Get Rid of Stretch Marks With Yoga Therapy

Stretch marks can cause affected individuals to become bothersome of how they appear, especially when they are severe and extremely visible. These greyish, greenish, purplish, or silvery streaks often grow in body areas where there is an excess amount of fats. Stretch marks are especially difficult to prevent and to treat. In fact, once you have stretch marks, they stay on your skin for the rest of your life. The good news is that there are several ways by which to improve the appearance of stretch marks.

Get Rid of Stretch Marks With Yoga Therapy

Other than new laser and surgical procedures, traditional home remedies, and topical application of creams formulated with special active ingredients are available for improving stretch marks. Recently, other stretch marks remedies that involve improving blood and oxygen circulation like massaging and yoga, have been gaining popularity as forms of treatment for these unsightly marks.

What is Bikram Yoga?

Bikram Yoga was developed by Bikram Choudhury. All Bikram Yoga instructors are required to earn certifications after undergoing a rigorous training that lasts for about three months.

Bikram Yoga consists of 26 yoga positions and two breathing exercises conducted for a total of 90 minutes. This type of yoga is quite unique because stretching exercises are done in a room heated at 105 degrees Fahrenheit (or about 40 degrees Celsius).

Like other forms of yoga, Bikram Yoga uses gravity and body weight to strengthen your muscles, develop your sense of balance, and improve your posture. Performing various stretching positions stimulates better blood circulation and assists in distributing and utilizing oxygen in the body and in the surroundings better. In the process, essential nutrients are also better distributed, ensuring that these nutrients reach and facilitate the proper functioning of cells throughout your body.

Performing the 26 recommended postures in a heated environment, proponents and advocates say, provides the ideal environment for the body to perform highly strenuous activities like Bikram Yoga. At this temperature level, the body is better able to regulate respiration. Muscles and other tissues are able to gradually expand and contract. Your whole body, in general, is better able to adjust to the demands of this physical activity without unnecessarily straining various body parts and processes.

How Can Bikram Yoga Help Prevent and Reduce Stretch Marks?

Just like any other strength training exercise, Bikram yoga can, in fact, make you develop stretch marks if weight loss or muscle development occurs too rapidly. Otherwise, with gradual weight loss, Bikram Yoga can help improve the appearance of your stretch marks.

Bikram Yoga Help Prevent and Reduce Stretch Marks

Better blood, oxygen, and nutrient circulation promote cellular repair and regeneration, and yes that includes your skin cells. With regular physical activity and regular performance of Bikram Yoga, skin is better able to heal itself. In addition, blood flow and circulation ensures that all the nutrients essential for the production of important skin fibers, collagen and elastin, reaches skin cells.

Even when it comes to beauty and skin care, prevention proves better than remedying a damage that has already gained its mark on your skin like stretch marks. Preventing the appearance of stretch marks with Bikram Yoga can be very effective as it generally improves the body’s ability to naturally heal itself. Regularly practicing Bikram Yoga helps firm up skin fibers and keep it well-moisturized both of which, in turn, protect the skin from tearing, making it stronger and less prone to damages.

What to Expect From a Bikram Yoga Class?

Expect the room to be extremely hot. It is recommended that you drink plenty of water hours before your Bikram Yoga class. Wear comfortable clothes that will allow you to perform the stretching areas with ease. Expect to sweat a lot for the next 90 minutes of your Bikram Yoga class.

The recommended yoga positions are also difficult so it helps if you’ve done yoga previously. Do not feel intimated, however, if you are unable to do some of the stretches initially. Give yourself about two to three months of regularly attending your Bikram Yoga class before you are able to perform majority of the recommended positions. Every time you feel discouraged, remind yourself that you’re in it for the long term for your own personal health, fitness. Nothing else can beat exercise in bringing you’re natural beauty.

Bikram Yoga

What are the Possible Risks of Bikram Yoga?

Bikram Yoga, like any other form of exercise, can do you more harm than good if you fail to follow instructions well down to the proper posture. Before getting into any form of physical activity or exercise routine, have your physician or a fitness instructor evaluate your fitness level first. Get an expert’s opinion on whether or not Bikram Yoga is suitable for you and your fitness goals. Have your fitness level assessed from time-to-time.

Bikram Yoga is a strenuous physical activity. Coupled with the extremely hot environment, certain people may not be qualified for this type of exercise. If you have any special medical conditions, make sure to get your physician opinion and recommendation first before starting an exercise routine, most especially if you have been diagnosed with chronic diseases like heart or lung or kidney diseases or diabetes or, pregnant or breastfeeding.

Practicing Bikram Yoga, in general, promotes health and well-being. It does so by improving overall physical strength and flexibility, and improving mental and psychological strength as well. Bikram Yoga may have the secondary effect of improving the appearance and healing process of your stretch marks, although this as yet still lacks scientific evidence. It is clear, however, that Bikram Yoga is worth trying out. Physical activities have the best health impacts when you genuinely enjoy performing them.

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