Keto Charge Pills Review: Does It Work as Per Claimed?

Keto Charge is a weight loss supplement ideal for keto diet followers, that keeps you in a fat-burning state and leads to rapid weight loss.

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Overview of Keto Charge

Many people aim to stay healthy and fit in today’s fast-paced world. But the keto diet, which is great for burning fat and losing weight, is tough for many.

It has strict food rules and can give you something called “keto flu,” which feels pretty lousy. It’s hard for people to keep to the diet and see big changes, which can be frustrating.

KetoCharge makes the keto lifestyle easier by getting rid of the usual problems linked with regular keto diets, where you follow a very low-carb regimen. It helps you switch to ketosis smoothly and reduces those unpleasant keto flu symptoms.

While supplements can offer support, the key to the keto lifestyle is dedication and making smart choices about what you eat. It’s about finding what works best for you and making changes to your diet that you can stick with for the long haul.

What Is Keto Charge?

KetoCharge is like a secret weapon for managing your weight. It has a special mix that helps your body get into ketosis faster and easier. No more dealing with the discomfort of starting a keto lifestyle, like that dreaded “keto flu.” Instead, you’ll ease right into fat-burning mode.

This supplement is loaded with “slimming salts” that turn into electrolytes in your body, giving you energy for your keto journey without following a super strict diet. Whether you’re starting your keto diet, need more energy, or want to stay in ketosis, KetoCharge can help you out. It’s not just about losing weight with KetoCharge; it also aims to make you feel better overall, so sticking to a low-carb lifestyle is easier.

How Does Keto Charge Rate?

Overall Rating: 4.9
Keto ChargeKeto Charge


Value for Cost

4.8/5Value for Cost

5/5Return policy


Product Highlights

  • Keto Charge is a product of the Wolfson brands.
  • It is a health and wellness company that uses cutting-edge science to create unique products that support an active lifestyle.
  • Keto charge release fat stores for energy.
  • Raise blood ketone levels.
  • Eliminate the “keto flu”.

Key Ingredients

  • Magnesium Beta-Hydroxybutyrate
  • Calcium
  • Sodium


  • Keto Charge helps you burn fat rapidly.
  • This supplement helps lead to steady weight loss.
  • Keto Charge helps prevent ‘keto flu symptoms.
  • This supplement helps balance blood sugar levels.
  • Keto Charge Pills help give you additional energy.


  • BHB ketones are the only active ingredient included in this supplement.
  • A highly popular supplement sometimes runs low stock.
  • Users will lose weight at different rates.

You can BUY it directly from the KetoCharge Official Website

How Does Keto Charge Work?

When you follow a very low carbohydrate diet, your body lacks the glucose required to produce fuel. This results in your liver releasing ketones, which puts your body in a state of ketosis.

At this point, it begins burning stored fat as fuel instead of glucose, and you lose weight. A study in Experimental and Clinical Cardiology found that a ketogenic diet had significant weight loss benefits for obese patients[1].

The exogenous ketones in this supplement are very similar to the ones released by the liver, and they help keep you in ketosis even if you have the odd carb treat. They are unlikely to put you in ketosis if you are not following the keto diet, but they could have some health benefits.

KetoCharge contains a formulation of natural salts that the body will convert into electrolytes. These electrolytes provide the body with the energy it needs to boost its metabolism’s efficiency by breaking down its body fat into usable ketones.

A study in Current Developments in Nutrition found that taking supplements of exogenous ketones led to weight loss[2].

Keto Charge Ingredients – Are They Safe & Effective?

Keto Charge Supplement Facts
Keto Charge Supplement Facts

The only ingredients in Keto Charge are beta-hydroxybutyrate ketones bonded to magnesium, calcium, and sodium. These are exogenously-produced ketones which are very similar to some of the ones released by your liver when you’re on a low-carb diet. A review in Nutrients discussed the potential health benefits of the ketogenic diet[3].

Magnesium Beta-Hydroxybutyrate

Magnesium is essential for the proper functioning of many parts of the body, including the heart, bones, muscles, nerves, and others. These areas fail when magnesium levels are low. This is summarized in research done by HSPH Harvard, which discovers that magnesium deficiency or a low magnesium diet causes health problems.


According to Study Calcium, the most abundant mineral in the body, can be found in some foods, added to others, found in some medications (such as antacids), and taken as a dietary supplement.

Calcium is absorbed from foods and dietary supplements via both active transport and passive diffusion across the intestinal mucosa. When calcium intakes are low, active transport accounts for the majority of absorption, while passive diffusion accounts for an increasing proportion of calcium absorption as intakes rise.


According to the study of Your body requires sodium to function properly. It aids in the function of the nerves and muscles. It also aids in maintaining the proper fluid balance in your body. Your kidneys regulate the amount of sodium in your body.

