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About 20 years ago, 25% of the American adult population was overweight. Today, however, more than 66% of adults in the country are overweight. According to Statistics Canada, there are more than 14 million obese adults in Canada. The Ministry Of Health New Zealand reports that 67% of the New Zealand adult population are overweight or obese. Obesity has quite a significant impact on the world today and the trend of obesity continues to increase year-after-year. Unfortunately, not every person realizes the dreadful impact that obesity has on their wellbeing. People often only realizes just how dangerous being overweight or obese is when they suffer from one (or more) of the consequences that this concern can cause. WebMD vexplains that obesity can increase blood pressure and cause breathing problems. Obesity is also known to contribute to osteoarthritis, gout, diabetes, cancer and sleep apnea.

Fade 2 Fit

Fade 2 Fit is a unique program that has been designed specifically for women, by a woman. This means that the product contains a lot more personalized details that are tailored toward the female body. Fade 2 Fit is an online program that can be purchased through the user’s internet browser. The program is unique and very different from the regular diet and fitness program you see on the internet every day. While the majority of fitness programs focuses on exercises like weight lifting, push-ups, sit-ups, jogging and other activities, Fade 2 Fit is a dance program. Learning that the program is all about dancing might make you think that this is simply another dance exercise system, but, in reality, it is much more. Every single dance routine has been specifically tailored toward the female body – the developer of the program has developed each routine to effectively reduce body weight and tone the body quickly and effectively.

Fade 2 Fit Workout

Fade 2 Fit Benefits

These are the benefits that you gain when buying the Fade 2 Fit program:

  • Fade 2 Fit has been developed for women specifically and includes workout routines that target different parts of the female body that help to sculpt a slimmer, toned physique.
  • All of the exercises are based on dance moves that have been choreographed by the author of the program. Every routine targets different parts of the body.
  • The program has a strong focus on helping women who had been pregnant lose weight. Excess weight is often a problem among women who just had a baby and losing that weight can be very difficult. To help women overcome this problem, Fade 2 Fit include dance routines that have been tailored to target those parts of the woman’s body that are prone to pick up weight during pregnancy.
  • Every exercise routine has been developed in such a way that it provides the user with a fun and exciting way to work out. Boring exercises or physical activities that are difficult to accomplish is often a reason why women give up on their weight loss goals.
  • Working out and going to the gym can take hours off a person’s daily schedule. A gym membership is also rather expensive. Fade 2 Fit’s workout routines have been designed not only to be effective and to offer quick results, but also to be less time-consuming than a gym workout. The dances are split into small routines that can be done multiple times every day, which builds up to produce positive results.
  • A lot of workout programs and diets only offer the user a personalized plan for seven to 30 days. After this period, the user has to either repeat the program or use their own initiative to create a new routine based on the one they followed while they were participating in the program. Fade 2 Fit, however, includes a 90-day personalized dance plan for women that is meant to transform their bodies, help them get fit and contribute to a healthier lifestyle in as little as three months.
Fade 2 Fit program

Fade 2 Fit Cons

Just like any other programs, we also need to look at the cons or negative elements related to the Fade 2 Fit program:

  • An interested person cannot view the available pricing options for gaining access to this system without first entering their name and email address to subscribe to the Fade 2 Fit newsletter.
  • Access to the entire program cost $99.97. This is a once-off amount, and the user never has to pay again. If the $99.97 is too much for the user to afford in a single payment, they can opt for a 3-month installment option, but this leads to a 50% increase in the total price – from $99.97 to $150


Obesity is seen as a worldwide public health concern. It can lead to many health concerns. A problem that women often face is the fact that not every weight loss and fitness plan has been developed for the female body – especially those that have been pregnant. Fade 2 Fit has been developed by a woman for women. The program also takes a unique approach by showing the user how they can lose weight through dancing, instead of having to spend hours in the gym or buy expensive equipment to train at home.


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