What Is Lipozene?


Lipozene is currently one of the most popular weight loss supplements in today’s consumer arena. It is a weight loss supplement made from 100% natural ingredients and it is clinically-tested as an effective weight-busting product by targeting the body fat.

The best thing about Lipozene is that it doesn’t require an extreme lifestyle change unlike most weight loss products. Your main question is probably “what is Lipozene and what can it do for me?”

If you have been trying to reduce some weight for some time but still nothing happened, then Lipozene is something you should definitely try. Yes. You can achieve your target weight with proper “tools”, despite what the weighing scale is saying right now.

Proof of Lipozene’s Effectiveness


A double blind placebo controlled study was conducted to test the effectiveness of Lipozene. The study was composed of 83 random overweight adults wherein they were instructed to take the supplement prior to every meal with at least 8 ounces of water. Also, the participants were given instructions not to alter their normal daily activities meaning that they did not control food intake or exercise.

The participants from the treatment group experienced weight loss wherein most of it was body fat. The clinical study was conducted by several doctors and research experts from renowned research centers. They compared body composition changes and blood chemistry results of the participants and came to the conclusion that Lipozene is really effective. Also, according to the study, 78% of the weight loss were pure body fat.

How Does Lipozene Work?

Lipozene is very easy to use wherein you just have to take two capsules 30 minutes before each meal. Lipozene works by producing a dietary fiber gel in the stomach which gives a feeling of satiety. Fiber helps in digestion and it makes you feel full and satisfied faster, thus reducing your food intake. You will also feel full longer so food cravings between meals will be eliminated or minimized.

What is Lipozene Made Of?

Lipozene is an all-natural weight loss supplement that contains Glucomannan. Glucommannan is a derivative of the Konjac root which can be found in China, India, Korea and Japan. Since hundreds of years ago, this soluble fiber has been known as a natural treatment to constipation, type-2 diabetes, obesity, and high cholesterol.

There are no reported side effects of Lipozene so far. However, it is still best to consult your health care provider before using any weight loss product.


So, to answer the question “What is Lipozene going to do for me?” It will help you lose weight. The premise is pretty simple wherein Lipozene will help the user feel full sooner and longer. This means that the user will be consuming less calories which leads to weight loss.

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