Want to know how and why fat burning products help with weight loss and burn stubborn belly fat, then read this article. There are two basic types of fat burners being sold today.

The first one is the dietary supplement that is taken orally. These products contain active ingredients that help the user burn fat by increasing metabolism, suppressing appetite, and enhancing the fat-burning process. The features of one product are different from others.

The second type of fat burner is the topical formula which is applied to the area where you want to reduce fat. Most people are skeptical when it comes to this kind of fat burner, but many active ingredients are already proven to be effective.

You just need to know how to find the best fat burners.There are hundreds of fat burning products being sold today. It would be very difficult to check each product carefully, so we have done the hard part for you.

Considering the most important criteria mentioned previously, we have come up with the top fat burning products on the market.

Top Rated Fat Burners

Top Rated Fat Burners

Top Fat Burners

#1 Trimtone

Trimtone – Mole and Skin Tag Cream

Know More About TrimTone

A good fat-burning supplement should target the problem at its root cause. That’s exactly what Trimtone promises to do. It utilizes a powerful combination of ingredients to encourage fast, yet safe and effective weight loss.

TrimTone helps get rid of stubborn excess fats to promote weight loss. And it does so through three key mechanisms: first, by increasing the rate at which the body burns fats; second, by utilizing fat instead of carbohydrates as the body’s main source of energy; and third, by acting as an appetite suppressant to help reduce overeating.

Trimtone offers beneficial effects for its users’ overall health as well, as it aids in reducing blood cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, improving mood, and promoting sleep.

TrimTone’s benefits are all thanks to its all-natural formula which includes a combination of well-known weight loss ingredients — green tea, glucomannan, green coffee, and caffeine. Each capsule contains the optimum amount of these ingredients so you can be sure that you’ll reap all the benefits even if you have to take only one capsule per day.

If you wish to experience the benefits of Trimtone yourself, just like many of its users did, you can buy it at its official website for $49.95 a bottle. If you buy more bottles, you’ll get a huge discount and some additional bottles for free.

On top of that, you should also know that the product comes with 100-day money-back guarantee on the off chance that you’re not 100% satisfied with the results — we do know, you’ll be, though.

Read TrimTone review to learn more.

#2 Slim Diet Patch

Coming up second, we have the Slim Diet Patch. Just by judging from this product’s name you can guess what it has to offer.

Slim Diet Patch is primarily a unique pad that helps with weight loss. The ingredients used in its formulation are claimed to be assimilated into your bloodstream from the patch attached to your skin. It has incorporated an advanced nutrient delivery method. This system allows high absorption of nutrients to the body.

These nutrients are claimed to be enriched with vitamins that aid in burning excess fat and calories all through the day. This ensures that your physique slims down in an ideal way.

However, the brand has failed to provide the full ingredients list of this product. The ingredients that we know of are: Green tea leaf extract, seaweed extract, acai fruit extract. These three ingredients are very beneficial to the body and very effective in cutting down weight. Also, it is relatively expensive compared to other products that serve the same purpose.

Additionally, it lacks past user reviews hence it becomes hard to know if this dietary patch really works as claimed or not.

The decision of whether you should try this or not should not be just your own.

Read Slim Diet Patch review to learn more.

#3 Lipoderm Ultra

Lipoderm Ultra from Avant Labs is also among the most popular topical fat burning products today. It works by activating targeted fat reduction in the area where it is applied.

It utilizes a number of ancillary fat-fighting ingredients that decrease nutrient uptake and insulin sensitivity in the fat cell. This prevents the storage of new fat in the area. It also works to enhance the fat burning process to get rid of fat in the area offering a fast slimming effect.

The complete ingredient list is given on their website, which is definitely a plus. While we are talking about ingredients, here is the full list of them: caffeine, Yohimbe HCI, octopamine HCl, synephrine, sesamin, acetyl-carnitine, ascorbyl palmitate, lecithin, benzyl alcohol, water, isopropyl alcohol, I-menthol, triglyceride complex, n-methyl-2-pyrrolidinone, laurocapram, and carbomer. As you can see, the list is quite big and most of these ingredients aren’t that common and well-known.

