Know How You Can Eat With Consciousness To Shed Pounds

What does it mean to “lose weight with consciousness”? This phrase refers to the act of being mindful, or simply bringing awareness to what one is eating, and how these everyday choices affect our weight on the scale.

Know How You Can Eat With Consciousness To Shed Pounds

Am I Ready to Lose Weight?

The first question to ask yourself before beginning a new diet is why exactly do I want to lose weight? In business, this is stated as “defining your why” for doing whatever it is that you want to do.

Have you been going through a stressful period in your life that has resulted in wanting to free yourself of the additional, unwanted pounds?

Has it been years since you could fit into that sexy, old dress of yours, collecting dust in the back of your closet? Or does your health as you know it, demand a change in your eating habits in order for you to continue living on this planet?

Whatever your reason for wanting to lose weight may be, it is vital to your success that the reason(s) are clearly identified, and pertain to you and you only. You should select the best option that suits your body system. Some people also get the good results with weight loss pills. XanthoMax is such a weight loss pill that may help in achieving the goals. You can check out the product details.

Visualizing The Big Picture

Visualizing The Big Picture

After determining your why, you must use your same reasons for why you want to lose weight, as your primary source of motivation for the ideal self that you imagine yourself being.

Ultimately, developing this consciousness is essential for succeeding on a diet.

Using your vivid mind, create an image of your dream body. It is important that during this step, you take into consideration that every person was born with his or her own body frame.

Some people are born naturally very thin, while others may have bodies equipped for expensive muscle gain. And then there are the figures that thrive off of having a few extra pounds and curves.

No matter what your natural body frame may be, all are unique, and it is crucial that you consider your own honestly, when creating your “body goals.”


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Note: Your goals may be based on whatever feels comfortable to you. If you dream of being a certain number on the scale, make a precise weight your goal.

If, however, you prefer to have a target around a visual body size, proceed with an image-based goal.

Defining your “why” and “body goals” are only the beginning to losing weight with consciousness!

Incorporating mindfulness into everyday moments is the foundation for succeeding on your diet…

Physical Benefits of Medication Info

The Secret Ingredient: Meditation

Next, I will introduce meditation and further the use of visualization to aid in achieving your dream self!

Many people can agree that one of the goals of meditation is to align the mind with the body; and that when the two are aligned with one another; one has full control of themselves.

For more information about utilizing the mind-body connection for optimizing diet results, check out this article The Mind-Body Connection: Complexity in Weight Loss.

There is a bit of a stigma around meditation. Some think it is too difficult. After reading about how to meditate, one may attempt to silence the mind, but only to quickly fill it with the thoughts: Focus on my breath.

Breathe in and out. Visual this. Label this thought. Be the observer. Who is talking?

Although I do believe in using different meditations depending upon the intention, for everyday life moments when I need my mind and body to be in harmony, I prefer a less-complex approach.

I recommend using this easy meditation whenever your thoughts want you to deviate from your goals.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Try This:

First, close your eyes.

And after, listen to your body to get in tune with your mind.

That is it!

Do not focus on the mind’s incessant thoughts, just let them be. Do not worry about the rhythm of your breathing; your body’s innate intelligence will regulate itself.

While on a diet, it is not unusual for cravings and old eating habits, to creep into your mind demanding your compliance! When this does happen, you can recognize the present moment as an opportunity to align your mind with your body using the short meditation.

The goal is for the two to be in agreement with your intention to lose weight, or your why as we defined earlier.

What You Can Do When Cravings Arise?

You Can Do When Cravings Arise

Stop what you are doing. It doesn’t matter if the craving has arrived while you are in the office eying the vending machine, or at home while being taunted by the cookies in your pantry.

Close your eyes and listen to your internal wisdom.

I only want you to pay attention to what you hear from your body. Is what “you think your body is telling you” being said in an aggressive, demanding tone?

One that doesn’t accept your intention, and wants to completely ignore all of your efforts towards creating a more revitalized, healthy you?

Or is the voice speaking to you in a gentle, understanding tone that aligns with your why?

Notice the tone of the voice suggesting your cravings. Erratic, forceful thoughts that deviate from your “body goals” should be ignored.

Calm thoughts that encourage eating more out of true hunger, however, can be recognized as your body telling you that you may need to eat more calories. It will be up to your very best discernment, to decipher the two voices.

If you can develop the skill of being mindful of what, when, and why you are eating, then you can achieve any weight loss goals you have.

What Will Happen After You Reach Your Goals?

Well, by choosing to accompany a portion of consciousness with every meal, you will learn to break any so called “limitations” created by your mind that prevent you from achieving your dream self.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

And also, by incorporating mindfulness as the bulk of your meals, you will begin to understand why you gain weight, why you want to lose weight, and why you are eating the food on your plate.

In conclusion, the secret to succeeding on any diet is increasing your awareness of what you eat and most importantly, why you are about to eat, which will strengthen the relationship between the mind and body.

Show your food love and respect, and in turn, the food will love and respect you!

Remember: You can eat with consciousness to lose weight with consciousness.


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