Relaxium Sleep Reviews – Does Relaxium Natural Sleep Aid Really Work?

Relaxium Sleep is a natural, effective, and non-habit-forming sleep aid at an affordable price. This fast-acting mixture aids in mental relaxation, stress reduction, and sleep improvement.

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What is Relaxium Sleep Aid?

Relaxium Sleep is a natural sleep-aid designed to help you fall asleep quickly. It can also help you to stay asleep for longer, without disruptions during the night. The natural ingredients claim to be safe and contain no chemical fillers.

Relaxium sleep can enhance the brain’s hormonal balance and can promote regular sleep patterns, as well as, helpful in the reduction of stress and anxiety.

Relaxium Sleep
Relaxium Sleep

Relaxium Sleep supplement is produced using natural ingredients, which could be effective in treating insomnia. This rapid-acting formula helps in mental relaxation, reduces stress, and could improve sleep patterns.

However, the function and safety of ingredients lack the adequate clinical proof to back up the claims. It can be used by both men and women with sleeping problems.

Who is the Manufacturer of Relaxium Sleep Aid?

It is manufactured by a private brand known as American Behavioural Research Institute. Dr. Eric Ciliberti established this brand and is dedicated to researching and developing formulas that improve one’s health and well-being.

This supplement is for men and women and can be helpful in fighting insomnia. The supplement can also increase the serotonin level in the brain, thus providing the benefits of peaceful and regular sleep patterns.

How does Relaxium Sleep Work?

The ingredients in Relaxium sleep aid are said to function by regulating the brain hormonal balance, thus helping to reduce distress and other causes of loss of sleep.

The elements are said to be clinically studied, although it lacks adequate proof to back up those claims. Read the Relaxium sleep aid reviews in detail below. 

Relaxium Sleep Aids Ingredients List – Are they Safe & Effective?

If you are wondering, what is in Relaxium pills?

The elements used are all organic, and there are no chemical fillers; thus they might be safe and potent as claimed by the manufacturer. However, they lack scientific proof; hence it is good to be seen when consuming it. The Relaxium Sleep’s main ingredients are mentioned below:


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Passion Flower

This herb could be helpful in treating sleep problems. It contains ingredients that are potent in calming the mind, inducing sleep, and in enhancing muscle relaxation. This herb could also support ADHD and improve irregular heartbeat.


Could help to treat sleep disorders, such as, insomnia. Aids in the reduction of depression, anxiety as well as ADHD. 5-HTP could improve moods and sleep patterns. According to Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment, it increases serotonin levels as high as needed.

Chamomile – This flower extract helps to reduce restlessness, could support ADHD and restless sleeping. However, according to BioMed Central, further studies in insomnia patients would be needed to investigate its efficiency.


Improves sleep for women undergoing menopause, as it has sedative effects.


Potent hormone in regulating the sleep-wake cycle.

Pros and Cons of Relaxium Sleep


  • Potent supplement to induce sleep, could be beneficial in treating insomnia and enhancing mental relaxation.
  • According to Relaxium sleep reviews, it could be beneficial in improving brain health and in reducing stress, anxiety, and depression.
  • Non-habit forming supplement that contains natural ingredients.
  • This supplement is manufactured by a renowned brand in manufacturing health supplements.
  • Offers a free trial and free delivery to those living in the US.


  • Expensive Supplement.
  • The exact measures of the ingredients incorporated are not provided on the official website.
  • It has limited free trial offers, free delivery applies only to those living in the US.
  • Inadequate evidence to support safety claims.
  • May not be as effective as claimed.

Relaxium Sleep Reviews

Relaxium Order Experience

I ordered today and wanted to order 3 free trial bottles. Well, they were 7.95 a piece and I assumed some tax. I saw the amount due before I put my debit card in and it was either #36.95 or 39.50. At any rate, I thought that was fine. When I got to the end where they did not even give you a chance to Review just took your money it was $95. WHAT? I have read on here about scams as well. I do not want the product. When you call their Customer Service line they never pick up. Eventually, they hang up. When you leave a message to call, well I don’t know yet as I just did. I will probably just tell my bank to take the charge off as I am not having this charge which is a complete and utter scam. And another thing, why does Gov. Huckabee put his name to this. Sure makes me take a pause. I only put a star as you would not take my comments without. ~ by Christine Geraghty


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Not worth it to purchase

I used Relaxium Sleep and to no benefit. Charged for a free bottle which was not free. Instead, they sent two bottles and when I called to cancel the price was $ 89.98. They are just big ripoffs. I hear it takes 2-3 weeks to get your credit card money back but they take my money right away. Just stay far away and sleep better using another product. ~ review by Tom Hudson

Total Rip Off!

