Expelis Reviews: How Safe and Effective Is This Water Retention Capsule?

Expelis Reviews: How Safe and Effective Is This Water Retention Capsule?
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Expelis Overview

Produced by Pharmaxa Labs, Expelis is promoted as being the ideal all natural diuretic. Expelis is said to potentially be beneficial for anyone looking for a way to urinate excessive bloat due to water, ease water retention caused by PMS, and minimize the effects of edema. Expelis may also be useful for aiding individuals in losing excess water weight. This diuretic is promoted and sold through an official product website that includes a FAQ section, user reviews, and information regarding the ingredients and purposes of those ingredients. A single bottle of Expelis capsules costs about $29.95 and is sold with a 60-day satisfaction guarantee.

Expelis – Ingredients

Expelis is formulated from the following ingredients: potassium gluconate, magnesium citrate, vitamin B6, taraxacum officinale leaf extract, uva ursi leaf extract, green tea leaf, parsley extract, buchu leaf extract, juniper berry extract, hydrangea root, corn silk, and cranberry. Exact milligram values per serving size (5 capsules) are also provided online, allowing consumers to stay informed about the concentration of each particular ingredient in Expelis. Only premium quality ingredients are used in this dietary supplement.

Expelis – Product Description

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Expelis active ingredients are practically all compounds that function as natural diuretics. This makes sense, since the primary purpose of this product is to stimulate the loss of excess water weight through increasing urine output. At the same time, Expelis formula also includes compounds like green tea leaf extract; green tea leaf extract is beneficial for increasing metabolic rates, which in turn should also help any individuals who are seeking to lose fat weight as well. Additionally, this product’s formula also makes use of compounds that prevent loss of essential electrolytes.

Expelis is said to be capable of producing its promised benefits in as little as 12 hours from first consuming this product. For optimal results, three Expelis tablets should be taken in the morning after breakfast, and two more tablets should be taken following the afternoon meal. Exceeding this recommended daily dosage of five pills per day is not recommended.

How Expelis Works?

Expelis – Advantages

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  • There are many satisfied user reviews of this product.
  • The official Expelis website provides detailed information on this supplement, including a full list of the all natural ingredients.
  • All purchases are backed by a 60-day satisfaction guarantee.

Expelis – Disadvantages

  • Clinical studies do not appear to have been conducted on Expelis complete formula.
  • No free samples are offered.

Expelis – The Bottom Line

Expelis fully disclosed list of ingredients should be extremely helpful for consumers seeking to make an informed decision about this product. Additionally, the 60-day satisfaction guarantee should also appeal to many individuals.

Where To Find It

Best Deals and Pricing Available at Expelis.com
Discount Code REV10 gets you 10% OFF your order at Expelis.com

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  1. I don’t want to take any risk regarding my health. After all, we are all aware of the fact that ‘Health Is Wealth’! Can you tell me more details about parsley extract and buchu leaf extract? I want to order this product as soon as possible. So hurry up!

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  2. I had used this product for my edema issue. It solved my problem of water retention without harming my body parts. It contains green tea extract that proved really effective for me! Highly recommended!

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  3. I usually suffer from menstrual bloating and constipation. I heard so much positive things about this product but before buying this product I want some suggestion from you people. Is this product really help in solving the problem related to menstrual bloating and constipation? Does this product reduce water weight?

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  4. I often suffer from menstrual bloating, so my co-worker suggested that I use this product. Can anyone tell me – whether this product really solves the menstrual induced bloating or it only helps in losing the water related weight?

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  5. Hey Shirley, Expelis definitely works great. I love the way it works gradually on the body. It helped me to get rid of bloat around my belly area as well as problems associated with menstrual bloating. I surely recommend Expelis to all my friends, who suffer from water retention.

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  6. Losing water weight was something which I had a hard time, for many years. I used all types of diuretics but was totally disappointed with the results. But adding Expelis really assisted me to get rid of that water weight. I feel healthier and more energetic, all thanks to Expelis.

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  7. I started taking this, to cope with mild elevated blood pressure issue and it works great, with no side effects. It smoothly works on the symptoms and gradually solves the problem. Now I am free from bloating and all related problems, all thanks to Expelis!

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  8. My water retention drawback was therefore important. And that i constantly used Expelis since last two month and never feels puffed. I will say; Expelis is that the best supplement to cure from water retention or edema. Most are completely different however if you’re terribly upset with water retention then Expelis is that the right selection for you.

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  9. very effective for me…I use them when I go to the lake for the weekend to drop some water weight really quick. I start taking them 4 days out and by the weekend I’m feeling good and have dropped a couple vanity pounds…also, they seem to affect my mood and I’m feeling great every day I use them!

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  10. I have used this now for a year & it has taken away the bloating & puffiness. I will always keep this handy!

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  11. It’s really gentle, I no longer feel heavy and bloated after meals, I have more energy and my clothes are beginning to fix a lot better. Try it you’ll like it. I’ve been taking this for the past four days and have so far lost two pounds. I have been battling a thyroid issue and can’t seem to even lose a pound when eating right and exercising. Hopefully this continues to help with the bloat I’ve been experiencing.

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  12. I have definitely found that this has helped me control the water in my body. I got myself on subscribe and save, so I never have to miss taking it. As recommended, I take 2 capsules twice a day and it’s working. Every month I would retain water weight to the tune of 1-2 lbs during that time. This month I only retained 0.2 lbs!!

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  13. What sold me on this item is the price and that it contains potassium. With using any diuretic, the potassium is necessary so there is no cramping. These fit the bill.

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  14. I use this water pill when there is slight swelling and pain in my legs, arms and hands, because it’s much more gentle on the body. When there is severe bloating and the puffiness is quite visible, I go for the much stronger and chemical based diurex. But sometimes there are side effects with that, especially when used a few days. There are absolutely no side affects with these pills, so sometimes, when things are very bad, I alternate to give my system a break.

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  15. I’m using this product and as days are passing by, I can feel the change. As it has solved my water retention problem without any side effects.

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