Does Masturbation Cause Weight Loss?

Written by Sandra Green
Q: I am really confused and worried. I am 22. Height 180 cm and weight 57kg.I know lots of masturbation will make you feel weak but I really want to know masturbating a lot can cause weight loss?
Expert Answer

There is no single proof that masturbating can cause weight loss. However, there is some energy spent during the process through movement of your hands and during ejaculation. There is not much exercise involved though, not unless you are doing it the vigorous way which can induce some injury. You will also have to do it like daily throughout your entire life if your intentions are to shed off some extra pounds. According to your BMI, you are within the normal range and the quest for identifying the effect of masturbation in weight loss is out of context. Although the habit is condemned in many cultures, it can bring in speedy fulfilling experiences but worse still lead to psychosocial problems including addiction and mental illnesses.

Look for a Partner Instead

Does Masturbation Cause Weight Loss?

Several studies have identified regular sex as a remedy for being obese or overweight. There are several confessions about the eventual loss in weight in a newly married couple from frequent sexual encounters other than from anxiety with marriage. However, the most beneficial results are seen in individuals who get involved in workouts while enjoying the act. These include different positions that strain various muscles all over the entire body. A single half-hour intercourse burns between 150 and 350 calories. Engaging in sex reduces stress that in turn slows down appetite, an important tool in any weight loss program.

Psychosocial Problems

The Majority of people who usually masturbate experience social problems such as addiction, lack of interest in daily activities, poor performance at work, loss of interest in life and severed relationships with their spouses. Once addicted, you tend to look shy, mentally distressed and enjoy most time on your own. This can lead to serious condition depression especially as a result of excessive masturbation. Depression can take a toll in your life and lead to weight loss or gain from altered appetite. Even if it means losing weight through depression, this condition doesn’t warrant that you ruin your entire life to achieve a single goal. There are other better and beneficial means for realizing your target including proper diet and exercise.

Masturbation Effect on Hormones

According to several studies, ejaculation resulting from masturbating set off significant hormonal cycles. A publication on the “Psychology Today” dating back in July 2010 reported increased levels of testosterone during masturbation. The publication, however, indicated that the slight increase in this hormone was normal even during a sexual intercourse other than masturbation and that the levels gradually went back to normal afterward. In another publication, people who masturbate in isolation or with video-aided imageries were less likely to enjoy sex with a partner. This according to the journal was from decreased levels of testosterone hormones for frequent masturbators. This was however contended with the argument that ejaculation has no effect on testosterone levels since semen is not the ultimate source of testosterone.

Masturbation Weight Loss Info

Final Verdict

That feeling of weakness you normally experience following masturbating does not necessarily mean that much energy has been spent. In fact, it is as a result of stimulation in your brain about a satisfying feeling following an ejaculation. This means no many calories are burnt following an ejaculation from masturbation. Perhaps for you to lose an extra pound, it would mean you will have to masturbate hundreds of time which is almost impossible for a short duration. There is no short-cut to weight loss without proper diet and exercise. Alternatively, you can replace the craving for snacking by engaging in this habit instead. These sounds unrealistic because the craving will once emerge again after you have had an orgasm.


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