What Are The Secrets Of Fat Burner Supplements? All You Need To Know

The Secrets Of Fat Burner Supplement

Diet and exercise are the most effective and healthy ways to lose* weight. If you’re trying to burn unwanted fat, eating healthy foods, and getting regular physically activity should be your first and foremost strategy. After you’re committed to both of those requirements for weight loss*, you may want to consider using a fat burner supplement to maximize your efforts.

What is Fat Burner?

What is Fat Burner

Take a trip to your local supplement store or pharmacy, and you’ll find a wide range of fat burning supplements. Fat burner supplements come in pills, powders, lotions, and foods. And most are manufactured using substances found in plants that help block the production of fat cells, act as an appetite suppressant, or increase* metabolism. Supplement manufacturers have sponsored many small studies to try and demonstrate the effectiveness of their fat burner.

However, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulates fat burner supplements as a food, and not as medications that require a prescription from your doctor. That means manufacturers can produce a product and claim it helps burn fat without the same kind of evidence and clinical trials required for pharmaceuticals.

Some fat burners have been shown to be effective with minimal side effects. But most lack the kind of evidence-based research that accompanies any prescription drug available. Once a fat burner supplement is on the market, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration monitors its use for any potential health dangers and can recall the product if deemed harmful.

What Are Thermogenic Fat Burners?

Thermogenic weight loss* supplements increase* your core body temperature similar to when you’re exercising. And when your body temperature rises so does your metabolic rate. Many people trying to lose* weight have experienced rapid weight loss* with thermogenic fat burners.

In a study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition researchers found that thermogenic fat burners did increase* metabolism and aid in weight loss*. But they also found that the supplement caused a significant increase* in blood pressure and heart rate for several hours after ingestion.

What Are Topical Fat Burners?

Topical fat burners contain natural supplements in a lotion-form designed to burn fat by applying to specific target areas on the body. They’re commonly used by bodybuilders in the final days before a competition to eliminate* any additional body fat still remaining after months of training. And while there are many varieties of topical fat burners on the market, no scientific research exists that support their effectiveness.

What Are Green Tea Fat Burners?

What Are Green Tea Fat Burners

In a recent study, researchers wanted to find out if green tea actually worked as a dietary fat burner. They selected 10 obese men and gave some a green tea supplement, some received a caffeine supplement, some received both, and one group received a placebo.

All the men at the same meals for three days, and then researchers evaluated these men to identify the results. And they found that green tea combined with caffeine resulted in a 49 increase* in metabolic activity and subsequent weight loss*. Many green tea fat burner products are available that include caffeine to maximize weight loss*.

Green tea comes from the camellia sinesis plant and contains high levels of antioxidants. Antioxidants are vitamins and nutrients that provide your body with needed nutrition and energy to function properly and prevent many chronic diseases. Researchers suggested that green tea may be used to help treat* obesity, because it increases* the amount of energy a person uses doing normal daily activities.

What Are Ripped Fuel Fat Burners?

Ripped Fuel Fat Burner is a product manufactured by the supplement company TwinLabs with a research and development lab in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and corporate headquarters in New York City. Ripped Fuel Fat Burner was originally manufactured with the now-banned substance known as ephedra.

Ephedra was widely used in weight loss* supplements until the U.S. Food and Drug Administration banned its use in food products in 2004. That decision by a Federal District Court judge was made after millions of consumers reported serious side effects and several deaths occurred tied to this supplement.

Ripped Fuel Fat Burner was such a successfully selling product, that TwinLabs reinvested in research and development to make the product as effective without ephedra. Now the main ingredients in Ripped Fuel Fat Burner includes citrus aurantum (a natural alternative to ephedra), St. John’s Wort (a natural mood enhancer), guarana see extract (a natural source of caffeine). Studies published in the Journal of Current Therapeutic Research and the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition show that these three ingredients do aid in weight loss*.

What Are Liquid Fat Burners?

What Are Liquid Fat Burners

The most common liquid fat burners come in a small bottle with a dropper. If you choose this form of a fat burner supplement, all you need to do is add a few drops of liquid to water or your drink of choice. Perhaps the biggest appeal to liquid fat burners is that they’re typically flavored and may be easier to swallow than some pills or powder supplements.

Liquid fat burners contain many of the same ingredients and natural supplements found in other weight loss* products and make similar claims to help block fat cells, suppress* appetite, or increase* metabolism.

One popular liquid fat burner is made from raspberry ketones. It’s the chemical in raspberries that gives them that unique smell. One study published in the journal Planta Medica found that when overweight rats were given a raspberry ketone supplement, it helped break down fat stores in the body. A separate study in the Journal of Life Sciences found that this liquid fat burner helped rats on a high-fat diet burn more body fat and gain less fat tissue. However, the validity of liquid fat burners and raspberry ketones has yet to be demonstrated in human clinical trials.

What Are The Common Ingredients in “Fat Burners”?”

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the most common ingredients found in weight loss* supplements include bitter orange, chitosan, chromium, linoleic acid, green tea, guar gum, and hoodia.


Fat Burner Supplements are designed to help you shed the extra stored fats so that you achieve a slimmer figure. They can be in form of foods, lotions, pills and powders and therefore, it is for you to choose your preferred form. They are claimed to contain common components which are alleged to support weight loss*. They are claimed to boost* weight loss* by suppressing your appetite, increasing* your metabolism or inhibiting fat cells production.

However, some of these fat burner supplements may not have been proven clinically and therefore, you are required to read more about their ingredients. This helps you find out if these ingredients support weight loss* and if they are safe for you or not for you to make an informed decision n which of the fat burner supplement to purchase.

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