Would give ZERO STARS. Huckabee should be ashamed for being a spokesperson. Use to respect him. NOT anymore! Relaxium Sleep is a scam and if you are on meds, could be dangerous! ~ review by Robert Grimes

May God bless you, amen

I can’t believe gov Huckabee would get on TV and lie like that just for a few dollars as much as I admire him. This crap ain’t any better than a grain of salt. And they want $8 shipping to send a free sample plus your credit card so they can charge you all they want. It’s a fake or they would let you try it free. If Relaxium Sleep works I will buy it, because I need something to put me to sleep very badly. I’m up 3 days at a time. I’m just not gonna fall for any more of those ‘give me your credit card tricks’ anymore. That’s a sure sign of fony products. Don’t fall for it and shame on your Mr. Huckabee, but I’m still gonna vote for your daughter and watch your show because it’s one of the best shows on TV. ~ review by Frank

Why the hell are you asking me for my credit card when on television it says try Relaxium Sleep free and has a code for free shipping but when I call the number it’s a damn recording and still asks for my credit card. I just want to see if it even works before I placed an order. So with such a hassle, I purchased from someone else and a hell of a lot cheaper. ~ review by C.G. Sumpter

Relaxium did not help me sleep. I was charged $89.98 so I returned the unopened bottle. When will I receive my refund? ~ review by Elizabeth Bradford

I ordered the free starter, but they sent 2 bottles of 60 capsules and it didn’t work. I tried them for 3 nights and didn’t sleep a wink. I want to be refunded and I need an address to send them back. ~ review by Eunice Chaffey

Alternatives to Relaxium Sleep

Relaxium Sleep FAQ

Q: How Should You Take Relaxium Sleep?

A: It is advisable to consume two capsules before bedtime. However, it is important to talk to your doctor before consumption, and especially if you are on medication or you have a known medical complication.

Q: How can I try Relaxium?

A: Pay only $7.95 today and enjoy 14 nights on the tryrelaxium website! For your convenience, the manufacturer includes two months supply in your first package to ensure you don’t run out.

If it doesn’t work for you — it’s free! Remember, the company backs all the RELAXIUM® products with an unconditional 30-Day Money Back Guarantee so there’s truly no risk.

Q: Does Relaxium Offer a Free Trial?

A: Now for a limited time, you can try this revolutionary formula with your very own 30-day trial bottle of RELAXIUM® Sleep!

Q: Why Relaxium stopped working after three nights?

A: Relaxium Sleep aid contains 5mg of melatonin and taking much higher doses may cause the hormone to stop working within a few days.

One review says, “I tried 1 capsule for three nights – nothing at all. I increased to 2 capsules – no improvement, just a powerful headache.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

I suspect the melatonin. I wish this product didn’t have it as an ingredient because then I might try more capsules. But at 5mg per capsule, that’s just too much. Melatonin is a powerful hormone and it also suppresses the production of serotonin. The last time I tried >10mg melatonin, it put me into a quick. deep depression.” (~ by John M | Verified Purchase | Reviewed in the United States on October 4, 2020)

Q: Are there any Relaxium Side Effects?

A: Side effects of Relaxium might include daytime drowsiness, dry mouth, blurred vision, constipation, and urinary retention. *Individual results may vary.

Q: What is Relaxium Sleep Return Policy?

A: The product comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Q: How Much does Relaxium Cost?

A: This product is available online at $49.95.

Q: Where to buy Relaxium Sleep Aid?

A: You can BUY it directly from Amazon. You can also buy it from their official website and other online retailers.

Q: How to cancel relaxium sleep?

A: If you want to cancel relaxium sleep and have product-related questions, contact them via

Toll-Free Number: (888) 353-1205
Monday to Friday 8 AM to 9 PM EST,
Saturdays 10 AM to 7 PM EST,
Sunday 1 PM to 4 PM EST.
Email: [email protected]

Relaxium Sleep Review – Final Verdict

Relaxium is a natural sleep supplement to support improved sleeping patterns. According to Relaxium reviews, the supplement contains natural ingredients, which could support brain health improvement and improve sleep. There are many other competitors in the market, therefore, it is important to research them and choose one that suits you best.

There are many people who may have a hard time falling or staying asleep. Consequently, they wake up exhausted and irritable. Effective, natural sleep aids can help return to a normal sleep schedule resulting in improve overall health, mood, and well-being.

Below you'll find some of the most effective all natural sleep aid formulations on the market today, in our opinion.

