GOLO Release Review – How Safe & Effective Is GOLO Release Supplement?

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What is GOLO Release?

There are many diet pills and supplements out in the market. Most hinge on the commitment of the user to combine diet and exercise with supplemental use. This ensures that the user reaches his or her weight loss goals.

GOLO Release is a dietary supplement that targets weight loss. It is used in conjunction with both the GOLO Metabolic Plan and the GOLO for Life Plan.

Golo Release
Golo Release

GOLO Release claims that regular dieting is simply ineffective. This product contains plant extracts, nutrients, and minerals. The developers tout that these nutrients are superior, more beneficial than dieting alone. When taken regularly, there will be no need to count calories or diet.

This product takes a divergent approach to weight loss. We are told that it will help the user to lose stubborn belly fat, control unhealthy sugar cravings, balance hormones, and lower triglycerides.

GOLO Release seems to be touted as a health product that goes beyond losing weight. Users claim that they have experienced better sleep, added physical energy, lower blood triglycerides, reduce inflammation, and decreased pain.

Let’s dig deeper and see if it might be a viable option for you.

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Who is the Manufacturer of Golo Release?

The company GOLO LLC was started in 2009. All of their products are made in the United States. The website claims that they have received many accolades from the health community and many endorsements from practicing physicians, including the popular TV star Dr.Oz.

In part, GOLO’s vision is to help people figure out why they are having trouble losing weight.

GOLO Release is unique given that it claims to address hormone imbalance. Many people with weight issues do indeed have hormone imbalances. Hormone imbalance may manifest itself in unhealthy eating habits like anxiety eating, comfort eating, and binge eating.

There is scientific evidence that hormones play a vital role in weight loss. Hormone imbalances can affect eating habits, metabolism, and the way your body stores fat[1].

The integrity and authority of the company appear sound. We are told that it is made up of doctors, pharmacists, and dedicated researchers.

Who are the Doctors that back GOLO?

GOLO, LLC, an all-natural weight loss and wellness company, is scheduled to appear on an upcoming episode of “The Dr. Oz Show,” an Emmy Award-winning, nationally syndicated television series (Source: NEWARK, Del., April 11, 2019 /PRNewswire). On the GOLO official website, you’ll find statements made by doctors and by customers whose names, but not credentials, are listed. One of the GOLO reviews is by the diet’s founder, ‘Keith Ablow, MD’. He is a former psychiatrist who does not list any experience with weight loss on his professional website.

How Does Golo Release Work?

The company states that GOLO Release works safely and effectively. There are no GMO’s, dairy, soy, gluten, eggs, or shellfish in the supplement. Furthermore, we are told that GOLO Release is not a traditional diet pill. They go out of their way to mention that Release is not a diet pill at all. It is a nutraceutical.

The term nutraceutical is used to describe any product derived from natural food sources with health benefits. Nutraceutical products have been gaining a lot of attention in the health, wellness, and weight loss community. They are powerful to scavenge free radicals and specifically stimulate the body’s defense system. Nutraceutical supplements have viable qualities to support weight loss[2].

The product claims to work quickly. The manufacturers say that the user will be able to feel a difference in only 2 days. The user may also expect more energy after one week. GOLO states that it will help the user feel better overall, sleep better, and have improved blood sugar levels.

GOLO Release Ingredients – Are They Safe & Effective?

The packaging of GOLO Release plainly states that it is safe and effective. The formula states that there should be no drug contraindication with medication. Being a nutraceutical, the product is made from natural plants. The ingredient list is a mixture of fruit extracts, herbal extracts, botanical extracts, and minerals.

Golo Release
Golo Release Supplement Facts

Let’s have a look:

  • Inositol – Primarily derived from citrus fruits and has been used to treat everything from high cholesterol to nerve pain, panic disorder, insomnia, and depression.
  • Gardenia – This natural plant extract treats various factors that are often associated with diabetes including insulin resistance and glucose intolerance.
  • Banaba – Plentiful with corosolic acid. Banaba is believed to help fight obesity.
  • Salacia – Salacia has been shown to help manage type 2 diabetes by lowering blood glucose levels.
  • Berberine – Initial studies seem to suggest that berberine has potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.
  • MagnesiumMagnesium helps to regulate blood sugar levels.
  • Zinc – A deficiency of zinc has been found in many obese subjects. Zinc may help to lower body mass indices.

What are the Advantages of Golo Release?

  • Can help Weight loss.
  • Key ingredients provide antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits.
  • Restores hormone balance, eliminating cravings and binge eating.
  • A positive impact on cholesterol levels.
  • Balancing blood sugar.
  • An increased energy level.

