The Top Reasons for Your Sleepless Nights

Written by Melissa Feldman, MA
Top Reasons for Your Sleepless Nights

Why Are You Still Awake?

Many people, despite being so tired at the end of the day, usually fail to get a good night sleep they badly need. If you’re one of those people who toss and turn and count sheep until kingdom come, don’t worry because even the worst insomnia can be treated. Read on to learn more about the top reasons for your sleepless nights.

Sugar, Sugar, Sugar

More often than not, sugar is the culprit behind a variety of illnesses including insomnia. However, insomnia is often not treated as an illness but more of a symptom. Remember that chocolate bar you had after dinner? Or that supposedly healthy yoghurt you had for dessert? Well, the sugar in those yummy desserts could be the reason why you still have excess energy, hence, the inability to fall asleep as soon as your head touches the pillow.

Just remember to watch what you eat a few hours before sleeping. Sugar has a sneaky way of being present even in the healthy food options (think flavored yogurt!) so do check out labels. That nightcap is also not a good idea. Alcoholic drinks usually have sugar and will dehydrate you and lessen the quality of your sleep.


Have you been stressed out lately? Sudden life changes like a new job, graduating or welcoming a new member of the family can contribute to your inability to sleep. The holidays, no matter how fun they are, can also cause a lot of stress and worries. Even minor life changes can cause a lot of stress. Remember that stress or anxiety is one of the top reasons for your sleepless nights.

Ah, Hormones!

For some women, hormonal imbalances can cause insomnia. For men (well, and women too!), the blame could be pointed to melatonin, or rather, the lack of it. If you suspect that your problem is hormonal, supplement with natural fish oils or evening primrose to help your body relax more and start sleeping. If you’re going in and out of the country or working a graveyard shift, then a melatonin supplement can quickly remedy your problem.

As you can see, the top reasons for your sleepless nights are usually easy to pinpoint And be remedied. Meditation, warm lighting (think candles), and a no-electronic-gadgets-inside-the-bedroom policy can help. Also, try sticking to a routine to condition your body to sleep easy at night. A warm bath or a spritz of calming lavender oil on your pulse points won’t hurt as well. Oh and absolutely no coffee a few hours before bedtime. And don’t forget to try a good old sip of warm milk before sleeping! Sometimes, it’s all you really need. Taking natural sleep aid such as Sleep Zyme may also provide sufficient sleep.


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