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Food Cravings, What to do about them?

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Food Cravings

Are you struggling with food cravings? Perhaps you are trying to lose weight or cut out gluten and sugar from your diet?

It seems easy enough, but every other day the food cravings hit. You end up sitting on the couch eating a pint of ice cream, or a bag of potato chips, only to feel bloated and frustrated that you just can’t shake those cravings

Food Cravings Message

Sometimes a food craving is simply a message from your body that you are dehydrated. It might also be a sign that your body is depleted in certain minerals or vitamins. You might just be craving the very foods that will replenish those deficiencies. Perhaps that bag of chips you are munching on is due to you being sodium deficient, or the whole watermelon you just ate was simply due to you being dehydrated?

Food cravings can also have an emotional component and you may be eating to fill a void in your life.

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Many of us have a diet full of processed foods that are high in carbohydrates. This causes blood sugar fluctuations which can bring on food cravings. The best thing to stop unwanted food cravings is to nourish your body with whole foods and lots of green vegetables.

Eating more green vegetables will allow your body to be more alkaline which will lessen food cravings.

Suggestions for Cravings

Suggestions for Cravings

At the first sign of a food craving, sit quietly and ask your body what it needs? Does it need kindness from you? Are you thirsty? Have you had enough protein and healthy fats throughout the day, or did you forget to eat lunch?

Many cravings are due to a drop in blood sugar levels so replenishing with healthier options as opposed to sugar laden packaged foods

When a craving hits, pour you a tall glass of filtered water with some lemon in it. After drinking the water asks your body, what do you need? At this point it may be more water, a nutritious snack or it may mean dealing with an emotional issue that has been weighing heavily on you.

Foods that help cravings: avocados, coconut milk, olive oil, nuts, seeds and green vegetables are great foods to incorporate into your diet so you feel full longer and level your blood sugar levels

unhealthy food options

Many of us associate food with our childhood. When we were good we got to go out for ice cream, or received a treat. A celebration often involved our favourite foods which may not have been healthy, but in some way they fed us with what we needed.

Advertising hounds us daily with unhealthy food options and even foods that we are told are healthy, but simply are not.

Turning your food cravings into a positive message is a great way to eliminate them. Don’t punish yourself because you have them, look at them as a way to figure out what is going on in your body.

Be prepared for the cravings and have healthy snacks in your pantry. If the junk food isn’t there, it’s less of a temptation.

If you do slip and eat a box of chocolates, realize it is not the end of the world. Don’t bury yourself in shame; simply know that the next time you have the choice you will choose a healthier option.

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