A New You 30-Day Weight Loss Challenge by Danette May

A New You 30-Day Weight Loss Challenge

It’s a new year and a time to completely renew yourself. You might have tried several different diets in the past and obtained different results. While one diet helped you to lose* weight, another didn’t yield any results. Chances are, even if you got the opportunity to lose* weight through a diet, you most likely gained back all of the weight after you stopped dieting. You should know that you are not alone – only 5% of dieters are able to keep the weight they lost off after their diet. This is a common problem that many diets fail to address, thus leading to a weight gain shortly after a person doesn’t diet anymore.

Danette May’s New You 30-Day Weight Loss Challenge is a brand new program that helps people lose* weight and keep it off in the New Year. The program has been designed to give overweight people a jumpstart into 2017 – by allowing them to renew their body, flush out toxins and get started on a journey to a lower body weight. The program focuses on all aspects of weight loss* that really matters and it helps the customer train their body so that any weight they lose* during the program and even after the program, stays off for good. This is the major factor that makes Danette May’s program stand out from the rest.

What’s Included In Danette May’s New You 30-Day Weight Loss Challenge

When buying an online guide that provides information about weight loss*, people often look for value in the program. Danette May’s New You 30-Day Weight Loss Challenge has everything needed to provide the customer with true value for their money. The program isn’t just another mini-course that simply provides a few facts about weight loss* and some random recipes. Instead, the program has been developed by an expert in the fitness industry and is based on real-life experience.

The main item included in this program is the actual 30-day challenge report. This report provides a step-by-step guide that provides details and information that the customer can use in order to transform themselves in the next 30 days. This, however, isn’t the only item that is included in this program. Danette went all-out when she created this program in order to help people find a real solution to their weight loss* efforts and not just another generic solution that either doesn’t yield results or results in the gaining back of weight after they stop their diet.

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The other items included in this program:

  • A weekly workout routine program. This routine has been specially developed to help flush toxins out of the human body, thus preparing the body for better weight loss* results.
  • A complete shopping list that provides the customer with an easy-to-use list they can take with them to the grocery store.
  • A daily meal plan. The meal plan contains all of the foods that should be consumed on a daily basis in order to benefit the body of an overweight person in a positive way.
  • In addition to the daily meal plan, a list of exchangeable foods is also included. Every person has their own likes and dislikes, as well as possible allergies. If a customer doesn’t like any of the foods included in the meal plan or are allergic to any of the foods, they can exchange the specific foods for other foods by referencing the exchangeable foods list.
  • Weight loss* recipes that will complement the customer’s daily diet plan and meal plan.

Danette May’s New You 30-Day Weight Loss Challenge Pros

  • The program is instantly delivered to the customer’s email inbox. This means the customer can immediately go through the entire program and start their 30-day journey to a new image. Some programs will require an additional shipping fee and will take weeks to deliver its contents to a customer.
  • The recipes included in the program ranges from lunches to dinners, desserts and even snacks. These are all delicious, yet beneficial for the customer’s weight loss* program.
  • While many weight loss* programs only focus on helping the customer lose* weight, this program goes beyond the weight loss* protocols. The program also includes a workout program that removes* toxins from the customer’s body. It is also a weight loss* program that provides long-term results – which means the customer are less likely to put on the weight they have lost after they have completed the diet.
    Before After Weight Loss

    Danette May’s New You 30-Day Weight Loss Challenge Cons

    • The program only includes downloadable content and no physical supplements of any sorts. For many potential customers, this will be a negative fact about the program.
    • The program is currently closed and only available to “early bird customers”. New customers can sign up to receive a special invite, but this may take some time.

    How Much Does The Program Cost?

    Considering the fact that the entire program was developed by a famous fitness expert, one would assume that it would also cost a lot. Fortunately, this is not the case. In fact, Danette May’s New You 30-Day Weight Loss Challenge is actually quite affordable – especially when you take the value of the entire program into account. The program costs $47 and this also gives the customer access to a private Facebook group, where support will be provided to help customers stay motivated.


    Losing weight can be a difficult task and often leads to disappointment. More than one billion people around the world are currently overweight and as much as 50% of them are constantly trying to lose* weight. Danette May created a brand new system developed from years’ of experience. The program provides customers with detailed information about how they can lose* weight and keep it off, even when they are done dieting. The program seems to have a lot of potential for individuals who are having trouble losing weight effectively.

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