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Top Rated Facial Peels of 2019

These new 5 top rated facial peels of 2019 are all you need for glowy skin.
Everyone knows how beautiful young and glowing, healthy skin looks. We all want that radiant shine that the women in the movies seem to naturally possess, but it can so hard to achieve. Sometimes we go to extremes and buy all and any beauty product that promises to revitalize and unlock that ‘inner glow’ and give us younger skin. These products hardly ever work.

All it does is deplete our wallets and leave us feeling depressed. Facial peels are in fact chemical peels done to the face. Despite sounding very harsh, chemical peels are good for skin. If done by a doctor, you might need a sedative for the procedure. If you choose to do a chemical/facial peel at home, you will be alright without any medication.

Top Rated Facial Peels

Learn how to choose a facial peel, let’s discuss the 5 top-rated facial peels that are available this year.

#1. Glowpeel


Glowpeel is manufactured by the leading skincare company Solvaderm. This is a rather well-known and trusted skincare company with a good reputation. Their products are backed by intensive research.

It is part of an exclusive range of treatments. Glowpeel is designed to gently exfoliate the skin and leave it brighter and clearer. It provides complete skin renewal and repairs the surface of the skin.

Glowpeel is safe for use on all skin types because it is very gentle and will not irritate skin as some fruit acid peels might.
The secret to Glowpeel’s success lies in its ingredients:

Kojic Acid

  • Kojic acid inhibits the production of melanin that is responsible for concentrated skin discoloration areas. Kojic acid is a natural, plant extract and is powerful in brightening skin. It is also an effective ingredient in treating spots associated with acne-prone skin.

Lactic Acid

  • Lactic acid is plant-based and it encourages collagen production, which is important for youthful skin that is firm and full. It also aids naturally in making skin supple and very smooth.

Pyruvic Acid

  • Pyruvic acid is deeply exfoliating and can radically brighten even the dullest skin and gives it great tone and glow. It also helps to treat signs of skin aging like lines and wrinkles and uneven skin tone.

Glycolic Acid

  • Glycolic acid creates fresher skin surface. Glycolic acid is very powerful but also gentle enough to be safe for everyday use. It improves the skin’s overall smoothness.
  • Glowpeel needs only be used 3 to 5 times a week and should be applied after cleansing the skin. It should be left on for a few minutes and rinsed off with cool water.


  • Leaves skin looking and feeling younger
  • Reduces age spots and dark spots
  • Brightens skin
  • Suitable for all skin types


  • Leaves your skin sensitive to the sun.

For a detailed review, please go here.

#2. ChinUp Mask

Chinup Mask Product

ChinUp Mask will definitely make you look twice at the product, and if you venture outside while using it, you might get strange looks. This product is a combination of a mask that you put on your face and a contraption you then put on as well. But don’t let the word ‘contraption’ put you off. That’s simply my lack of vocabulary coming into play and has nothing to do with the effectiveness of this product.

ChinUp Mask is specially designed to treat the appearance of aging by helping get rid of double chins. It does so by eliminating excess fat and skin. Formulated with completely natural products and fruit extracts, it also offers skin benefits. ChinUp Mask will leave your skin feeling and looking smoother and younger. It is also said to start working on that double chin whitin the first 30 minutes of using it!

ChinUp Mask hydrates the skin as well and prevents cracking and drying. It boosts the lymphatic system and tightens skin.
The ChinUp Mask is loaded with beneficial natural products:

Fruit extracts

  • Extracts from apples, grapes, mint, acacia, aloe and citrus fruits enhances your skin’s health and leaves is softer.

Corum 9235

  • Corum 9235 greatly supports chin-fat loss.

Hyaluronic acid

Q10 Co-Enzyme

  • Hydrates skin and acts as an anti-aging formula.

Vitamin E

  • Protects skin from free radicals to maintain healthy complexion.

The ChinUp Mask may look like a complicated affair after you’ve opened the package, but it’s fairly simple to use.

Follow these easy steps for a firmer chin:

  • Measure your chin (write it down, you might forget the measurement)
  • Apply the mask (you’ll feel a slight warming)
  • Secure the band
  • Wait for 30 minutes
  • Remove and measure your chin again

For a detailed review, please go here.

What Does a Facial Peel do to the Face?

A chemical peel is a stronger treatment than a facial that focuses on your chin, cheeks and forehead. Basically, it treats the face, hence the name. Facial peels exfoliate by removing the damaged upper layers of skin.

An acid solution is used to remove the skin. That may sound scary, because of the word acid, but the acids used – trichloroacetic acid (TCA), alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) or phenol – are not the same kind that is used in mafia movies to persuade innocent people to do the mafia’s bidding! A facial peel is done by physicians and leaves your skin smoother and healthier.

During a facial peel, you can expect to feel a light, tingling feeling throughout your skin. The professionals administering the peel will help you deal with any discomfort by making adjustments as you need them.

After the facial peel, you should have improved skin color, texture and tone. Your skin will feel rejuvenated and new.

You ought to feel like royalty after a facial peel, these treatments were used in ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece. Perhaps Queen Cleopatra’s secret wasn’t bathing in milk – it was a decent facial peel!

What are the Risks Associated with the Use of Facial Peel?

Use of Facial Peel

As with everything in life, there are risks and benefits to facial peels. Although chemical peels hardly ever result in very serious complications, you should consider the possible risks as well as the benefits. People with very sensitive skins should consult a professional before going for a facial peel.

The risks involved could be:

  • Infection
  • Cold sore outbreaks
  • Swelling

What are the Benefits of a Facial Peel?

There are many facial problems that can be treated with a facial peel:

Facial problems that are not treated by facial peels:

After a facial peel, your skin will be temporarily sensitive to the sun. Please wear sunscreen every day, at least for a month or so after the facial peel. Go for a ‘broad-spectrum’ product, meaning it will protect you against UVA rays as well as UVB rays.

Also, make sure the sunscreen has a level of SPF 30 or more. Don’t spend too much time in the sun, especially during the times of 10 am – 2 pm. Stay fashionable in a wide-brimmed hat as well.

Facial Peel

How to Choose the Top Rated Facial Peels?

There is a huge difference between in-office and at-home facial peels, with the at-home facial peels being milder and only penetrating the epidermis.

There are a wide variety of different products available to choose from and it could be overwhelming.

  • Take into consideration the ingredients being used in the product. Look out for anything you might have a reaction to.
  • Go with a product that has good reviews and a good reputation. And do yourself a favor and find the product online. If a product’s website can’t be found, that should send alarm bells ringing. And if a product is secretive about its ingredients – be careful, be very, very careful.
  • It is true that price doesn’t automatically promise quality, the old saying “You get what you pay for” has some truth to it. Try not to choose the very cheapest option, but don’t feel like you need to buy the most expensive product either. Go with a reasonably priced product that offers great quality.


Our skins love when we take care of it. It rewards us by feeling and looking better. When our skin feels healthy, we feel healthy. There are thousands of products that promise wonderful results but choosing the right product can be tricky and even risky. Chemical peels are popular for a reason.

Going for a chemical peel done by a doctor doesn’t have to be your only option, as that can be expensive. Doing a facial peel at home is relatively safe and easy if you follow the instructions. Now that we’ve discussed the top 5 facial peel products that will be available this year, it’s up to you to pick your favorite and enjoy healthier, younger and softer skin.

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