Lose* Weight Fast by Eliminating Hidden Sugars in Your Diet

Eliminating Hidden Sugars

If you have been struggling trying to lose* weight, it could probably be because you are neglecting sugar. This article will look in detail how sugar, including that hidden in food can keep your from shedding off some fat.

Losing weight is one completed subject. There is just a lot that goes on in the body. What might work for me, might miserably fail for you.

There are people who have been on several different diets without any success. They starved themselves, exercised as much as they could, without achieving anything. It is not because they were doing it wrong or not doing enough. No! But like I said, it is complicated. So to ensure success on losing weight it is crucial that we understand the subject fully.

You may have already heard that to lose* weight you just need to burn more calories than you eat.

Well, that is in fact vey true. But the story should not end there. The devil is in the detail.

We eat Carbohydrates, proteins and fats mainly, and these three are what provide us with what we call calories. Calories are what give us the energy we need to function daily.

But carbs, proteins and fats do not act the same when they get in our bodies.

Metabolism 101

Carbs, which are just sugars, are what give us the instant energy we need. They are in fact what the body will use first to get energy. Sugar gets absorbed fast in the blood stream than fats and proteins.

Sugar comes in two type, simple carbs and complex carbs. The major difference is that these two get absorbed differently in the body. Simple sugar is the fastest to be used than complex sugar.

Some sugar occurs naturally like fructose and some is processed, table sugar for example. Sources of sugar include cakes, sweet potatoes, sugar itself and a lot of other foods.

When all the sugar is used up, the body will start using fats. These are usually stored all over our body. And just like sugar, they are also in two groups, Saturated fats and unsaturated fats. The former is the unhealthy type and the latter is healthier. But fats are fats and they are what make us fat anyway, so we are supposed to take them in moderate amounts.

Problem Begins

And in case, somehow, all the fat gets used up as well, the body will start using proteins. This is a dangerous situation as proteins are what make our body organs. So by using the proteins, your body will be literary eating your organs for energy. And that can of course lead to death.

But our body is a perfect food processing machine. Those kinds of situations don’t happen, unless of course you have been starving for days.

Now Here Is Where the Problem Begins

sugar intake increased

USDA, Credit Suisse Research

Since the dawn of the 21 century, our sugar intake has increased sharply. Most of us cannot have a meal that does not contain any sugar. It seems we try so hard to eliminate* fats only, neglecting the sweet poison.

The problem with sugar is that it is addictive. When we are hungry, sugar will give us “almost an instant” supply of energy. And for that, we keep going back to it.

When we take sugar, its level in the blood rises. So the pancreas will realize insulin in order to bring back the sugar level to normal. In an hour or so, all the sugar will be wiped out of your system. But you will still have all the insulin in circulation. This will make you feel hungry and tired.

So you will go back to your lovely kitchen, get another plate full of the sweet poison, eat it and have a new dose of energy. So the pancreas will again realize more insulin and Yes! That keeps going on over and over.

So as you can see, you will eventually be eating more than you have to. Will this add to your weight? Well, absolutely. But there is more

Remember earlier we said, the body will burn carbs first, and then fats etc.

Now, with all that sugar you are eating, when will your body get to burn the fat?

Are you starting to see how impossible it can be to lose* weight by just focusing on eliminating fats?

Because even if you were to get on a treadmill for say 30min, after you have had a snack full in sugar, you will not burn any fat. Your body will want to use that sugar first, which could actually last you the whole 30 min.

The Solution That Usually Fails

Reduce* Sugar Intake

And of course we have found a way around this. Get on a diet and exercise. Your diet will advise you to only eat healthy foods, food that does not contain any fat and possibly, low levels of sugar. This works for some people, and it doesn’t for others.

But there is more to having no fat in foods. And the fact that the label doesn’t say anything about it doesn’t mean it doesn’t have it. It is nearly impossible to eliminate* all sugar in your life.

You see, by removing* fat in the food for example, the food becomes somewhat uneatable. So to make it nice to our taste buds, they will add sugar and other ingredients.

Hidden Sugar in the Healthy Foods

This is the sugar that like the name suggests, you will not know it’s in the food. Produces usually do no label this on their products, but sometimes they do. It is of course very unethical and downright wrong to not indicate it properly and sell to us on a “no fat” tagline. It’s tricking us into buying something we shouldn’t.

And most of us don’t really care to look at the ingredients section of the food. Perhaps some of the names scare us. Sugar comes in many forms; when you are shopping, don’t think you will find it labeled sugar. Sometimes they will write glucose, sucrose dextrose, etc. As a matter of fact, anything on the food ending in “-ose” is sugar.