The majority of Americans consume more sodium than they require. Choosing low-sodium foods is essential for healthy eating. The Dietary Guidelines recommend that most adults eat less than 2.3 grammes per day. That works out to about 1 teaspoon of table salt per day. Some people are more susceptible to the effects of salt than others and should consume less of it.

These potent Ingredients help keep users in ketosis, so they burn fat and lose weight quickly. This fat burning also creates extra energy, which can help you burn more calories. We documented in our Burn Boost Reviews article another weight loss supplement containing this ingredient.

A study in the International Journal of Food and Nutrition Sciences concluded that BHB ketones are safe and well-tolerated by adults[4].

You can BUY it directly from the KetoCharge Official Website

Benefits, & Safety of Keto Charge

Benefits of Keto Charge

Increased Ketone Levels: Keto Charge aims to boost ketone levels in the body, potentially enhancing fat burning and promoting quicker transition into ketosis, a metabolic state where the body uses fat for fuel instead of carbohydrates.

Energy Boost: By providing additional ketones, Keto Charge may help increase energy levels and improve athletic performance for those following a ketogenic lifestyle.

Appetite Suppression: Some users report that supplementing with exogenous ketones, like those found in Keto Charge, helps reduce cravings and promotes feelings of fullness, supporting weight loss efforts.

Safety of Keto Charge

Clinically Researched Ingredients: Every aspect of KetoCharge is backed by studies to ensure its safety and effectiveness while adhering to the highest quality standards.

Manufactured in FDA-Registered Facilities: KetoCharge is produced in facilities that are FDA-registered, ensuring compliance with stringent health and safety regulations.

Third-Party Tested for Purity: To guarantee purity and consistency, each batch undergoes rigorous third-party testing.

Customer Support and Guarantee: A dedicated customer support team is available to address any concerns, accompanied by a satisfaction guarantee to ensure a risk-free experience.

Allergy-Friendly Composition: KetoCharge is designed to be free from common allergens, making it suitable for a wide range of dietary preferences and restrictions.

Potential Side Effects of Keto Charge

Digestive Issues: Some users may experience digestive discomfort, bloating, or diarrhea when first starting Keto Charge due to the increase in fat intake and changes in gut flora.

Electrolyte Imbalance: Following a ketogenic diet and supplementing with exogenous ketones may lead to electrolyte imbalances, potentially causing symptoms like muscle cramps, fatigue, and headaches.

High Fat Intake: Keto Charge promotes a high-fat diet, which may not be suitable for everyone, especially those with certain medical conditions like gallbladder issues or pancreatitis.

KetoCharge FAQ’s

Q: Who is the Manufacturer of this supplement?

A: The manufacturer of this product is a company called Keto Charge, which focuses on developing weight loss pills for keto diet followers. They seem to be a fairly new company, and there’s not a lot of information about them online as of yet.

Q: Is There a Free Trial Offer for this Supplement?

A: No, there’s no free trial offer for Keto Charge, just a one-time purchase of 1, 2, or 3 bottles. In addition, the company doesn’t have a subscription service or auto-shipment program.

Q: How much does KetoCharge cost?

A: For the best results, you should be taking KetoCharge for at least 2 to 3 months as no product is very effective if you just take it for a month or so. Currently, there is an offer to “Buy 2 bottles and get 1 FREE” which sets you back by $119.99, making the daily cost $1.33.

A single bottle costs $59.99 and although it includes free worldwide shipping, it’s still quite expensive. So if you are serious about staying in ketosis for longer then it makes sense to buy several bottles.

Q: Who Should Take This Supplement?

A: Ideally, users who are already following the keto diet should take Keto Charge. If you are following a low-carb regimen, your body is already in the fat-burning state of ketosis. This product will keep you in this state, burning fat steadily for even more powerful weight loss. Users who are not following the keto diet may get some weight-loss results, but much less so.

Q: What are the Dosage of KetoCharge?

A: KetoCharge comes in the form of capsules. A 30 days supply is provided in a bottle containing 60 pills.

The person should take 2 capsules per day to make sure their body gets the nutrients it needs to get into and stay in the state of ketosis. However, some people might need to take more or less depending on the individual’s specific needs. You must consult any medical advisor before taking any supplement.

Q: Is there any Contact Info about KetoCharge?

A: You can contact the manufacturer of KetoCharge through the following ways:

Address: Wolfson Brands (UK) Limited 12 Payne Street, Glasgow,
Scotland, G4 0LF
Phone No.: +19294452880

Q: Where to buy KetoCharge?

A: You can buy KetoCharge pills from its Official Website.

Q: Are there any side effects of using KetoCharge?

A: KetoCharge is a fully safe and effective supplement with little or no side effects.

If you are a beginner in the keto diet, you might experience some effects such as headaches, vomiting, constipation, and dehydration. These effects are temporary and usually disappear with time.

Q: Does KetoCharge Have Any Return Policy?

