Stop the Stress with Keeping the Weight Off

The process of losing weight and keeping it off will be a hard kick in the butt.

A lot of people have tried and gone through the process of losing weight and some of them hit their goal. But unfortunately, out of these successful people, many gain the weight back. It is because keeping the weight off is harder than losing it.

Stop the Stress with Keeping the Weight Off
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It was estimated that 10% of the people who reach their weight loss target have regained the weight. Some have even regained a higher percentage of the weight they have lost.

Regaining back the weight can be one of the factors why some people lose hope and give up. This factor also causes more stress and emotional problems for some. And because of this vicious cycle, uncontrollable emotional stress eating may be inevitable.

These facts can even lead to some serious illnesses or diseases. Being discouraged can create a slippery slope of falling back to old habits.

A Study says that calorie deprivation leads to changes in hormones, metabolism, and cognitive/attentional functions that make it difficult to enact the behaviors needed to keep weight off.

Keeping the weight off requires twice as much dedication as losing weight. It requires commitment and a more disciplined personality every single day. Staying healthy and fit for your well-being is not a small feat. It is something you should be serious and committed to.

Why do we ‘Regain’ the weight?

In most cases, “attitude” is the number one issue in weight management. Some want to lose the weight for a certain occasion or event, or even to fit in a specific wardrobe.

This mentality is one of the top factors why you can’t keep the weight off. Remember, the weight that you have lost should be sustainable.

The right reason for losing weight is important. It helps you to emotionally win the battle and keep the crown on. Losing weight for the wrong reasons may cause you to gain back the weight or even gain more than you lost in the future.

Here are some of the other possible reasons for failing to lose and keep off weight:

  1. No time for exercise – Your busy lifestyle is hindering you from keeping your routine or schedule. This confuses the body and may affect the process of losing weight.
  2. Your diet has too many restrictions – If your diet is restricting you too much, it sometimes causes hunger. The problem is that the body will crave more energy supply which leads to hunger. This will cause you to eat more.
  3. You focus too much on calories – It is more important to focus on the right nutrient-dense foods. Eating nuts with a healthy protein, whole grains and vegetables will provide your body with far more energy than a processed nutrient-poor hamburger.
  4. Lack of mindfulness to your body – Always be mindful of what your body is asking of you. Be present with your body, let it tell you what it needs. Learn to listen.
  5. Discipline and self-control – If you intend to get into a certain diet, stay focused and keep at it. You are not cheating anyone else but yourself with “cheat days”. Find an alternative instead.
  6. Unchanged lifestyle – Doing well with the exercise and diet plan is not enough. If you haven’t changed your lifestyle too, you will still go back to your old habits and regain the weight.
  7. Wrong mindset such as self-sabotage – You have to have the right mindset. If something went wrong, do not tell yourself that you are a failure. Keep a positive mind-set and address recurring self-sabotage patterns.
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*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Losing weight and keeping it off is like knowledge. You have to continuously learn and educate yourself. You have to make sure that you get the right information from the right people. This will help you stabilize your weight and prevent it from coming back.

To keep the weight off you must be emotionally and mentally aware of what makes you hold on to the weight. Get in front of the mirror and ask yourself questions.

Try to be one with your body and practice mindfulness.

Here are few things that are worth examining:

Always remember that after losing the weight, the game is not over. Your job is to keep it off and you have to go through the next phase which will require and expect more from you. Losing weight is one thing but keeping the weight off is another. The process will ask for more time and patience from you.

You need to have a stronger mindset and willpower to go through it. You need to implement regular habits.

You may consult with a weight loss expert to help you with the process of keeping the weight off or start with the basics:

action athlete barbell

Action athlete barbell – Image Provided By Author

Keeping the weight off might be a little tedious but in reality, you are the only one who can make it happen. All it takes is a little bit of mind and body coordination, discipline, and organization.

Make sure to take notes and plan ahead. You can also check out my meal plan template to help you build healthy meals and keep your weight down.

The process of losing weight and keeping it off will be a hard kick in the butt. It will bend and maybe break you. But generally, your attitude and emotional ability will play a big role in keeping the weight off.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Try to learn how to keep your calm and stand your ground at times of challenges. Prevent yourself from going back to old bad habits, such as emotional eating and stick with it! Implementing simple, regular habits will keep you there.

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