What are the Disadvantages of Golo Release?

  • Individual allowances are not specified in the proprietary blend of 297mg.
  • Most of the studies that have been done on the efficacy of berberine have been pilot studies and they have shown a moderate effect on the metabolism of lipids[3].
  • People who want to lose more than 20 pounds may have to wait longer before they reach their weight loss goals while taking GOLO Release.

FAQ’s using GOLO Release

Q: How Should you Take Golo Release?

A: The instructions indicate that the user should begin by taking one capsule of GOLO Release with every meal, assuming you are eating three meals daily.

Once the user evaluates how GOLO Release is affecting their metabolism, the user may eventually taper down the dosage.

Q: How Many Release Should I Take?

A: The standard dosage is 1 with each meal or 3 per day. We suggest that everyone start with this dosage – you can always add more if you like. You shouldn’t take more than 9 Release per day and we really don’t suggest taking more than 2 at each meal. Taking more Release is not necessarily going to help you to lose weight faster, it doesn’t work that way.

Q: How much does GOLO Release cost and how to order the GOLO Release pills?

A: There are three different purchase options on GOLO’s official website.

  • One bottle – $49.95.
  • Two bottles – $79.90.
  • Three bottles – $99.90.

Payment is accepted in various formats. It should be noted that all three of the GOLO Release packages come with a free copy of the GOLO Metabolic Plan. This plan encourages the development of healthier wellness habits that encourage weight loss.

Q: How much does the GOLO diet plan cost?

A: Starting the GOLO diet requires an initial investment based on the person’s weight loss goals and the duration of the diet. A 30-day plan costs about $50; a 60-day plan is $80, and a 90-day plan costs $100. This first purchase is exempt from shipping fees. Each purchase also includes the GOLO Rescue Plan, a guidebook that teaches you how to create balanced and healthy meals.

Q: What is GOLO Release’s return policy?

A: The product must be returned within 60 days of the date received.

Q: Does GOLO Release offer a free trial?

A: The official website makes no mention of a free trial of their product, nor any third-party retailers. We are always updating our weight loss review section as new information becomes available. Be sure to check back with us and we will let you know if they start a free trial program for GOLO Release.

Q: Is GOLO Release FDA approved? If so please show me where it says it is.

A: As mentioned on the manufacturer’s official website FAQ page, supplements and vitamins do not require FDA approval but the ingredients in any supplement or vitamin must be on the FDA approved list known as GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe). All the ingredients in Release are GRAS approved. In addition, there are over 100 studies on the safety and efficacy of the ingredients in Release.

Q: Can I take Golo Release with thyroid medicine?

A: Release is proven to be safe and effective to take with medications, even those for type 2 diabetes.

Q: How much Berberine is in Release Capsules?

A: Release is a patented formulation containing 7 natural plant-based ingredients and 3 minerals. We suggest you should check the supplement facts per (serving size: 1 capsule) to know the exact amount of Berberine extract in the capsule.

Q: Is Golo safe for diabetic people and someone with a pace maker?

A: According to the manufacturer, treatment with the GOLO Weight Management Program and Release supplement for 13 weeks resulted in weight loss and improvements in glycemic control and insulin resistance in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus and obesity.

Q: Is Golo Release really safe to take with prescription meds and will it act as a detox from meds?

A: Can you take it with antidepressants and sleeping pills? The company promises that the ingredients in Release have been tested to assure that there are no contra-indications with other medications*.

*Release can be safely taken with most prescription medications, including medications for type 2 diabetes. Caution should be taken with all classes of oral anti-diabetic medication when taking Release as it may lower your blood sugar. Therefore, dosage adjustments of your prescriptions may be required. You should consult your doctor before taking it or any supplement, in case it might interact with any medications you are taking or complicate a medical condition. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not take Release.

Q: Does this interact in any way with warfarin a blood thinner?

A: Most health experts recommend that you discuss herbal supplements like Golo Release with your healthcare team to make sure that the products don’t interfere with your current medications or the safe management of a health condition.

Q: I am taking medication for my thyroid. Will Golo Release pill cause me problems?

A: GOLO maintains that its Release product does not interact with any medications, does not contain caffeine, and is entirely safe and effective.

Golo Release Review – Final Verdict

GOLO Release is indeed an interesting product. Their endorsements and success stories are seemingly convincing. It’s been backed by several famous doctors.

This product may be able to help the user lose weight, regulate hormone levels, provide the user with more energy, balance blood sugar, and keep cholesterol levels in check.

