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Getting Rid of Back Fat Without Lipo or Medication

“Back fat can be lost quite easily in many cases where workout and diet is the answer. There are cases where the help of an endocrinologist is needed, where exercise is not necessarily the answer. You will only know by soliciting a specialist medical opinion.”

Getting Rid of Back Fat Without Lipo or Medication

The standard answer to anyone who seeks to lose back fat from a doctor or nutritionist would be to focus on holistic weight loss as opposed to just one specific area of the body.

However not all things are standard and we always have special circumstances.

It goes back to the issue of body types: The ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph. Then, of course, we also have instances where people have the legs of a mesomorph but the upper body – and back of an endomorph.

Now you should not tell anyone that they look like a fusion of various body types if that appears to be the case as that would be rather unkind, however, this is a factor that would call for an unconventional approach to back fat, as we will discuss next.

Conventional Wisdom on the Causes of Back Fat

Expert resources on how to get rid of back fat without weight loss pills or lipo make us aware that the causes of back fat is very similar to other fat in the body: all relating to our diet and exercise.

It also claims that back muscles might be used less than other muscles which in turn results in a loss of shape compared to other parts of the body.

Now, this is where body types can have a somewhat magnifying effect on the appearance of back fat. For example: if an endomorph, or more so an endomorph with mesomorph legs used to be a swimmer, rower or even tree climber during the early years and then ceased with such activity, the muscles will relax and quite visibly go out of shape.

These muscles then have the appearance of loose, flabby fat that can be quite bothersome. It is therefore not that your body type is the cause of back fat, but rather that it makes it look and feel worse when viewed in proportion to the rest of the body.


Ask an Endocrinologist: Hormonal Imbalances can also be a Cause

There are other causes of back fat too and this includes hormonal issues on which an endocrinologist can advise. It can, therefore, happen that even with a perfectly desirable body type, fat is not distributed evenly due to deficiencies.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Sleep the problem away: Well, not really but interestingly, sleep patterns can have an effect on hormonal production. Many people have learned that the cause of hormonal imbalance or deficiency is actually attributed to poor sleep.

Clearly this is a specialist area that ought to be considered.

Deciding on how to Proceed with Getting Rid of Your Back Fat

Many people who are in good health otherwise would start with their personal trainer and get specific workouts that can take care of back fat. This includes people who exercised their back heavily with early year activities as described above and then ceased to do so.

But let’s say you’re an ectomorph – or a mesomorph who did not cease to do any specific exercises and simply have much more fat on your back compared to other parts of the body, what are the chances that personal training and diet will solve it?

What are the chances that the cause is rather hormonal as opposed to diet and exercise?

In this instance, the starting point is most likely an endocrinologist once referred by a GP.

What we know about Personal Training and Diet

When we look at exercises that can be learned under the guidance of a physiotherapist or personal trainer, there is a list of things that can work for the back. Certain styles of swimming, for example where the legs are used less than the arms, can have phenomenal results.

Then there are standing paddle machines that isolate the upper part of the body which can be done at various levels of resistance – this is also called an “upper-body cycle”. Below is a popular machine designed by Life Fitness:

Personal Training and Diet

Other exercises include the dumbbell row, a rowing machine (although that also exercises the legs), as well as push-ups and pull-ups. It really depends on your resources: can you go to a gym with a swimming pool and a full range of equipment, or do you have to make the best of limited resources and resort to push-ups.

The Role of Diet and Nutrition

When your personal trainer says “almost half of your results will come from your diet” they may not be exaggerating. Whereas exercise is aimed at firming the muscles, it is also aimed at burning calories, whether in specific areas or overall.

Many personal trainers have the philosophy of generating a calorie deficit in the body for a specific time. During this period, there is little point in losing calories through the workout, but adding them back through diet.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

But there can be more to diet and nutrition: Toxicity. You see there is a popular school of thought that a lot of “fat” is in fact toxicity that accumulates in the body. We’re also referring to the toxicity of dietary trans fats[1]. There are therefore several reasons why diet remains a critical component to a holistic approach.

Conclusion on Losing Back Fat

Yes, back fat can be lost. In some cases more easily than others. We do live in a society where people want a quick solution: They want to take pills or they want the surgeon to quickly cut. However the holistic approach would be that exercise is preferred, pills less preferred and surgery least.

Few Ladyboss Challenge reviews have been reported regarding the effective weight loss without the lipo or medications.

The information discussed here demonstrate that there can be complexities and that specialist advise is needed to take the best decision. You will only know the right answer by obtaining qualified advise.

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