Can Magnetic Brain Stimulation Lose* Weight Safely & Effectively?

Magnetic Brain Stimulation

Only two decades ago, the trend for obesity was not a major concern as less than 15% of the American adult population were obese. Today, however, the prevalence of obesity has increased to such a level that it is now considered to be a public health epidemic. Harvard Health reports that around 69% of the American adult population are overweight, with as much as 50% of these overweight individuals having a body mass index of 30 or higher; thus considered obese. People are opting for all kinds of options to help them lose* weight as obesity has quite a significant impact on a person’s overall health, but many of these options do not yield considerable results that offer a noticeable impact on a particular person’s health. New studies suggest that magnetic brain stimulation might be an effective solution that is not only safe, but also effective in reducing* body weight and body fat percentage.

The Impact Of Obesity

Obesity is a serious health concern that can lead to numerous adverse impacts on internal organs, mental health and other elements related to human health. When a person is obese and does not attend to the problem, their risk of developing certain diseases gradually increases* as the excess weight puts pressure on their body. Obesity also tends to cause issues with a person’s self-esteem and body image, which often leads to symptoms of depression.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that obesity can contribute to a higher risk of all health conditions that can lead to mortality. This includes high blood pressure, gallbladder disease, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, respiratory problems, back pain and osteoarthritis. Other than these diseases, obesity can also contribute to the development of certain cancers, including liver cancer, kidney cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, Uterine cancer and gallbladder cancer. It is also important to note that individuals who are obese often leads a lower quality of life than individuals who are at a healthy weight.

Magnetic Brain Stimulation For Weight Loss

Magnetic Stimulation

A recent study that was compiled by The Endocrine Society and published on Science Daily found that magnetic brain stimulation might be an answer to helping obese individuals overcome the health concerns that the condition causes them to suffer from. Brain Stimulation Lose* Weight technology works somewhat different from what people are used to. There is no need to take any supplements, follow a particular diet or to replace their meals with shakes or other types of “dieting snacks”. Instead, the technology utilizes magnetic waves that are sent directly to the brain in order to provide certain changes to the particular individual’s body, which then helps to reduce* their body weight in a safer and more effective way than the traditional ways of losing weight.

This technology works similar to how deep brain stimulation works, but it is less invasive. While deep brain stimulation requires the implant of electrodes, which is done by surgery, magnetic brain stimulation does not require any type of surgery, and it does not require the implantation of any devices or compounds. Instead, an electromagnetic coil is used directly on the particular individual’s scalp. This coil stimulates particular regions in the patient’s brain through magnetic pulses, which then targets one of the primary and most under looked causes of obesity – a disturbance in the composition of a person’s gut microbiota. When a person’s gut microbiota is impaired, a series of microorganisms develop in their digestive system. These microorganisms can cause several problems, including difficulty with their weight loss* efforts. Through the use of magnetic brain stimulation, the imbalance of gut microbiota can be corrected, which then leads to a healthier digestive tract; thus allowing the affected individual to lose* weight more effectively and without having to opt for any kind of invasive procedures.

World Health reports that a recent study observed that this technology does, in fact, provide significant positive results when executed on obese individuals. The study was conducted over the course of five weeks. A total of 11 women who were all obese participated in the study. The women were split into two groups – once group received a treatment with magnetic brain stimulation and the other group received a control treatment. All individuals that participated in the study were aged between 22 and 65. They all had a BMI of 30 to 45. Each individual received a total of 15 treatments during the five weeks (three treatments were administered per week). After the study had been completed, the microbiota of each individual was analyzed. Other measurements, such as pituitary gland hormone levels, blood sugar levels, neurotransmitter levels and insulin levels were also taken down to determine how the magnetic brain stimulation affected the participants, and to determine how this technology would defer from the control stimulation that the second group received.

Weight Loss in Week

No significant results were observed in the control group, but positive results were seen in all participants that were part of the magnetic brain stimulation group. It was found that the participants who received magnetic brain stimulation lost an average of 3% their body weight and an average of 4% their body fat percentage over the course of the five-week study. The medical experts that led the study also noticed that useful bacteria in the magnetic brain stimulation group significantly increased, especially the bacteria that contains anti-inflammatory agents. The changes provided results that were similar to the healthy bacteria levels that are usually found in people who are living a healthy life and those who are not overweight.


New evidence is available that suggests magnetic brain stimulation might be a safer approach to treating the obesity epidemic that has now spread throughout the entire world. Obesity is a dangerous health concern that contributes to diabetes, heart disease, and numerous other health conditions; it is also considered to be a condition that leads to the most preventable deaths. Magnetic brain stimulation assists with the gut bacteria in an affected person’s body, which enables them to Lose* Weight effectively and yield better results during a weight loss* strategy.

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