Swim And Trim- Try Swimming And Lose Weight Faster

Written by Evan Jensen
Swimming Good For Weight Loss

Among the most effective ways of losing weight faster, swimming has been singled out as the best. Apart from just losing weight, it enhances calorie burning and most importantly, exposes your body to very minimal stress. The other notable point about swimming is that it effectively works out all the major muscles of your body thereby toning you up and leaving you with a desirable physique. If you don’t know how to swim, you can learn the sport at a more competitive level or locally at your pool. The choice is yours; decide the much you want to gain and set up a pace for yourself.

Swimming and Weight Loss – How to Achieve a Quick Weight Loss Results?

If you want to lose weight, engaging in an exercise that exposes you to a slightly heavy breathing is good as it is an indication that the body is doing some activity. Thus when you practice swimming on a regular basis, you will definitely improve your health and keep off some chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke. More so, as you keep on with your swimming practice, it is likely that your lungs and heart gain more strength; this is to say, you will be increasing the distance you can cover before getting tired, hence decreasing your resting heart rate and above all, lower your blood pressure.

Why Swimming Makes Your Body Burns More Calories Than Any Other Exercise?

Well, this will depend entirely on your body weight and the amount of pressure exerted. However, it is believed in a 30-minute swimming session, one is likely to expend between 90 and 550 calories. Swimming helps to burn calories thereby enabling you to lose weight. For this reason, losing weight through swimming is one way of improving your cardiovascular health especially so in old people. The reason why swimming is the best when it comes to losing weight is that it exposes most of your body muscles and therefore gives your heart and lungs a better challenge to ensure that these parts receive adequate oxygen. In this case, if you are looking for the best workout for your cardiovascular system, then swimming is what you are actually looking for.

Why Swimming is Good for a Strong Body

Swimming strengthens the body in the sense that it offers a continuous resistance exercise owing to the fact that you will be working against the water to impel the body forward. As such, it is obviously an excellent way of enhancing you upper body’s strength. As you practice swimming regularly, your body muscles build up and burn fat. Thus, as you swim, calories will be burnt and as you improve in your swimming, more and more calories will also be expended. One important point to note is that even after swimming, the body will need more energy to recover and reconstruct the tissue of your muscles hence increasing the amount of calories burnt through swimming.
Swimming enhances the overall fitness

Many celebrities in the sports world have taken swimming as the best way to recover from injuries. This is because swimming offers a low impact but it is the best way to strengthen muscles and enhance cardiovascular stamina. Those who have been involved in an accident and wish to start working out, choosing swimming can be a wise decision. Besides being fun, treading the water also helps to burn calories. Besides, swimming is the best way to relax and by so doing, you will also be burning calories. If you don’t fancy lane swimming, you could still find aerobic classes very fascinating. Most pools have this kind of lessons; you can always get more information from them.

Burn More Calories with Butterfly Stroke Swimming

Sometimes the appearance of the skin of your arms can be so horrifying that you will want to do something to make your arms stronger. Although backstroke swimming can be good for your body muscles, it may be the best when it comes to toning up your arm muscles. In most cases, when doing backstroke swimming, swimmers do frog or whip kicks; however, if you have a knee injury the best kick would be the flutter kick. As such, you will burn different amounts of calories depending on the type of style you are using. For instance, whip kick or flutter kick will help you burn up to 60 calories after every 10 minutes, 80 for backstroke, free style 100 and butter fly will help you burn 150 calories. As compared to other swimming styles, butterfly seems the most effective as it helps the body burn a bigger amounts of extra calories in your body. Thus, if you want to lose weight faster and in a more relaxed manner, then swimming is definitely the best way to go.


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