Different Methods of Weight Loss Treatment

Different Methods of Weight Loss Treatment

Obesity is regarded as a major health concern all over the world, with Americans being the worst hit lot. The number of obese people has steadily increased in the recent past and most of those who embark on weight loss* programs realize it when they start dieting. They lose* weight only to regain it after walking out on their diet plans. Since it is not an easy task to lose* and maintain the weight for a long time, it requires that one gets the right information and support before settling for a diet plan. Determination is all you need in order to achieve and maintain your weight loss* goals.

HCG Diet not Recommended for Weight Loss

There has been a strong sensitization campaign by FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for individuals looking forward to losing weight safely to avoid using weight loss* products containing HCG. Human Chronic Gonadotropin (HCG), a hormone associated with pregnancy and is mainly produced to handle issues concerning fertility. It is therefore not advisable to acquire them over-the-counter for purposes of enhancing* weight loss*. In fact, it is not a clinically proven weight loss* enhancing* drug. Thus, it is against the law to trade it over-the-counter and companies involved in the HCG business risk being sued for breach of the FDA rules.

In the recent past, there has been much talk regarding the HCG weight-loss diet. However, the reason for this debate revolves around the HCG diet’s strict recommendation of extremely low calorie diets (500-800 calories/day). Although this calorie restriction leads to weight loss* in a short span, there are various risks associated with it. These include formation of gallstone and improper functioning of the body nerves and muscles due to the body electrolyte imbalance.
If indeed weight loss* is your main concern, it is important that you opt for safer ways. Discuss your problems with your health Care provider in order to find lasting solutions to your weight gain problems. The most important thing is to focus on a balanced diet and exercising regularly.

Use of Diet Suppressants

There are a number of weight loss* drugs on the market today and appetite suppressants are among them. These drugs augment either of the two kinds of chemicals in the brain – serotonin and catecholamine, which influence a person’s mood and appetite. The body is then tricked into believing that it is full. Most of these weight loss* medications are meant for short-term use, that is, a couple of weeks or months.

Appetite suppressants are available in two forms; tablet form and extended-release pills. Phentermine is among the appetite suppressant’s common prescription that can be prescribed by the physician or bought over the counter. Belviq has been approved by FDA as treatment for obesity over a long period of time. However, the user is likely to feel fatigued, headache, and dizzy.

Lipotropic Injections for Weight Loss Treatment

Lipotropic injections are a weight loss* treatment done by infusing certain substances in the body to facilitate removal of extra lipid quantities from specific body organs like the liver. Lipotropic injections are popularly used with most of users reporting quick and commendable results, with no reported side-effects.

Compounds used in Lipotropic injections comprise of 3 amino acids and vitamin B12 which facilitate the creation of new and healthy cells. According to various researches the world is experiencing an upsurge in individuals with obesity; there is, therefore, need for concerted efforts to avert the menace. Introducing injections for the purpose of treating weight loss* is one way of effectively keeping down the rate at which fat accumulates in the victim’s body. Since weight loss* has become a common practice worldwide, Lipotropics injections have gained popularity in the recent times.

However, as much as these weight loss* drugs work well, it is good to understand that some of them can lead to adverse side-effects. It is therefore important to strictly adhere to the doctor’s prescriptions.

Weight Loss Diet Supplements

Having a proportional body weight improves* your physical and emotional well being although it takes time to achieve these results. This is, in fact, why the idea of including diet supplements comes in. Studies show that about 15% of adults in America boost* their weight loss* by using diet supplements. This has made most of them opting for various products which they believe can suppress* appetite, inhibit absorption of fat and enhance* metabolism.

However, lack of proven studies has led to most experts to dissuade people from using various supplements for weight loss*. Besides, there are other weight loss* diet supplements which are associated with severe health risks. For instance, stroke and heart attack have been largely blamed on ephedra. But there are numerous proven weight loss* diet supplements available in the market today. The list below shows some useful and effective products to help you achieve your weight loss* goals faster:

  • Fiber
  • Calcium
  • Green tea extracts
  • Orlistat (obtained over-the-counter)
  • Meal replacements
  • CLA (Conjugated linoleic acid)

However, it is important to seek advice from a qualified physician before using any given type of diet supplement. Most supplements have side-effects and may not combine well with medication. And remember, in weight loss* there are completely no shortcuts; eating a healthy diet and exercising are fundamental aspects in any given weight loss* plan.

Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery is a weight loss* operation performed on overweight or obese people. This kind of operation is done by gastric bypass or gastric banding surgery. Bariatric surgery involves reduction* of the size of the stomach. A gastric band is used to tie up a part of the stomach. This ensures minimum food intake hence promoting gradual weight loss*.

