When Will I Notice Weight Loss with Dieting and Exercise?

Written by Sandra Green
Q: I am in my 30’s and weigh 162lbs. I am much disciplined with my Exercise and diet from last 3 months, and then also I am not able to see my desired weight loss? Can anyone tell me what I have to do to see results faster?
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Exercise and dieting are worthwhile if you are after shedding some extra pounds. Realizing changes in weight is not an immediate course bearing in mind the challenges linked with dieting and exercise. What matters most is the amount of calories you burn compared to your intake at every sitting. Three months is quite a long time for you to have failed to notice remarkable weight loss while adhering to good diet and workouts. Perhaps, you are consuming more and spending less or your workout plan is far much below the recommended. For every pound you want to lose, you have to eliminate 3,500 calories through a combination of eating less and exercising more.

Making Right Food Choices

When Will I Notice Weight Loss with Dieting and Exercise?

Health experts recommend eating diets that contains less starch, added sugars, and animal fat. For you to realize fast loss in weight, you have to take more vegetables, fruits, nonfat diary foods, egg white, fish, and soy products. Eating vegetables makes you feel full while reducing craving for junky products. While shopping for house provisions, it is advisable to avoid taking home tempting high-starch products as they might overcome your self-control on sight. Why put yourself in jeopardy?

Tracking Your Diet

To stay on the right path, you will have to note down everything eaten. Even if you jot it down and then throw it away later, noting down gives you the sense of being accountable which is an important tool in weight loss. You should include in your journal what you took, what time and how you were feeling right before taking it. Write your moods before meals since emotions play important role in maneuvering your eating habits. If you notice a persistent pattern prior to a meal, take the initiative of speaking to a counselor. He/she will advice you accordingly by providing details on how to handle your feelings effectively.

Exercises for Fast Weight Loss

Studies show that, for effective weight loss, you will have to spare at least one hour every day for exercise. Perhaps you have been doing little exercise and it could be the reason why you didn’t notice significant loss in weight. According to researches, doing a cardio and strength training are the best exercises when it comes to burning calories. For maximum benefits, break a sweat during the warm up session and keep sweating for the entire duration of the intense exercise. Keep good pace as doing too much in the initial stages can cause injury. Try interval training which will allow you to apply more effort once the tasks become easier and hence burn more calories.

What to Avoid?

There are several diet plans in the market with elusive information on how to lose weight over short periods. If any sound too good to be true, probably you should avoid it. Do not engage in any programs that support detoxification pills, laxatives, skipping meals or fasting, potions or anything promising to help you lose more than three pounds in a week. The fact remains that your body needs constant supply of good amount of calories for outstanding physical activities. Some fad diets will set you for a big fall. You will be overwhelmed with challenges and go back to where you started.


If you want to notice sudden loss in weight, you will need to change your way of thinking. Losing weight is not an overnight process. Neither is there a single dose for it to happen. You will have to come up with a better diet plan and workout program. Although there is much you could have done in the past three months of disciplined exercise and dieting, there is still much you can try to shed off those extra pounds. There is need for some patience as well keeping in mind that weight loss is a lifelong commitment and simple mistakes will take you back to the start point.


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