The term ‘water retention’ refers to the buildup of fluid in the circulatory system, cavities, and tissues in the body. As a result, you experience swelling in hands, feet, legs, and ankles.

Besides medical reasons and an unhealthy diet, women can retain water due to fluctuating hormones during pregnancy or PMS. Water retention also contributes to bloating and puffy appearance.

Besides lifestyle adjustments, you can get rid of this problem with help from natural supplements. We bring you a basic rundown of top-rated products.

Top Rated Water Retention Supplements of 2021

#1 Diurex

Diurex product

Diurex is an anti-bloating supplement manufactured by Alva-Amco, a leading US producer of specialty non-prescription pharmaceuticals, skin care products, and dietary supplements sold through leading pharmacies and supermarkets across North America.

Alva-Amco is one of the most reliable brands on the market nowadays and it was founded back in 1904. It should be noted that, even though Diurex is often promoted as an anti-bloating product, it is also a 100% natural diuretic that will assist with reducing fluid retention in the user’s body.

Diurex contains a maximum-strength of an effective non-caffeine diuretic in order to provide fast and gentle bloat relief. The product is primarily created for women and it is claimed Diurex can promptly reduce weight gain, retained water, puffiness, along with bloating of course.

The main ingredient of this supplement is pamabrom, a mild diuretic similar to caffeine. Basically, pamabrom has a water-relieving activity of caffeine without stimulant effect. The product comes at an affordable price. Bear in mind that prices can vary depending on a retailer.

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#2 Aquaban


Aquaban is a natural diuretic, or water retention supplement, that is primarily being promoted to individuals who are experiencing excessive accumulation of water weight during their menstrual cycles; thus making this particular natural diuretic mostly aimed at women.

Lanes Health is the brand behind the Aquaban natural diuretic supplement, a company that has been in business for over 80 years. This company specializes in a large variety of health products, with Aquaban being one of their more popular products currently available on the market.

The product uses a powerful formula that has been developed based on some of the latest research into natural ingredients that can assist with water retention. The formula contains diuretics like caffeine, burdock root powder, and uva ursi powder to tackle the most common symptoms associated with PMS-related bloating such as trouble fitting into your favorite pair of jeans, swollen ankles, bloated stomach, swollen hands, discomfort from rings, and other jewelry.

It is important to mention that Aquaban also comes in a different formula created for people who deal with water retention caused by other factors. Both types of products are available in drugstores and pharmacies.

#3 Capisette


Capisette is a fluid balance supplement produced by Progressive Health. The brand has numerous products that support one’s health and lifestyle. The main goal of Capisette is to help with reducing swelling and it does it by providing the body with the electrolytes necessary to restore adequate fluid transfer in your cells.

It should be noted that Capisette will also help to avoid potassium levels from declining too much, which is a problem with many natural and pharmaceutical diuretics.

The supplement contains potassium which regulates the flow of fluids in and out tissues and cells. Also, there is a horse chestnut that reduces leakage of fluids from capillaries while promoting circulatory health. Another important ingredient of Capisette is Ginkgo biloba known for the ability to enhance circulation and improve blood flow.

All products manufactured by Progressive Health comes with their unique 180-day money-back guarantee. Capisette comes with the same money-back guarantee.

Most companies only provide a 30 or 60-day money-back guarantee, which makes Capisette more appropriate for individuals who would like to test their products over a longer period of time. The product can be purchased from the official brand’s website – by visiting the official Capisette page. A one-month supply of this natural diuretic costs the customer $27.95.

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#4 Standard Process A-C Carbamide

Standard Process a c Carbamide

A-C Carbamide is a natural supplement formulated to support healthy fluid transfer among tissues. The supplement was manufactured by a well-known brand Standard Process, a company with multiple health and lifestyle products under its belt.

A-C Carbamide is created to supplement the body’s own carbamide (urea) to ensure a sufficient amount. This product is beneficial since it has not been associated with a risk of developing an adverse reaction to the use of the product, and the ingredients utilized in the formula can directly help to reduce fluid retention.