Furthermore, there are numerous GOLO Release reviews from apparent customers who claim that it has worked for them.

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GOLO Release Review – How Safe & Effective Is GOLO Release Supplement?

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  1. Julie

    Don't waste your money!
    When I first started these and dieting, I lost 3 pounds in one day…it probably wasn’t actually from GOLO Release. Then through the duration of taking it, I didn’t lose anymore! I actually gained 1.5 pounds and feel super bloated all the time.
  2. Tammara Breland

    My mom and I purchased the 3 month supply. We started taking the product and after 2 weeks I noticed water weight gain that was horrible. I was in so much pain I had to go to the doctors and ask for a water pill to remove the water in my body. This was not good as the product stated that it was natural and that you didnt have to change anything in order for it to work. I even included a 1 mile walk daily to speed things up. Sadly I never lost weight. Since the product caused me to gain water weight I stopped taking it. My mother did not gain water weight so she kept taking it for another week. I noticed her skin started to look very Rubbery and tight, then her arms started to itch uncontrollably and her skin in her face (especially under her eyes and arms), began to burn whenever she went into the sun. This was not something that had ever happened before taking the Golo. I made her stop and we contacted the company. They didnt respond untill today. I received and email that stated to return the product and all its contents that have not been taken along with the packaging and labels and all information booklets that came with the product. If not returned with the product booklets with instructions, I was informed NO REFUND with be given. THIS IS HORRIBLE! Their product did not cause us health issues and did not cause us to loose any weight! I think this product has fake info as to what it accually does for the body. I DO NOT recommend this product to anyone! We deserve a refund!
  3. Frank

    Total Scam - Save your money
    GOLO Release did not work at all for me. It was another waste of money. They sent me many booklets of what exercises and foods to eat, when the initial come on was that you didn’t have to change anything to lose weight. A total scam.
  4. Vaughn Finefield

    GOLO Release did not work for me.
    Bought three bottles of Release and took according to directions but only did I not lose weight I gained two pounds. Don’t buy you will waste your money. That is just my opinion. They should refund my money.
  5. Heidi Schlatter

    Golo/Release Works!
    It bothers me to read such negative comments about the Golo Program as it doesn’t tie one to a restrictive (& usually deficient) calorie counting & touts the consumption of WHOLE, CLEAN foods. Too many people have given testament to positive changes in not only their weight & body/fat mass, but also blood work #’s! Eliminating over-processed & additive-laden foods is positive in and of itself, but to have the bonus of losing body fat is fantastic!

    Personally, I know natural foods & supplements do have a positive impact on overall health & have to believe that the Golo Release Supplements are making a difference. Those of us who are witnessing great results have classically tried MANY diet plans to get nowhere but frustrated. The likelihood that we indeed have hormonal imbalances, even if taking medications to alleviate symptoms, is a huge factor in how we have all gotten overweight, to begin with, & the changes of body data towards normal while on Release speaks volumes as to its efficacy. The Golo Diet Plan Works!

  6. Lynn Martin

    Frauds and no refunds
    As I figured, GOLO Release does not work and they will not refund your money! They really try to sell you, but only offer advice, no return on your money. No more to say. Done with these people.
  7. Disappointed

    I should have known better
    I bought the 60-day package (2 bottles) I have taken up my 1st bottle and started the 2nd. I have a constipation problem and I was confident this product would help in more ways than one. Boy was I wrong. Nothing about me has changed and once again I’ve spent money that I really could have used for something I need. Really disappointed!
  8. Ella Peterson

    Is Golo Release safe to use
    I bought the golo release I’ve been on about two weeks but my sugar level keeps going up I am eating the program, so can someone help me, do I need to stop the release.
  9. Martin Combs

    Not all that. Overpriced
    I have been using Golo Release for awhile now. The first effect I experienced was as a laxative. I am naturally constipated, so I have to focus on my daily visits. But this supplement sends me 3 times a day. That’s ok. But the time from the urge to evacuation is short. If someone has an issue with this activity I recommend another product. I did lose some weight but my loss plateaued. I think there are other options that are more economical. I don’t agree with their pricing.
  10. Allen S.

    4 months and waiting
    My 61 yr. old type 1 diabetic spouse has been on this for 4 months after trying some of the other mentioned supplements. She thinks it may help with weight yet 4 months later no real loss and the woman lives on slim fast due to gastroparesis so not like she overeats. Personally I think it’s just 1 more diet scam that will bankrupt us with unfulfilled hopes.

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