Myth or Truth: Can Ice-cream Really help To Lose Weight

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Published: Jun 21, 2014 | Last Updated: Dec 24, 2018

Can Ice Cream Help in Weight Loss

According to an ice shop in California, eating 5 pints of ice cream (frozen non-dairy) for four days consecutively can help one lose weight. This should also be accompanied by regular yoga exercises. CBS Los Angeles in its report claims that the cost of the four-day cleansing plan offered by Kippy’s Ice cream shop is $240. The owner claims that the frozen treat is basically from raw coconut cream which is plant-based and therefore does not contain sugar, dairy and soy substances.

Further claims by the station is that with only five pints of ice daily you can lose up to 1200 calories per day , 70g of fat and over 120 g of the total amount of sugars present in the body. Miller claims that 12 people who went through the yoga-cream treat, shed weight significantly. The ice cream found in Kippy’s shop is made from coconut cream, coconut water, raw honey and fresh fruits.

Do Experts Recommend The Use If Ice Cream in Weight Loss?

In reality, weight gain is directly associated with the amount of calories one consumes. In this case, if you were to lose weight, it requires that you cut down on your calorie intake. However, it is good to understand that low-calorie diets do not offer long term weight loss results. Although ice contains unprocessed sugars, fruit and honey are good sources of natural sugars. W.H.O recommends that one’s daily calorie intake should contain only 5% of sugar.

In a report given by an assistant professor of paediatrics, psychiatry and adolescent medicine, Dr. Christopher Ochner at Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai, New York, indicates that the cleanse can enable one to temporarily lose up to 2 pounds of weight.

In this case, the risk is that ice contains a heavy load of processed sugar and saturated fat, which are deemed as the most unhealthy food elements for a healthy body.

Can Cleansing Improve Your Health?

According to Dr. Christopher Ochner, there is no scientific proof that cleanses have the ability to enhance one’s health. Although many people wishing to lose weight find themselves going for anything they believe can help, Dr. Ochner warns that cleanses are not only unhealthy, expensive and ineffective but also propagates the false notion that one can achieve a desirable weight without putting in efforts. This is seen as the reason why people fail to follow the right procedure when it comes to improving their health through weight loss.

Ice cream together with other types of snacks bears the blame especially when it comes to the amount of calories one consumes. However, while it is not the healthiest food in the world, it is vital that you spare some of it in your freezer. It is therefore believed that indulging in the occasional treats can add up to a successful plan for weight loss.

Consider Doing Things Moderately

Truth of the matter is that dwelling too much on ice is not the best practice in weight loss. Consuming ice cream on a daily basis when you have heart disease can be detrimental. However, banishing it fully from your diet can also lead to intense craving for foods that are not healthy as well as triggering punitive feelings which result into one failing to achieve his or her weight loss goals. It is argued that feeding on what you desire brings out the pleasure that eventually helps you feel contented and satiated. By going through this experience, you will realize that you consume less but feel you have actually had enough.

Why Ice Cream is Considered Unhealthy?

The reason why there exists negative talk about ice cream is that it is made up of large amounts of calories and saturated fat. Thus the more the nuts, chocolates and other related goodies contained in any recipe, the more the fat and calories it will bear. For instance, when you buy the Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brown Ice Cream, you will be consuming 250 calories with only ½ cup serving. 108 of the 250 calories contained in ½ cup serving of this ice cream are fat-based. Thus, you will only need one serving to obtain the recommended 8g of your daily calorie intake. Consuming too much food containing high levels of fat and calories regularly exposes one to a higher risk of weight gain and heart disease.

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