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Real Dose Reviews: How Safe and Effective Is This Capsule?

Kathy Mitchell
Expert Rating: 2.5 / 5.0

Real Dose Overview

Real Dose

Real Dose claims to curb the appetite, boost weight loss, and enhance the ability to burn fat and is manufactured by RealDose Nutrition LLC. There is in depth information on each of the ingredients with links to published research, which could be time consuming for the customer. The official website has a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page, and the best offer is the manufacturer offering a 365-day money back guarantee. A double blind study on Decaf Green Coffee Beans found that participants burnt 10.9lbs in 60 days compared to only a loss of 5.4lbs by the placebo group.

Active Ingredients

Decaf Green Coffee Bean Extract, Dolichos Biflorus Seed Extract, Bioperine Nature’s Thermonutrient, Betel Leaf Extract, and Siberian Rhodiola Rosea Root Extract.

How Does Real Dose Work?

The ingredients in Real Dose include Siberian Rhodiola Rosea, Decaffeinated Green Coffee Bean, and Betel Leaf Extract, which contains more chlorogenic acids than usual coffee beans. Siberian Rhodiola Rosea prevents the release of the stress hormone; cortisol, while Dolichos Bifiorus increases the production of adiponectin (a fat burning hormone) by over 15 percent and production of Ghrelin reduced by 17 percent. Bioperine burns additional calories by increase thermogenesis. It is available from for $67.00, and the manufacturer recommends taking a capsule three times daily before meals.


  • Buying more than two bottles of Real Dose adds a small discount
  • Each ingredient provides links to further research
  • Real Dose has a 365-day money back guarantee
  • It is clear how much of each ingredient is found in Real Dose
  • Worldwide delivery offered
  • Secure payment is offered
  • Contains useful information on weight loss
  • Contains no stimulating ingredients


  • Unfortunately, there appear to be no published testimonials from satisfied customers
  • Real Dose is expensive
  • Browsing through the links given on each ingredient may be time consuming

Final Verdict

The Real Dose ingredients have undergone substantial research, but these are not published on the main website, but link to various site(s). However, the manufacturer does offer a 365-day money back guarantee, so it is worthwhile to try this product.

Where To Find

For more details visit official site


Expert Author : Kathy Mitchell (Consumer Health Digest)

Kathy Mitchell is an American content writer and MA in English literature. She is writing articles on health fitness for weight loss and cellulite creams. She is contributing to since 2011.

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  1. I found this product while browsing, after seeing such infomercials I decided to give real dose a try. Now after 3 weeks of use of this supplement my sugar’s is leveled and weigthloss is going good. I have lost almost 6.5lbs with this. Such a great product.

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