Most feedbacks say it works, but some feedbacks say it isn’t very effective and only offers a slight fat reduction. One thing is for sure, it won’t give everyone the same effect. It is being sold for $34.95 (4 oz. bottle).

Read Lipoderm Ultra review to learn more.

#4 Lipo Redux

The fifth place is held by Lipo Redux. The company behind this product is called SAN and it is located in the United States of America.

Lipo Redux is one of the hottest topical fat burning products for both men and women. The active ingredients are raspberry ketones, caffeine, coleus forskohlii root extract, Corynanthe Yohimbe bark extract, and Octopamine HCl. The product is very popular on online discussion boards, and forums and many people say it works.

The problem is the fact that most of the active ingredients are not clinically proven to reduce fat when applied to the skin. The product itself has also not undergone clinical testing, so there is no proof that it is effective.

Some users also stated experiencing skin irritation shortly after applying Lipo Redux. It is being sold online for $34.95 (6 oz. container).

All in all, Lipo Redux is very easy to be used. The fact that it contains caffeine is reassuring, to say the least, as caffeine is one product that definitely gets rid of excess water from the body. Yes, it is true that other ingredients aren’t proven to have the same function, but the formula worked for some people.

Read Lipo Redux review to learn more.

#5 Fat Girl Slim

Coming in last, but not least, we have the Fat Girl Slim product. As you can see from the name, Fat Girl Slim is made specifically for women.

Fat Girl Slim is an excellent product that helps make the skin firmer and reduce the appearance of dimples. This is not a fat-burning product but many users say it has an excellent slimming effect especially in problem areas of women like the thighs and buttocks.

It uses caffeine to address extra water in the area. This product is included in our list because of the numerous positive feedbacks from customers. One 6 oz. The container is being sold online for $36.

Read Fat Girl Slim review to learn more.

What to Look for in Fat Burning Products?

When you’re in the market for a fat burner, you need to look for a couple of things to make sure that it is not just effective but also safe.

  • First of all, check the reputation of the manufacturer. If it has an established reputation for offering high quality and effective products, then this is a good sign.
  • Secondly, you need to look for active ingredients that are clinically proven to be effective and safe. Of course, it would be an excellent sign if the product has been clinically proven to be effective and safe by an independent laboratory. More specifically, among the various products on the market, you’ll see ingredients including Yohimbine, Forskolin, Glycyrrhetinic acid, Raspberry Ketones, and Aminophylline. There are other ingredients you’ll encounter, but these are just some of the most common ones you’ll see included in both oral and fat burners.
  • Thirdly, you can check customer feedbacks or what is being said by people who have tried the product you’re considering purchasing.

Are Fat Burners Safe?

The market is absolutely full of products of this type. To be honest, most of them aren’t effective and are actually harmful to your body. The ones that you will see here are carefully chosen from the bunch as they are the most used ones. In some cases, which you will see below, a full ingredients list isn’t published, which immediately raises the red flag.

You have to read the ingredients list first and then consult with your doctor. If he advises you to go for it, then you should try the product.

Most people forget to do so and end up getting sick or worse. So, even the proven ones can be very harmful to you if you don’t use it accordingly or if you use it regardless of what your doctor said.

Not all ingredients are 100% tested, however, most of the ingredients that can be found in the products mentioned below are pretty common. There are some exceptions though!

The feedback coming from buyers also tells the same story.

There are both positive and negative comments on whether they are harmful or not, but no severe damages were dealt with by-products mentioned here.

There are negative comments about them, but most evidence suggests that they aren’t harmful.

Do Fat Burners Actually Work or Scam?

Fat burning products aren’t a scam. A fair amount of research in humans demonstrating that the application of these fat loss products helps decrease body weight, reduce body fat and waist size, and improve the waist-to-hip ratio.[1][2][3][4][5]

The Bottom Line on Fat Burners

When used in conjunction with regular exercise and a healthy diet, fat burners can help eliminate stubborn body fat in all the common trouble areas including hips, thighs, abdominals, and buttocks; giving you the stunning, firm physique you’ve always wanted!

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