What is heartbreaking is that the level of these hidden sugars can be shockingly high in the foods. A can of coca cola for example contains 9 teaspoons of sugar, which is about 35g. If your diet says you should take 2000 calories per day, then drinking diet soda won’t do you any good, because in that single can, you will get 139 calories. And that’s more than the recommended amount.

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So think about it, how many of these kinds of foods do you consume on a daily basis?

Here is a list of foods with hidden sugars you may be eating today.

  • Pepsi regular cola has 9 tsp. of sugar
  • Mars Chocolate bar has 8 tsp.
  • Heinz Classic Tomato Soup has 4 tsp.
  • Heinz Tomato Ketchup has 1 tsp.

It is recommended that we eat some small amounts of sugar. Like we said above, it easily converts into energy than proteins and fats. It’s the World Health Organization as a matter of fact which recommends that 5% of your daily calories should come from sugar. WHO says men should have 35g per day and women about 24g. The problem however is that we take way too much of it on a daily basis.

Here are Other Reasons on why Sugars is Bad

  • High levels of sugar in your blood will lead to insulin resistance. This is a condition where the pancreas can’t do its job of producing enough insulin to wipe the sugar out. In addition, research has also shown that this can eventually cause other types of cancers.
  • Constant high levels of sugar will lead to diabetes.
  • Sugar will lower your immunity. A sugar molecule for example is just like a vitamin c molecule. Vitamin c is used to protect you from diseases. Now if you eat too much sugar, you white cells will fail to absorb the enough vitamin c molecules. This will make you prone to diseases. The condition can last for 5 to 6 hours. But trouble is we are constantly eating more sugar, so your immunity will be low like all the time.
  • Again, the high levels of insulin will also increase* your chances of gout, memory loss and obesity. It can as well lead to disorders during old age.

The Solution

The Solution

Now we all know that sugar is bad for our healthy and we also know it can prevent you from losing weight. Below are some tips you can start following today to minimize the effects of sugar and possibly lose* weight.

  • Make a conscious decision to stop eliminate* sugar in your life. Try to reduce* it in all the food you eat. It will be difficult at first as your body is used to having it in high levels. But in time, your body will learn to burn fat instead of storing it.
  • Always pay attention to what you are buying whenever you go shopping.
  • Avoid processed foods. Always be on the lookout for fat loss foods. These are always having the hidden sugars we have been discussing in this article. That is to make up for the lost fat. So by eating this type of food you will actually achieve nothing. If you want to drink mango juice for example, go for a raw mango instead.
  • Try switching to a Paleo diet. Its emphasis on proteins, with low fats and low carbs makes this one a real winner. You will be eating foods your body is supposed to be eating, while eliminating the bad ones. This is one diet that will help you lose* weight without too much effort. Like with all things, it can be quite difficult when you are just getting started, no sugar might leave you feeling so weak. But during that time, your body will be transforming into a fat burning engine. And before you know it, you will healthier than you have ever been.

But hey! We have been eating sugar all our life. Could it be possible that we could already be suffering from its negative effects?

Possibly, yes.

Is it revisable?

In some situations it can be reversed

So if you are worried about your health…

Go See a Doctor

Go see a doctor

Your doctor is the best person to give you the appropriate advice on what you can do to get better and possibly be healed from any disease, including those caused by sugar. Be sure to follow his advice thoroughly.

Utilize the web

Search on the internet for possible solutions to your problem. Weight loss* center, Weight loss* forums or groups on Facebook for example. You will learn a lot from others. And if you have a problem, they will be the first to give you some advice.

You might need to Start Exercising Today


This is one sure fire way of claiming back your health. You will burn fat, you will boost* your immunity and you will get stronger. Exercise will enable your organs to function properly, especially the heart.

Just make sure to exercise not too soon after a meal. As a matter of fact, don’t eat when you want to go for an excise. Eating a sugary food soon before a workout will make your body use the new carbs first leaving you with all the fat to deal with. So you will achieve absolutely nothing as far as fat burning is concerned.

Quite Unhealthy Behaviors

Smoking and drinking for example might worsen the situation.

Quite Unhealthy behaviors


We have seen in this article how bad sugar can be, and how producers are tricking us into something we are trying to avoid. Hidden sugar is proving to be a big problem in the 21 century. Perhaps it is really time to regulate its use just like marijuana or cocaine.

I think that will be a great step in the right direction. But that will require all of us to agree that this is something we really want. Looking at the number of deaths sugar is causing, we really need to do something. If we let this go unchecked what kind of a future are we going to have? About 30% Americans are obese and half are overweight. If this trend keeps going like this, then exactly what kind of a world are we going to have?


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