Our Top Sleep Aid Choices

Verdict on Claimed Benefits: Below is our summary of the available evidence for the claimed benefits of below mentioned natural sleep aids, sleep support supplements and anti-snoring mouthpiece based on the available research:

VitaPost Sleep Support Plus | Best Sleep Support Supplement
Supports Healthy Sleep Cycles*Gold Star Evidence
Occasional Sleeplessness Relief*Gold Star Evidence
Enhances Sleep Quality*Strong Evidence
Supports Relaxation Feelings*Gold Star Evidence
Rating Breakdown
Support for Claims:
Ingredient Safety:
Value for the Price:
Brand Transparency:
Overall Rating: 4.9
ActivatedYou AdrenaLife | Calmness and Relaxation
Promotes Restful Sleep*Gold Star Evidence
Help The Body Better Defend Itself Against Oxidative Stress*Moderate Evidence
Help You Experience The Mind-body Balance*Strong Evidence
Encourages Feelings Of Calm, Relaxation, And Peace*Strong Evidence
Rating Breakdown
Support for Claims:
Ingredient Safety:
Value for the Price:
Brand Transparency:
Overall Rating: 4.8
Onnit New Mood | Daily Stress & Mood Support Supplement
Help Mood & Relaxation*Gold Star Evidence
Daily Stress Support*Gold Star Evidence
Supports Serotonin Production*Strong Evidence
Supports Daily Calm*Strong Evidence
Rating Breakdown
Support for Claims:
Ingredient Safety:
Value for the Price:
Brand Transparency:
Overall Rating: 4.8
AirSnore | Best Anti-Snoring Mouthpieces
Prevents Snoring*Gold Star Evidence
Helps Breathe Properly*Strong Evidence
Helps Sleep Better*Gold Star Evidence
Promotes Restful Sleep*Strong Evidence
Rating Breakdown
Support for Claims:
Ingredient Safety:
Value for the Price:
Brand Transparency:
Overall Rating: 4.8
VitalSleep | Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece For Restful Sleep
Improve Breathing*Gold Star Evidence
Restful Sleep*Moderate Evidence
Reduce Snoring*Strong Evidence
Promote Better Sleep*Strong Evidence
Rating Breakdown
Support for Claims:
Ingredient Safety:
Value for the Price:
Brand Transparency:
Overall Rating: 4.7

Product reviews are provided for informational purposes only and reflect solely the views and opinions expressed by the contributors and not those of Consumer Health Digest. We do not verify or endorse any claims made in these reviews. Please read the full product reviews disclaimer. *All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Customer Reviews for Relaxium Sleep

Relaxium Sleep Reviews – Does Relaxium Natural Sleep Aid Really Work?

Customer Reviews & Ratings

1.7 out of 5

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  1. Kevin

    Product gave me nightmares.
    Tried Relaxium with an order on 9/1. Cancelled future orders on 9/14. Immediately received a call after sending an email to cancel and was told no problem. On 9/18 my credit card was charged again for $119.90. Watch your credit card/bank statements. Expensive over-the-counter medicine that is not worth the price.
  2. Duane Hicks

    The WORST company on ALL levels!
    I called to order and all they would do was throw recorded sales pitches at me. How STUPID is a salesman who doesn’t know not to continue yammering past the sale?

    It took OVER 15 MINUTES after connected and I finally just hung up. I ordered the crap because I’ve tried so many things without success. Instead of doing their job.

    They just keep going on and on about how great it is. ‘2-month supply: and ‘Risk-free trial’ actually means ‘We’ll have the charge for shipping on your card before you are off the phone and if you don’t return the bottles within 14 DAYS, we’ll hit you with a $119.90 charge. Then you’ll get recurring charges forever.’ They aren’t satisfied with just getting you to try it with a two-month supply.

    They keep pushing 6-month and even a year pre-pay before you’ve tried it. This can only be due to them knowing that you will not want this snake oil. I tried it over several nights.

    I woke up like clockwork in 2 hours. Took another pill as directed, wide awake again in 2 hours. Rinse, repeat. You sleep better without it. Now I’m trying to return it and they just keep pushing every obstacle to prevent that.

    Even after clicking the tiny NO, GIVE ME BACK MY MONEY button, they keep trying to sell more. This is one of the worst businesses I have ever seen on the Internet.

  3. Donald Chamberlin

    High pressure phone pitch
    Called the phone number from the TV ad and had to endure endless questions until the free offer option (plus $7.95 shipping) was finally offered. They sent two bottles and charged me $119 for one of them.

    That’s because I did not return the second bottle within 30 days, which you must do to get the ‘free’ trial (which is only one bottle). They claimed (in another laborious phone call) that they told me this would happen in an e-mail. Maybe so, but I do not recall it. I paid the $119 (it actually went through using my credit card for the $7.95 before I knew it).

