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By the end of the year 2021, the global skincare industry is estimated to be worth over $135 billion, as reported by Market Research[1].

According to Statista[2], the cosmetic industry has an average annual revenue of $62.46 billion in the United States alone. They also report that skincare products make up for as much as 36.4% of all sales in the cosmetic industry.
The cosmetic industry is continuously growing, year-after-year, increasing* in sales and, unfortunately, also continuing to mislead many people in several ways.

One particular way in which the cosmetic industry tends to mislead potential clients is to promise* them that they will experience healthier, younger looking skin, when the ingredients found in the products have not been proven* to produce* any of the proclaimed effects.

Still, aging is something we all have to deal with and when we start to notice the effects that aging has on our skin, we tend to reach for the first anti-aging cream on the shelf to help us restore our confidence.

What Is Super Sexy Skin And How Does It Defer From Cosmetic Products On The Market Today?

In this article, we would like to introduce you to an alternative to the cosmetic industry – a solution that will not make any false promises*, will not cost you thousands of dollars and will help to enhance* the wellbeing of your skin.
The alternative is known as the Super Sexy Skin Bible and was developed by Belinda Benn, a cosmetic expert who spent years serving an executive position at Revlon.

Revlon is one of the world’s most popular skincare and cosmetic brands. The company’s products often get listed in top lists when cosmetic products are rated by experts.

After spending years at Revlon, Belinda noticed that many products that promise* to take care of premature aging and delay the natural aging of the skin did not effectively produce* results.

This is a fact that she observed not only by considering products that were produced by the brand she worked at, but also saw that products from other leading brands failed to produce* adequate results as well.

Belinda explains that almost 100% of the cosmetic products that are promoted to treat* wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet and other visible signs of aging never delivers on the promises* they make to the customer, yet still continues to cost a particular individual hundreds if not thousands of dollars every month.

She also explains that the fact that these products usually fails to work is not the only concern. Some of the products that people buy to reduce* the visible signs of aging they may be concerned about may actually make their problem worse and further increase* the rate at which their skin ages.

This all led Belinda to do extensive research on her side, which helped her determine what really works and what does not work when it comes to producing* effective results.

The result of her research is the Super Sexy Skin Bible, an eBook that can be purchased on the internet, which offers over 100 pages of useful information on how women can look younger and achieve healthier skin without turning toward cosmetic products or spending their entire month’s salary on beauty products.

What Causes Premature Aging?

To understand how this program works and why Belinda decided to move from the cosmetic industry toward a natural industry, we need to take a look at why premature aging occurs.

AFPA Fitness[3] explains that environmental factors and lifestyle habits have the most significant effect on the rate at which skin ages, with drinking and smoking contributing to premature aging considerably. Age is also an obvious risk factor, as the older you are, the more likely you are to experience signs of aging.

Empowher[4] explains that a person’s diet and the amount of nutrients they obtain from their diet also affects how fast (or slowly) their skin ages.

When a person does not obtain an adequate amount of nutrients that are essential for a healthy body and healthy skin, then they may start to notice visible signs of aging at a relatively young age.

How The Super Sexy Skin Bible Can Help You

The Super Sexy Skin Bible is unlike cosmetic products that covers up signs of aging and, unlike these products, this particular program will not cause any further harm to your skin.

Instead of telling you to apply expensive products to your face every day, the Super Sexy Skin Bible rather focuses on an attribute that has a significant impact on how your skin ages – that being your diet.

As we have already explained, your diet affects your skin. The program goes into detail on how exactly your diet affects the wellbeing and youthfulness of your skin, and also tells you about particular aspects that adversely affects your skin’s aging rate.

Belinda used this opportunity to explain how toxins, imbalances in hormones and a deficiency of certain nutrients can cause havoc on your skin and lead to premature aging signs.

Since the program is about achieving healthier skin, the program does not only talk about how your diet and other factors affects your skin’s aging rate, but also offers useful information about how you can make some simple changes in your life to gain healthier-looking skin that also looks younger than before.

If you are concerned about whether or not this program actually works, consider the fact that it costs a fraction of what cosmetic anti-aging products and you can ask for your money back if you find that the program does not work for you.

Furthermore, when you visit the landing page of the program, you will be able to see images of real women who have followed the program and achieved magnificent results in as little as 28 days.

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The cosmetic industry has become one of the largest markets in the world. Millions of people are spending hundreds to thousands of dollars on a monthly basis to prevent premature aging, delay the effects aging has on their skin and to maintain healthy skin, but people often fail to realize that cosmetics only offer an outer layer that covers up what is going on inside their bodies.
The Super Sexy Skin Bible offers in-depth information on how the body can be healed from the inside to benefit the skin.


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