Calorie Calculator – Uses, Benefits and How It Works?

Written by Evan Jensen

If you want to determine whether you are overweight, the amount of calories you burn on a daily basis and suggestions on the amount of calories you are supposed to consume, the calorie calculator is definitely a tool to help you in that course.

What you need is to fill in your personal details including age, height, gender, level of your activities as well as your current weight to enable it calculate pieces of information that are vital in the entire process of losing weight.

In this case, the first ever results to come out will definitely be your Body Mass Index (BMI) which is the most common method used to determine whether someone is overweight in relation to his or her height. This is necessary as it helps one to find out which category of weight one falls into. Mostly, BMR is defined as the amount of calories you burn while at rest in an environment whose temperature is neutral. The most important thing is to understand the amount of calories you can actually burn without necessarily working out or when there is no digestion taking place in your body.

How it Works?

Calorie Calculator

This is a tool used in weight loss to provide vital information about the status of ones weight. It is a software package that allows you to make a list of each particular meal you consume on a daily basis. It selects all the consumed food items and calculates the amount of calories present in each item as well as the quantity consumed. Having gathered the necessary data, it sums up the calories per every meal. In this case, if you use it on a daily basis, the calorie calculator will give you a daily report on the amount of calories you consume.

However, it is important to note that this tool does not provide the exact results but a close estimate. It actually offers you with the right information about what you ought to do in order to lose weight.

The device has one big advantage; it is faster and user-friendly. It helps the user find details about his daily, weekly or monthly caloric intake. In addition, it helps you to draw up a good diet plan by offering a list of various food items and the calorie contents.

In most cases, the calorie calculators utilize your resting body’s metabolic rate and additional activities you engage in to suggest to you the amount of calories you burn while at rest and when your body is at work. In some cases, you can decide to use the ones that are designed to be worn and are mostly used to detect your body’s motion and change it into electrical energy and later interpret it into units for measuring the amount of calories your body burns. Literally, this device gives a clear picture of the amount of calories you are likely to burn and the actual amount you will need to consume per day.

When to Use a Calorie Calculator?

There are various reasons as to why one would want to use this devise; first and foremost, is to keep track of the amount of calories one consumes on a daily basis. In addition, if you wish to have a good record about how much calories your body is able to burn while at rest and during workout, then using the calorie calculator can be a wise idea. Besides, it helps you understand the achievement you make each day in your endeavour to loss weight.

The Benefits of the Calorie Calculator

For those people who are fighting to shed some of their body weight, the most effective way to use is by feeding on a healthy diet and exercising regularly. In this case, the only way you can keep record of the amount of calories you consume daily is by using the calorie calculator. It helps you to keep a close watch on the types of foods you consume daily.

It is likely that most people are only concerned about their calorie intake. However, there is need to understand that nowadays, most foods have labels that indicate the amount of calorie they contain; what we tend to forget is that calorie calculators do not only look at consumption but also focuses on the ability of your body to burn some of these calories during workouts. As such, this is entirely dependent on the duration and the intensity of your workout and your body weight.

By keeping records of the burned calories, you will be able to keep track of your calorie consumption and how much you use. This is vital as it helps to motivate you as you struggle to achieve your fitness’ fundamental goals.

Myths and Facts About Calorie Calculators

Although they are not directly linked to devices themselves, there are various myths and facts about weight loss in general. One of the common beliefs is that eating a heavy breakfast will help to cut down your appetite throughout the day thereby enabling you to eat less and lose some weight. This is misplaced.

Truth of the matter is that as compared to those who eat smaller amounts of meals at breakfast, consuming more causes you to want to eat even more at lunch time. The bottom line is that you should not skip breakfast either.


For quite sometime people have been finding it hard to determine the level of their weight and what they actually need to do in order to improve their level of fitness. However, technology has made it easier as the calorie calculators have proved very effective. This is to say, one is able to determine his or her weight and at the same time venture into healthy practices to improve it.


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