A: Yes, KetoCharge have a 60 day money-back guarantee. Alongwith a 14-day cancellation if the customer wants to cancel the order altogether and not have it shipped.

Q: Does Keto Charge Pills Work?

A: As long as you follow a low-carb diet, Keto Charge should certainly work to make your fat go rapidly and help you lose weight. If you follow a different diet regimen, it could give you some benefits but probably less. There is evidence indicating the benefits of ketones in burning fat and weight loss.

KetoCharge Alternatives

Here, we’ve recommended some of the KetoCharge alternatives, which show similar results for weight loss.

Product PhenQ Phen24
Price $69.95 $69.99
  • Promotes positive mood
  • Includes fiber, minerals, and vitamins
  • Increases energy level
  • Enhances fat burning
  • 2-in-1 product
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Breaks down fats, carbs, and calories
  • Trusted manufacturer
Learn More Read Review Read Review

What Do the Keto Charge Reviews Say?

There are a huge number of positive reviews online, where the customers had great things to say about it and loved the before and after results of it. Many customers experienced great weight loss and also said that the product gave them a lot of extra energy.

Helps me stick to keto! I’ve tried keto so many times but never got past the first 10 days because of cravings for candy. KetoCharge has improved the experience SO much and I’ve been on keto for 9 weeks now. –Rick(Official Website)

Simplest keto product I have found! Most keto supplements I have tried meant having to mix powders and drink shakes but this one is an easy- to-swallow capsule, much easier to stomach! –Johnny(Official Website)

Best energy ever! I’ve been on keto for 12 months and lost over 100lbs but I felt crappy and tired all the time. KetoCharge gave me a huge boost and now I can continue my low carb lifestyle. –Josephine(Official Website)

Keto Charge Review – Conclusion

Keto Charge is an natural weight loss supplement that contains exogenous ketones to help keep keto dieters in a fat-burning state for fast weight loss. It also provides a wealth of extra energy, which can help you be more active and burn calories, and it may balance blood sugar levels. This is a quality product, which should be effective.

There are plenty of positive reviews online of Keto Charge, with many users saying that they were able to lose huge amounts of pounds with this product. People also said it gave them energy and motivation.

Keto Charge is a high-quality product that only includes BHB ketones as an ingredient. These are very safe and do not lead to any potential side effects. There are no medical conditions that preclude taking this product. You have nothing to lose in trying Keto Charge…except a lot of weight!

Where to Find It?

You can Order it directly from the Official Website

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Customer Reviews for Keto Charge

Keto Charge Pills Review: Does It Work as Per Claimed?

Customer Reviews & Ratings

4.8 out of 5

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  1. Michael Thompson

    Say Goodbye to Stubborn Fat with Keto Charge Pills!
    I was skeptical at first, but Keto Charge Pills exceeded my expectations. Not only did I shed those stubborn pounds, but I also feel more focused and alert throughout the day. Thank you for this amazing product!
  2. Alice Baptista

    Noticeable difference!
    Keto Charge Pills made my weight loss journey a breeze. With just some light exercises and walks, I shed 10 kg. This easy-to-swallow pills were gentle on my stomach, making it a delightful experience.
  3. Alicia S.

    Dropping the Pounds Fast!
    Been on the keto diet for a couple of months, losing weight steadily. But as soon as I started taking Keto Charge my weight loss literally doubled! I did order 3 more bottles and got 2 months for FREE!

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Ques and Ans

  • Q: What will happen if I take more than the prescribe dosage?

    A: If you are trying to take more than the recommended dosage of Keto Charge or any supplement can potentially raise the chances of experiencing side effects or adverse reactions. Some possible side effects of Keto Charge may include digestive discomfort, headaches, fatigue, and fluctuations in blood sugar levels. And if you exceed the recommended dosage of any supplement can result in more serious complications, such as liver or kidney damage. It is important to take suggested dosage instructions to ensure safety and minimize the risk of unwanted effects.

  • Q: Where Can I Buy Keto Charge and How Much Does It Cost?

    A: The only place you can purchase Keto Charge is on the official product website. The company offers free shipping for all orders. The prices are as follows: 1 Month – $59.95 2 Months – $119.99 + 1 month free 3 Months – $179.99 + 2 months free.

  • Q: How Do I Take Keto Charge?

    A: The Keto Charge directions are 2 capsules per day, with an 8-ounce glass of water. Do not take more than the suggested amount for any reason.

  • Q: How Quickly Will I Lose Weight With Keto Charge?

    A: There’s no way to predict how much weight you will lose on this supplement exactly, as each individual will react differently to the product. It also depends on the diet you follow while taking Keto Charge. Users who follow a very low carb regimen while using this product and exercise regularly are most likely to lose weight fast.

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Keto Charge
Keto Charge
Beta-hydroxybutyrate ketones, Magnesium, Calcium, and Sodium.

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