews available regarding its working and effectiveness. It is a diet pill that may work as a treatment for obesity.

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Paleo recipes are taking over once again due to their nutritional and many health benefits. However, this is not to say goodbye to the various types of foods that are said to have a high Glycemic Index.

Paleo diet is a lifestyle and comprises of a variety of recipes that are smartly combined in a way that even the foods with a high G.I will not have any harmful health effect to the body.

If you are opting for the healthy secret Paleo diet food recipes, you don’t just stop because you start feeling better; you make it a lifestyle and stick with it for the long haul. Of course the lifestyle must also be combined with proper training and working out as you avoid most of the processed foods.

Though you may not completely mimic the ancestors because some of the foods (animals and plants) are long extinct, you can still strive hard to avoid the harmful foods with saturated fats and other toxins that are harmful to the body.

Without forgetting, you must be aware that maintaining the Paleo diet foods demands a lot of self-discipline to accomplish your goals.

Read more about the possible daily Paleo recipes showcased in a number of eBooks and websites to know your daily plan on what to consume and what not to.

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