Regular consumption of this supplement promotes a healthy formation and excretion of urine, provides a high amount of Vitamin C, supports healthy fluid levels, and supports healthy urinary system function.

A-C Carbamide features a proprietary blend of carbamide and arrowroot powder which work together to promote healthy fluid transfer among tissues. Vitamin A, which helps treat urinary tract infections, and Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant, are also present in the formula.

The product is available on the official website where a one-month supply (90 capsules) costs $21 while 270 capsules come at a price of $53.

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Can Pharmaceutical Diuretics Cause Side Effects?

Pharmaceutical drugs are available to act as diuretics and reduce water retention in a patient’s body, but these may not always be as safe as a patient may think it to be. Healthline explains that there are different types of diuretics that need to be taken into account, and that many pharmaceutical diuretics can cause a person to experience side-effects. (source)

Top Rated Water Retention Supplements

Some particularly common side effects that can be caused by pharmaceutical diuretics include a reduction or increase in potassium within the patient’s blood circulatory system, as well as reduced sodium levels and an increase in blood sugar levels.

Headaches, excessive thirst, muscle cramps and dizziness may also occur when a person opts for pharmaceutical diuretic drugs.

Facts About Water Retention Supplements

Water retention products are known for their ability to increase the kidney’s fluid output to help control water retention. These items contain all-natural ingredients such as potassium, magnesium, vitamin C, and other powerful compounds to help relieve inflammation and relieve bloating caused by various factors including PMS.

Plus, water retention products also include dandelion, uva ursi, and other herbs and plants that have been used to treat bloating, urinary tract infections, and water retention for centuries.

According to Medical News Today, some supplements contain caffeine which acts as a powerful diuretic while others don’t. Some products contain ingredients that act just like caffeine, but without providing a stimulating effect on an individual. Of course, the choice of these products with or without caffeine depends on your preferences.

What makes water retention supplements so useful is that they deliver their benefits without chemicals and other unsafe ingredients that usually lead to serious side effects.

Water Weight Info

What Water Retention Products Do?

Water retention supplements are usually mild diuretics which work by removing sodium and chloride from the body in the urine. As a result, chloride, and sodium absorb extra water from your body.

These products also block sodium reabsorption and enhance the salt concentration of the urine enough to prevent water retention again. Essentially, regular intake of water retention products increases urine output, provides a useful cleanse to the urinary system, and provides electrolytes which are vital for restoring fluid transfer in the body’s cells.

They use natural ingredients to make sure the entire process is safe and effective at the same time. Basically, these products work to eliminate excess fluid out of your body without taking much-needed vitamins and minerals with it.

Which Supplements are Good for Water Retention?

You can easily find a bunch of water retention supplements just by entering the keyword in Google search.

Water Retention Supplements

But, does it mean all those products offer equal benefits?

Of course, they do not!

Since you probably want to avoid the drama and frustrations that come with lousy products, you have to know what to look for. So, here are criteria that make some product good for water retention:

  • Reliable brand
  • Informative website
  • Natural ingredients
  • Potent diuretics in the formula
  • Evidence to support claims
  • Money back guarantee
  • Safe formula which doesn’t induce side effects

Natural Diuretics To Consider

  • Nigella sativa
  • Hibiscus
  • Alcohol
  • Ginger
  • Parsley
  • Caffeine
  • Horsetail
  • Caraway
  • Green and Black Tea


Water retention is a common problem and all of us deal with it at some point or another. Supplements formulated to tackle this problem using a powerful formula to help you stay healthy.

Of course, to experience these benefits you have to find the ideal product and this article featured five supplements that can be of huge help.

All of them are safe, effective, have positive user reviews, and give you the opportunity to deal with water retention in a natural way.

To best determine if water supplements are right for your health needs, speak to your personal physician.


Natalie Stine, RDN

Natalie Stine, RD, is a registered dietitian in the Spokane, WA area.


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