10 Superfoods That Can Help You Maintain A Healthy Weight

10 Superfoods That Can Help You Maintain A Healthy Weight

It happens every once in a while that you get home feeling so tired that you just don’t feel like cooking. Those are the moments where ordering a pizza seem to be the convenient option. We’ve all been in these situations where hunger seems to have the upper hand on the decisions we make and when it gets there, our health becomes a secondary matter.
Instead of allowing hunger to hit you by surprise and control your thoughts, you should always prepare in advance. There should always be a backup plan when you don’t want to cook anything. In this article, we propose to give you 10 skinny foods that you can stock up in anticipation of hunger strikes. With these, you will never have to tip the pizza guy again.

Hummus and Veggies

With just a little Middle Eastern chickpea spread, you can go a long way. This protein rich snack can balance your blood sugar and fight hunger. By adding some vegetables to the hummus, the impact can even be bigger. Holistic nutritionist Peggy Kotsopoulos explains that this type of food is rich in iron and vitamin C, both ingredients are involved in the generation of energy in the body.

Peggy Kotsopoulos is the author of the book “Must Have Been Something I Ate”. It is an excellent recommendation to learn easy recipes about plain hummus. Once you are done following the recipe, don’t forget to put a few batches in your freezer. The next time you are hungry, you just have to pick one and thaw it.


Most salsa dishes are usually served with margaritas and greasy fried tortilla chips. This combination is a bit too heavy in calories. But there are other better recipes for salsa. The book from Kotsopoulos first recommends that when going to the grocery store, buy yours from the refrigerated section. That is because you want to make sure it is as fresh as possible.

Salsa can also be eaten in combination with hummus mixed with olives or lettuce. You may also add Mary’s Gone Crackers if you want. This recipe can also be kept for a while in the fridge waiting to be consumed.


You’ve probably heard in certain circles that it is best to only feed on egg white. This idea was quite popular during the low-cholesterol craze. But now this belief is fading out as studies advance. Science has shown that there are many other nutrients that you may be missing out by simply getting rid of the yolk. After all, there is no conclusive evidence that the level of cholesterol in the body is the determining risk factor for cardiovascular diseases.

Those still throwing away the yolk will not benefit from certain proteins that can stimulate the secretion of glucagon, a hormone that is involved in burning fat. According to Kotsopoulos, the egg yolk can help you feel fuller longer. Make it a habit to boil half a carton of eggs every once in a while and keep it in a place where you can reach for it anytime you feel hungry.

Raw Almonds and Almond Butter

Peanut butter is probably much popular than the one made from almonds but the reason why Kotsopoulos rather recommends the latter is because of its rich content in vitamin E and antioxidants. Peanuts provide the body with proteins while almonds can offer other vitamins like B2 that boost* energy. Aside that almond is good for your skin and hair. So why not.

Chia Seeds

If you are so interested in maintaining healthy weight chia seeds need to be part of your regular diet. Aside from being rich in calcium, iron and omega-3 fatty acid, these seeds act like sponges that absorb sugar and stabilize blood glucose levels.

Chia seeds are so rich in fiber that they that can hold up to 20 times their weight in water. A recipe recommended by Kotsopoulos is to add the seeds to your oatmeal and mix it with unsweetened chocolate almond milk.


Quinoa are gluten-free grain that can be prepared in bulk and kept in the fridge for around 5 days. You can choose to eat it plain or include any kind of vegetable you want. For breakfast, Kotsopoulos recommends one of her favorite meals: A bowl of quinoa with a little vanilla and cinnamon plus either almond flakes, shredded coconut and banana.
Kotsopoulos advices not to buy refined quinoa. The refined one is stripped of all its vitamins and amino acids.

Parmesan Cheese with Crackers

According to Bethenny Frankel, having a brick of Parmesan cheese in your house can be an asset that could help you lose* weight. This entrepreneur and author of the book “The Skinnygirl Dish”pointed out that she uses a vegetable peeler to slice the Parmesan on whole-grain crackers to make a delicious snack. There are many other cheeses out there but Parmesan is one of the most flavorful so feel free to give it a try.

Sprouted Grain Bread

Both Kotsopoulos and Frankel made mention of Sprouted Grain Bread in their respective books. Frankel prefers it with either soy cheese or hummus. As for Kotsopoulos, she tends to make a sandwich out of it and adds apple or almond butter on top. Sprouted grain bread offers a richer nutrient profile than other breads out there and that can only be good for the body.


Yogurt has to be among the goodies you usually keep in your fridge. It is stacked with a type of bacteria known as probiotics which help the body in better dealing with fat in the food. You should give a preference to yogurts made with no artificial sweeteners and preservatives.

Healthy Snacks on the Go

Whenever you are on the go and feel a little hunger claiming your attention, Kotsopoulos recommends an apple. If you prefer bars, she suggests Vega Sport Protein Bar in chocolate coconut. For that Frankel also recommends the Skinny girl Daily On-the-Go Dark Chocolate Multi-Grain Pretzel Bars. You can order it from the skinny girl daily website.
Having the upper hand on your hunger strikes can determine whether or not you will be able to maintain a healthy weight. If you follow the recommendation provided in this article, we think you will be fine.

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