    The stuff does seem to work, so I’m using the bottle I paid full price for as needed which is about 1 night per week. I do not like their deceptive sales practices and am disappointed in Gov. Huckabee for his support of these people. He ought to try ordering it himself as a stranger and see if he likes the experience. I doubt he will.

  4. Carolyn Swanson

    Hooray Jenny of customer service
    I share the unfortunate experiences of everyone else. I called customer service today and talked to Jenny. She straightened things out and I was left with a positive feeling. She deserves a huge raise.

    Reason Why Not To Take.
    Do not fully wake up until the late afternoon the next day. I am able to open my eyes, but I am not fully awake. around 2:00 o’clock the next day begins to feel fully awake. Do not want any more.
  6. Jean

    Shame on Relaxium and Gov Huckabee.
    Complete refund will not include p &p. They want you to return unopened pills at your cost. No return label for a refund. Shame and shame
    Gov Huckabee needs to reevaluate this and not promote a company such as this.
  7. Bruce E Rolfe

    RIP OFF Total bullshit
    This shit is a scam! Huckabee, SHAME ON YOU! I can’t believe that you, of all people, will lie like a DEMOCRAT to us about this product.
  8. Cheryl Sotelo

    Total Scam I would not try this again!
    I too was charged $119.00 after trying out the ‘free’ product. I’m trying to get a refund, but it looks as though I might need an act of God to get it. I only ordered one bottle. They sent me 2. This product does not work; my Garmin watch can also prove that. I would not suggest using this product to anyone. It got a one-star because they made me put one to show my review. Mike Huckabee will be hearing from me about this!
  9. Linda Dreischalick

    There are many many articles about taking melatonin. Recent studies saying additional melatonin, other than what our body produces, is not safe. Read for yourself and decide…
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Relaxium Sleep Ques and Ans

  • Q: I can not take this. It made me very nauseated and sick. I want to send it back and cancel everything and get a refund if I have been charged. You have a 30 day money back guarantee. I need to know how to return it and get a refund. I will not pay anything. My next letter will go to Consumer Protection if I don\'t get a response. Sorry it did not help me.

    A: Relaxium Sleep comes with a 30-day money back guarantee from the delivery date. If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you must contact Help Desk to claim you refund.

    Customer Success Hours of Operation:

    • Monday to Friday 8 AM to 9 PM EST
    • Saturdays 10 AM to 7 PM EST
    • Sunday 1 PM to 4 PM EST
    • When submitting your request, please indicate your order number and the name and email address you used to place the order.

      You can also visit their Contact Us Page.

    • Q: What are the ingredients?

      A: Relaxium Sleep is a natural sleep aid designed to help you fall asleep quickly. It has the following ingredients that allow getting an undisturbed sleep at night:

      • 1. Magnesium, 100 mg.
      • 2. L-Tryptophan, 500 mg.
      • 3. Valerest, 228.9 mg.
      • 4. Sensoril Ashwagandha, 120 mg.
      • 5. GABA, 100 mg.
      • 6. Chamomile, 75 mg.
      • 7. Passionflower, 75 mg.
      • 8. Melatonin, 5 mg.
    • Q: Is there Melatonin in the product?

      A: Yes. Developed by Dr. Eric Ciliberti, MD, a clinical neurologist and formulator of Relaxium Sleep, the sleep aid contains a blend of ingredients that aim to naturally promote healthy sleep patterns, including Valerest, Sensoril, L-Tryptophan, and Melatonin.

    • Q: Can I take Relaxium with lithium and Xanax without a reaction or side effect?

      A: Relaxium Sleep is a natural sleep aid intended to improve overall sleep quality and promote a deeper, more restful sleep. Avoid taking lithium supplements and NSAIDs at the same time. Adding supplements to your daily routine can help you stay healthy, but it's important to talk to a doctor before taking supplements.

    • Q: Would this work for someone who has extreme Restless Leg Syndrome (Stage 1 & Stage 2) which keeps me awake for hours each night?

      A: A 2014 study found that vitamin D supplements reduced RLS symptoms in people with RLS and vitamin D deficiency (source). And for people on hemodialysis, vitamins C and E supplements may help relieve RLS symptoms (source1, source2).

      Supplementation with iron or vitamins D, C, or E can help certain people with RLS. Your doctor can tell you if trying supplements would be a good idea for you.

    See more answered questions

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Relaxium Sleep
American Behavioural Research Institute
60 Vegan Capsules
Passion Flower, 5-HTP, Chamomile, Hops, Melatonin

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