Only small surgical cuts are involved in this surgery. During the surgery, the stomach is removed and no stapling of the stomach or embedding of foreign objects of any kind. In addition, there are no adjustments or fills carried out on the stomach. Recovery period is usually short with very minimal complications. In case of the need to reverse the procedure options are available to help in the restoration of the stomach to its initial shape and size. Many patients tend to lose* between 50% and 60% of their weight and are required to strictly adhere to the recommended diet plan to the latter. Surgery is the most effective way to avert chances of developing obesity, diabetes and hypertension. It is recommended that one should consult a doctor or health professionals before opting for bariatric surgery or any other weight loss* procedure for the best results.

Weight loss* Treatment by Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a traditional medical practice that originated from China where it has been practiced for so many years. It is built on the fact that extra weight can result from disturbed flow of energy to and from the hypothalamus located in the brain. The hypothalamus is responsible for maintaining balance and keeping the body healthy. It controls hormones and other substances which work to control hunger and thirst.

Acupuncture is one of the methods used in weight loss* treatment. It works as an appetite suppressant, enhances* metabolism and allows rest. Acupuncture works well with weight loss* especially for people who want to reduce* weight without doing any exercise during commencement of the program. It cuts down on your excessive craving food by causing you to relax and focus on other things other than food. It can help in toning the stomach muscle thus making one to get satisfied faster. Eating too much tends to leave the stomach over-stretched out and acupuncture helps to shrink the stomach muscle.

Acupuncture in weight loss* involves particular spots on the patient’s ears which act as a link to all main organs in the body. As such, diverse points of the ear are aroused using small tacks and small magnets or beads which are taped in place and left for about one week. They can be rubbed gently whenever the victim experiences craving for certain unhealthy foods.

Acupuncture stands out as the safest, natural way of promoting weight loss*. If combined with a healthy diet plan, it effectively augments the weight loss* plan naturally. The possibility of addiction does not arise neither are there any adverse side effects associated with this kind of treatment.
To obtain the best results, acupuncture treatment for weight loss*, should be programmed once or twice per week for 8-12 weeks, depending on the desired weight. A mixture of ear (auricular) and body acupuncture, breathing exercises, abdominal massage, herbs and supplements, are used in the treatment. Beads or ear pins are left on the patient in between the treatments and food and lifestyle suggestions made to the patient.

Surgery for Weight Loss

In recent times there has been an upsurge in obesity cases, making weight loss* surgery the best option in saving lives of victims suffering from serious complications arising from the condition. But these surgeries are not common and statistics indicate that only 20% of the patients are men who consider surgery when they start experiencing grave health problems. The BMI is normally calculated to determine whether or not the patient is eligible for this surgery.

However, in weight loss* program, weight loss* surgery alone will not deliver the desired results. To be successful, there must be a commitment in dietary and physical fitness.

Types of Weight Loss Surgery

  • Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery:

    The stomach size is decreased* and as a result, the quantity of food that can be eaten is limited. During this operation, a stapling tool is used to create a thin perpendicular sleeve of the stomach and the remainder of the stomach is taken away. The sleeve is normally the size of a banana. This will make the person not only feel full faster but also feel so for a longer time, while allowing normal digestion and assimilation of food. The body will discontinue accumulating surplus calories and begin utilizing its surplus fat to generate energy as there is a limit in the amount of food eaten.

    Patients who have undergone this surgery have been reported to shed off an average of 55% of their extra weight and an improvement in their general body health.

  • Gastric Bypass:

    A combination of a restrictive and a malabsorptive surgery method is employed. It creates a smaller stomach pocket and brings about change in the normal course of digestion. Thus, the food circumvents a big section of the stomach and a bigger part of the small intestines. Since less food is eaten and fewer calories are absorbed; the body does not store extra calories but instead utilizes the available fat to give energy.

  • Adjustable Gastric Banding:

    This is basically the most effective and safest way of achieving and maintaining a healthier body weight without necessarily having to expose your stomach to fastening. This band is used check the amount of food one eats during each meal-time. Thus, it makes you fill satiated for a longer period and makes it easier for you to adopt and stick to the new feeding lifestyle.

    Besides, it is also good to note that these treatments have their own shortcomings. For instance, in the case of surgery, the patient may develop some complications such as regaining weight after the surgery. In addition, besides being costly and unaffordable to some patients, these treatments are very painful and scaring. It is for these reasons that using weight loss* diet supplements becomes more convenient, effective and affordable to all. Thus supplements provide the best alternative to these treatments.

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