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3 Habits You Could Do Every Day To Keep Aging At Bay

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3 Habits To Do Every Day To Slow Down Aging

If you would like to feel more grateful about your life, work in an old-age home.

I worked in an old age home for six months, when I was younger. My job was to do housework and to entertain the people living there. It was an eye-opening experience if I can be honest. Over time I realized, that people’s biggest fear was not death, but to depend on others.

Most people were being unable to walk, they were being unable to put on their own clothes. Trust me, sometimes the people would even openly say to me, that they’d rather die.

Old Age Home
Have A Reason To Wake Up In The Morning

The process of aging can be something incredibly scary. Therefore my advice to you is not necessarily want to cheat death – instead, you want to stay young as long as possible. Check out the YEOUTH Radiance Eye Gel Review; which is an anti-aging formula which may be helpful to you.

Why We Age

The best way to explain the principle of aging is by an analogy. Try to think about your body as the CEO of a company that is only trying to sell the company and makes a fast profit. Naturally, the CEO doesn’t plan for 20 years ahead, the only thing that matters is selling the company as fast and lucrative as possible.

According to evolution, the principle of our existence is to give away our genes. Our body is trying to sell our genome to the best mating partner, in the shortest possible time. This tactic is great when you are young when your body is making sure that you’re on the best level possible. But this tactic is really really bad when you are old and suddenly are doomed to decay.

Old Age Hands
Take A Look At Your Hand – It Shows You Your Age

Your body doesn’t want to damage itself in the long run, but rather think of your body as over-cautious. Our environment and even processes inside of our bodies are constantly trying to damage our DNA. If your DNA gets damaged severely, it could lead to cancer.

Therefore your body balances risk and reward and decides to destroy the cell altogether. This is great for not getting cancer, but this is bad when later in life you do not have enough functioning and healthy cells left.

This is called antagonistic pleiotropy, what is beneficial in young age can be detrimental later. But if aging is a crucial part of human history, is it even possible to slow it down? Yes, I think so.

#1 Habit: Be Physically Active

Physically Active

We live in a comfortable world. Our daily life has become utterly convenient. We basically wake up in the morning, in a heated up room under blankets in a comfortable bed. Making our breakfast within minutes and working on a desk for comfortable 8 hours. What a sedentary and comfortable lifestyle we have. This is not how we lived for millions of years.

At least 90 percent of human history is full of daily physical activity to survive in a harsh and painful world. Our genome is perfectly suited to our past environment, not for the present one. There’s no sign of our civilization getting back to that uncomfortable life.

You don’t have to live in the forest from now on. Instead add more physical activity and discomfort to your day, even if it’s random and unstructured. Walk to the supermarket instead of taking your car. Use a standing desk instead of sitting the whole day. Take a cold shower.

A little bit of daily discomfort will add up, and help you stay young in the long run.

#2 Habit: Eat Healthy

Especially searching for food used to be a pretty huge part of our daily life in our hunter and gatherer days. Now everything we want can be easily found in the supermarket or online. One thing that pretty much goes along with a convenient life is our food choices. I’m talking especially about meat and dairy products.

I might be biased as I’m following a full plant-based diet. But trust me, contrary to the popular belief, we did not eat that much meat in our hunter and gatherer days. If you decide to research ancient poop, which apparently some crazy scientists did, you realize that we ate over 100 grams of fiber a day.

Plant Based Foods
Berries Are Great In Slowing Down Aging

100 grams of fiber results in, for example, over 10 kgs of lettuce. And even if you go back before our hunter and gatherer times. We ate what the great apes are eating, meaning over 95% plants, for over 20 million years.That may explain why meat and dairy products are linked to obesity and increased rates of heart disease.

In a study considering 60.000 persons, the people eating the lowest amount of animal products were the only ones being at a normal weight.

If you additionally erase soft drinks and vegetable oils from your diet, you will look young for years to come.

#3 Habit: Take Time Off

If you don’t have 10 minutes, you don’t have a life. – Tony Robbins

For about 10 minutes a day, I’m shutting my brain off. This is a goal that I’ve set nearly half a year ago. When I was feeling completely stressed out and my schedule was packed to the last minute. In that busy time, I’ve decided to take 10 minutes off, every day, to meditate.

I’ve realized that this daily meditation dramatically reduced my stress level. I am not only feeling better after the meditation, I’m also feeling more aware and calm during my day.

Time Manage
Time, What We All Need Most But Use Worst

Stress is something that can age you tremendously. A friend of mine is in his mid-twenties and looks like he’s turning 50 years old this year. He’s operating in finance and banking, a high-stress environment, and never learned to deal with stress properly. The wrinkles on his face, the eye bags, and the grey hair show it.

Learn to deal with stress by taking some time for meditation every day.

Aim For Consistency

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. – Will Durant

This might sound harsh: If you use these habits and only apply them for one week, you will not see any results. This is the same thing with going to the gym. Two weeks of a hard training will not make you fit, two years of training will.

You should aim for consistency. Start small and slowly increase your commitment. Walk to your work instead of taking the car. Meditate for only 2 minutes every day. Eat one extra carrot today. Small daily improvements are the key to staggering long-term results.

You want to be independent, young and joyful as long as you can. Do these 3 habits on a daily basis and people will soon ask you about your secrets. Share if you dare.

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